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such a short time, unless people were shooting at you. Then every second stretched before your eyes, and the hands of your watch seemed frozen, and the only thing that ray ban rb4126 went fast was your heart. It was only his second experience with close combat. Hed been decorated after the first, and he wondered if hed be buried after the second. But he couldnt let that happen. On the fl ray ban rb4126 oors above him were several hundred people, engineers and scientists, their wives and their children, all of whose lives rested on his ability to hold the Afghan invaders off for less than an hour. Go away, he wished at them. Do you think that we wanted to come and be shot at in that miserable rockpile you call a country? If you want to kill those who are responsible, why dont you go to Moscow ?But that wasnt the way

corpse. Jacques Saunière went this far? Mr. Saunière suffered a bullet wound to his stomach. He died very slowly. Perhaps over fifteen or twenty minutes. He was obviously a man of great personal strength. Langdon turned, appalled. Security took fifteen minutes to get here? Of course not. Louvre security responded immediately to the alarm and found the Grand Gallery sealed. Through the gate, they could hear someone moving around at the far end of the corridor, but they could not see who it was. They shouted, but they got no answer. Assuming it could only be a criminal, they followed protocol and called i ray ban rb4126 n the Judicial Police. We took up positions within fifteen minutes. When we arrived, we raised the barricade enough ray ban rb4126 to slip underneath, and I sent a dozen armed agents inside. They swept

imagined. Da Vinci... Fibonacci numbers... the pentacle. Incredibly, all of these things were connected by a single concept so fundamental to art history that Langdon often spent several class periods on the topic. PHI. He felt himself ray ban rb4126 suddenly reeling back to Harvard, standing in front of his Symbolism in Art class, writing his favorite number on the chalkboard. 1.618 Langdon turned to face his sea of eager students. Who can tell me what this number is? A long-legged math major in back raised his hand. Thats the number PHI. He pronounced it ray ban rb4126 fee. Nice job, Stettner, Langdon said. Everyone, meet PHI. Not to be confused with PI, Stettner added, grinning. As we mathematicians like to say: PHI is one H of a lot cooler than PI! Langdon laughed, but nobody else seemed to get the joke. Stettner

I am Father Mangano. An astronomer here. Good for you. Aringarosa grumbled his hello and fo ray ban rb4126 llowed his host into the castles foyera wide ray ban rb4126 open space whose decor was a graceless blend of Renaissance art and astronomy images. Following his escort up the wide travertine marble staircase, Aringarosa saw signs for conference centers, science lecture halls, and tourist information services. It amazed him to think the Vatican was failing at every turn to provide coherent, stringent guidelines for spiritual growth and yet somehow still found time to give astrophysics lectures to tourists. Tell me, Aringarosa said to the young priest, when did the tail start wagging the dog? The priest gave him an odd look. Sir? Aringarosa waved it off, deciding not to launch into that particular offensive again this

Langdon an uneasy look, hastily closing the cryptex box and latching it. Langdon slipped his jacket back on. When the truck came to a stop, the engine remained idling as the locks on the rear doors began to turn. When the doors swung open, Langdon was surprised to see they wer ray ban rb4126 e parked in a wooded area, well off the road. Vernet stepped into view, a strained look in his eye. In his hand, he held a pistol. Im sorry about this, he said. I really have no choice. CHAPTER 49 André Vernet looked awkward with a pistol, but his eyes shone with ray ban rb4126 a determination that Langdon sensed would be unwise to test. Im afraid I must insist, Vernet said, training the weapon on the two of them in the back of the idling truck. Set the box down. Sophie clutched the box to her chest. You said you and my grandfather

where is God today? Those who look at Church scandals and ask, who are these men who claim to speak the truth about Christ and yet lie to cover up the sexual abuse of children by their own priests? Teabing paused. What happens to those people, Robert, if persuasive scientific evidence comes out that th ray ban rb4126 e Churchs version of the Christ story is inaccurate, and that the greatest story e ray ban rb4126 ver told is, in fact, the greatest story ever sold Langdon did not respond. Ill tell you what happens if the documents get out, Teabing said. The Vatican faces a crisis of faith unprecedented in its two-millennia history. After a long silence, Sophie said, But if it is the Church who is responsible for this attack, why would they act now? After all these years? The Priory keeps the Sangreal documents hidden.

the combination, opened ray ban rb4126 the safe, and extracted two passports. Documentation for Rémy and myself. He then removed a thick stack of fifty-pound notes. And documentation for you two. Sophie looked leery. A bribe? Creative diplomacy. Executive airfields make certain allowances. A British customs official will greet us at my hangar and ask to board the plane. Rather than permitting him to come on, Ill tell him Im traveling with a French celebrity who prefers that nobody knows she is in Englandpress considerations, you knowand Ill offer the official this generous tip as gratitude for his discretion. Langdon looked amazed. And the official will accept? Not from anyone, they wont, but these people all know me ray ban rb4126 . Im not an arms dealer, for heavens sake. I was knighted. Teabing smiled. Membership

Gettum peeked back in the doorway, holding a packet of instant coffee. That seems like a strange match. Was Wagner a knight? No, Langdon said, feeling a sudden intrigue. But he was a well-known Freemason. Along with Mozart, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Gershwin, Houdini, and Disney. Volumes had been written about the ties between the Masons ray ban rb4126 and the Knights Templar, the Priory of Sion, and the Holy Grail. I want to look at this one. How do I see the full text? You dont want the full text, Gettum called. Click on the hypertext title. The computer will display your keyword hits along with mono prelogs and triple postlogs for context. Langdon had no idea what s ray ban rb4126 he had just said, but he clicked anyway. A new window popped up. ...mythological knight named Parsifal who... ...metaphorical Grail quest