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finishing up a lengthy conference whe blue ray ban wayfarer n the attack began. Had that not been the case, fewer would be here, but those would have been out working on the equipment. At least here they had a chance. On the other side of the bunkers concrete walls, the Major was still trying to figure this one out. Hed hardly expected to find this sort of structure. His RPG antitank rounds merely chipped the wall, and aiming them at the narrow slits was difficult in the darkness. His machine- blue ray ban wayfarer gun rounds could be guided to them with tracers, but that wasnt good enough. Find the weak points, he told himself. Take your time and think it out . He ordered his men to maintain a steady rate of fire and started moving around the building. Whoever was inside had his weapons equally dispersed, but buildings like this one

Avenue in New York City. With a price tag of just over $47 million, the 133,000- square-foot tower is clad in red brick and Indiana limestone. Designed by May & Pinska, the building contains over one hundred bedrooms, six dining rooms, libraries, living rooms, meeting rooms, and offices. The second, eighth, and sixteenth floors contain chapels, ornamented with millwork and marble. The seventeenth floor is entirely residential. Men enter the building through the main doors on Lexington Avenue. Women enter through a side street and are acoustically and visually separated from the men at all times within the building. Earlier this evening, within blue ray ban wayfarer the sanctuary of his penthouse apartment, Bishop Manuel Aringarosa had packed a s blue ray ban wayfarer mall travel bag and dressed in a traditional black cassock.

he watched the truck disappear around the corner. Collet was already radioing the agents outside, pulling them off the Louvre perimeter and sending them to their patrol cars in pursuit, all the while broadcasting the trucks changing location like some kind of bizarre play-by-play. Its over, Fache knew. His men would have the truck surrounded within minutes. Langdon was not going anywhere. Stowing his weapon, Fache exited the rest room and radioed Collet. Bring my car around. I want to be there when we make the arrest. blue ray ban wayfarer As Fache jogged back down the length of the Grand Gallery, he wondered if Langdon had even survived the fall. Not that it mattered. Langdon ran. Guilty as charged. Only fifteen yards from the rest room, Langdon blue ray ban wayfarer and Sophie stood in the darkness of the Grand Gallery, their

felt his options deteriorating. Although Sophie seemed to have lost the police, at least for the moment, Langdon doubted their luck would hold for long. Behind the wheel Sophie was fishing in her sweater pocket. She removed blue ray ban wayfarer a small metal object and held it out for him. Robert, youd better have a look at this. This is what my grandfather left me behind Madonna of the Rocks. Feeling a shiver of anticipation, Langdon took the object and examined it. It was heavy and shaped like a cruciform. His first instinct was that he was holding a funeral pieua miniature version of a memorial spike designed to be stuck into the ground at a gravesite. But then he noted the shaft pro blue ray ban wayfarer truding from the cruciform was prismatic and triangular. The shaft was also pockmarked with hundreds of tiny hexagons that

designed the cryptex so that if you try to force it open in any way, the information self-destructs. Watch. Sophie reached into the box and carefully lifted out the cylinder. Any information to be inserted is first written on blue ray ban wayfarer a papyrus scroll. Not vellum? Sophie shook her head. Papyrus. I know sheeps vellum was more durable and more common in those days, but it had to be papyrus. The thinner the better. Okay. Before the papyrus was inserted into the cryptexs compartment, it was rolled around a delicate glass vial. She tipped the cryptex, and the liquid inside gurgled. A vial of liquid. Liquid what? Sophie smiled. Vinegar. Langdon hesitated a m blue ray ban wayfarer oment and then began nodding. Brilliant. Vinegar and papyrus, Sophie thought. If someone attempted to force open the cryptex, the glass vial would

s that felt as painful now as ever. They are dead, Sophie. They are not coming back. She thought of her mother singing her to sleep at night, of her father giving her rides on his shoulders, and of her grandmother blue ray ban wayfarer and younger brother smiling at her with their fervent green eyes. All that was stolen. And all she had left was her grandfather. And now he is gone too. I am alone. Sophie turned quietly back to The Last Supper and gazed at Mary Magdalenes long red hair and quiet eyes. There was something in the womans expression that echoed the loss of a loved one. Sophie could feel it too. Robert? she said softly. He stepped closer. I know Leigh said the Grail story is all around us, but tonight is the first time Ive ever heard any of this. Langdon look blue ray ban wayfarer ed as if he wanted to put a comforting

matrix to translate the letters into our five-letter password. Langdons heart pounded. B-P- blue ray ban wayfarer V-M-Th. The sun was pouring through the windows now. He looked at Sophies substitution matrix and slowly began to make the conversion. B is Sh... P is V... Teabing was grinning like a schoolboy at Christmas. And the Atbash Cipher reveals... He stopped short. Good God! His face went white. Langdons head snapped up. Whats wrong? Sophie demanded. You wont believe this. Teabing glan blue ray ban wayfarer ced at Sophie. Especially you. What do you mean? she said. This is... ingenious, he whispered. Utterly ingenious! Teabing wrote again on the paper. Drumroll, please. Here is your password. He showed them what he had written. Sh-V-P-Y-A Sophie scowled. What is it? Langdon didnt recognize it either. Teabings voice seemed to

parameter and remove the title weighting. That will limit our hits only to those instances of textual keywords that occur near a Grail-related word. Search for: KNIGHT, LONDON, POPE, TOMB Within 100 word proximity of: GRAIL, ROSE, SANGREAL, CHALICE How long will this take? Sophie asked. A few hundred terabytes with multiple cross-referencing fields? Gettums eyes glimmered as she clicked the SEARCH key. A mere fifteen minutes. Langdon and Sophie said nothing, but Gettum sensed this sounded like an eternity to them. Tea? G blue ray ban wayfarer ettum asked, standing and wa blue ray ban wayfarer lking toward the pot she had made earlier. Leigh always loves my tea. CHAPTER 93 Londons Opus Dei Centre is a modest brick building at 5 Orme Court, overlooking the North Walk at Kensington Gardens. Silas had never been here, but he felt a rising