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always had at least one blind spot . . . The Major m eyeglasses ray ban erely had to find it. What is happening? his radio squawked. We have killed perhaps fifty. The rest are in a bunker and were trying to get them, too. What of your target? Page 385 The apartment building, the Archer replied. Theyre all in there, and The radio transmitted the sound of gun eyeglasses ray ban fire. We will have them soon. The apartment building, the Archer replied. Theyre all in there, and The radio transmitted the sound of gunfire. We will have them soon. Yes! The radio went silent. The Archer was a good man, and a brave one, the Major thought as he examined the bunkers north face, but with just a weeks formal training hed be so much more effective . . . just a week to codify the things that he was learning on his own . . . and to pass on the

Normally, he would have wr eyeglasses ray ban apped a purple cincture around his waist, but tonight he would be traveling among the public, and he pr eyeglasses ray ban eferred not to draw attention to his high office. Only those with a keen eye would notice his 14-karat gold bishops ring with purple amethyst, large diamonds, and hand-tooled mitrecrozier appliqué. Throwing the travel bag over his shoulder, he said a silent prayer and left his apartment, descending to the lobby where his driver was waiting to take him to the airport. Now, sitting aboard a commercial airliner bound for Rome, Aringarosa gazed out the window at the dark Atlantic. The sun had already set, but Aringarosa knew his own star was on the rise. Tonight the battle will be won, he thought, amazed that only months ago he had felt powerless against the hands

bac eyeglasses ray ban ks pressed to one of the large partitions that hid the bathrooms from the gallery. They had barely managed to hide themselves before Fache had darted past them, gun drawn, and disappeared into the bathroom. The last sixty seconds had been a blur. Langdon had been s eyeglasses ray ban tanding inside the mens room refusing to run from a crime he didnt commit, when Sophie began eyeing the plate-glass window and examining the alarm mesh running through it. Then she peered downward into the street, as if measuring the drop. With a little aim, you can get out of here, she said. Aim? Uneasy, he peered out the rest room window. Up the street, an enormous twin-bed eighteen-wheeler was headed for the stoplight beneath the window. Stretched across the trucks massive cargo bay was a blue vinyl tarp, loosely covering

appeared to be finely tooled and scattered at random. Its a laser-cut key, Sophie told him. Those hexagons are read by an electric eye. A key? Langdon had never seen anything like it. Look at the other side, she said, changing lanes and sailing through an intersection. When Langdon turned the key, he felt his jaw drop. There, eyeglasses ray ban intricately embossed on the center of the cross, was a stylized fleur-de-lis with the initials P.S.! Sophie, he said, this is the seal I told you about! The official device of the Priory of Sion. She nodded. As I told you, I saw the key a long time ago. He told me never to speak of it again. Langdons eyes were still riveted on the embossed key. Its high-tech tooling and age-old symbolism exuded an eerie fusion of ancient and modern worlds. eyeglasses ray ban He told me the key opened a

break, and the vinegar would quickly dissolve the papyrus. By the time anyone extracted the secret message, it would be a glob of meaningless pulp. As you can see, Sophie told him, the only way to access the information inside is to k eyeglasses ray ban now the proper five-letter password. And with five dials, each with twenty-six letters, thats twenty-six to the fifth power. She quickly estimated the permutations. Approximately twelve million possibilitie eyeglasses ray ban s. If you say so, Langdon said, looking like he had approximately twelve million questions running through his head. What information do you think is inside? Whatever it is, my grandfather obviously wanted very badly to keep it secret. She paused, closing the box lid and eyeing the five-petal Rose inlaid on it. Something was bothering her. Did you say

hand on her shoulder, but he refrained. Youve heard her story before, Sophie. Everyone has. We just dont realize it when we hear it. I dont understand. The Grail story is everywhere, but it is hidden. When the Church outlawed speaking of the shunned Mary Magdalene, her story and importance had to be passed on through more discreet channels... channels that supported metaphor and symbolism. Of cours eyeglasses ray ban e. The arts. Langdon motioned to The Last Supper. A perfect example. Some of todays most enduring art, literature, and music secret eyeglasses ray ban ly tell the history of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. Langdon quickly told her about works by Da Vinci, Botticelli, Poussin, Bernini, Mozart, and Victor Hugo that all whispered of the quest to restore the banished sacred feminine. Enduring legends like Sir Gawain and the

tremble with awe. This, my friend, is actually an ancient word of wisdom. Langdon read the letters again. An ancient word of wisdom frees this scroll. An instant later he got it. He had newer seen this coming. An ancient word of wisdom! Teabing was laughing. Quite literally! Sophie looked at the word and then at the dial. Immediately she realized Langdon and Teabing had failed to see a serious g eyeglasses ray ban litch. Hold on! This cant be the password, she argued. The cryptex doesnt have an Sh on the dial. It uses a traditional Roman alphabet. Read the word, Langdon urged. Keep in mind two things. In Hebrew, the symbol for the sound Sh ca eyeglasses ray ban n also be pronounced as S, depending on the accent. Just as the letter P can be pronounced F. SVFYA? she thought, puzzled. Genius! Teabing added. The letter Vav is often

sense of refuge and asylum as he approached the building on foot. Despite the rain, Rémy had dropped him off a short distance away in order to keep the limousine off the main streets. Silas didnt mind the walk. The rain was cleansing. At Rémys suggestion, Silas had wiped down his gun and dispos eyeglasses ray ban ed of it through a sewer grate. He was glad to get rid eyeglasses ray ban of it. He felt lighter. His legs still ached from being bound all that time, but Silas had endured far greater pain. He wondered, though, about Teabing, whom Rémy had left bound in the back of the limousine. The Briton certainly had to be feeling the pain by now. What will you do with him? Silas had asked Rémy as they drove over here. Rémy had shrugged. That is a decision for the Teacher. There was an odd finality in his tone. Now, as Silas