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conditions are pretty bad. Its twin screw and diesel, but no ident. Mancuso turned on the scope television camera. Ramius ray ban 4021 needed only one look at the picture. Grisha. Mancuso looked at the tracking party. Solution? Yes, but its a little shaky, the weapons officer replied. The ice isnt going to help, he added. What he meant was that the Mark 48 torpedo in surface-attack mode could be con ray ban 4021 fused by floating ice. He paused for a moment. Sir, if thats a Grisha, how come no radar? New contact!Conn, sonar, new contact bearing zero-eight-sixsounds like our friend, sir, Jones called. Something else near that bearing, high-speed screw . . . definitely something new there, sir, call it zero-eight-three. Up two feet, Mancuso told the quartermaster. The periscope came up. I see him, just on the horizon . . .

Christ ray ban 4021 ian symbols, the pagans lost; Poseidons trident became the devils pitchfork, the wise crones pointed hat became the symbol of a witch, and Venuss pentacle became a sign of the devil. Langdon paused. Unfortunately, the United States military has also perverted the pentacle; ray ban 4021 its now our foremost symbol of war. We paint it on all our fighter jets and hang it on the shoulders of all our generals. So much for the goddess of love and beauty. Interesting. Fache nodded toward the spread-eagle corpse. And the positioning of the body? What do you make of that? Langdon shrugged. The position simply reinforces the reference to the pentacle and sacred feminine. Faches expression clouded. I beg your pardon? Replication. Repeating a symbol is the simplest way to strengthen its meaning. Jacques

Sophie whispered. Whats wrong? Were almost there. Hurry! Langdon glanced up, feeling himself return from faraway thoughts. He realized he was standing at a dead stop on the stairs, paralyzed by sudden revelation. O, Draconian devil! Oh, lame saint! Sophie was looking back at him. It cant be that simple, Langdon thought. But he knew of course that it was. There in the bowels of the Louvr ray ban 4021 e... with images of PHI and Da Vinci swirling through his mind, Robert Langdon suddenly and unexpectedly deciphered Saunières code. O, Draconian devil! he said. Oh, lame saint! Its the simplest kin ray ban 4021 d of code! Sophie was stopped on the stairs below him, staring up in confusion. A code? She had been pondering the words all night and had not seen a code. Especially a simple one. You said it yourself. Langdons

about this Priory of Sion. CHAPTER 36 Outside the Salle des Etats, Bezu Fache wa ray ban 4021 s fuming as Louvre warden Grouard explained how Sophie and Langdon had disarmed him. Why didnt you just shoot the blessed painting! Captain? Lieutenant Collet loped toward them from the direction of the command post. Captain, I just heard. They lo ray ban 4021 cated Agent Neveus car. Did she make the embassy? No. Train station. Bought two tickets. Train just left. Fache waved off warden Grouard and led Collet to a nearby alcove, addressing him in hushed tones. What was the destination? Lyon. Probably a decoy. Fache exhaled, formulating a plan. Okay, alert the next station, have the train stopped and searched, just in case. Leave her car where it is and put plainclothes on watch in case they try to come back to it. Send men

voice mail. Nothing. Then again, he realized, the Teacher never would have left a recorded message; he was a man who took enormous care with his communications. Nobody understood better than the Teacher the perils of speaking openly in this modern world. Electronic eavesdropping had played a major role in how he had gathered his astonishing array of secret knowledge. For this reason, he takes extra precautions. Unfortunately, the Teachers protocols for caution included a refusal to give Aringarosa any kind of contact number. I alone will initiate contact, the Teacher had informed him. So keep your phone close. Now that Aringarosa realized his p ray ban 4021 hone might not have been ray ban 4021 working properly, he feared what the Teacher might think if he had been repeatedly phoning with no answer. Hell think

move. Ill handle this personally ray ban 4021 . Collets jaw dropped. But Captain, youre twenty minutes away! We should act immediately. I have him staked out. Im with eight men total. Four of us have field rifles and the others have sidearms. Wait for me. Captain, what if Langdon has a hostage in there? What if he sees us and decides to leave on foot? We need to move now! My men are in position and ready to go. Lieutenant Collet, you will wait for me to arrive before taking action. That is an order. Fache hung up. Stunned, Lieutenant Collet switched off his phone. Why the hell is Fache asking me to wait? Collet knew the answer. Fache, though famous for his instinct, was ray ban 4021 notorious for his pride. Fache wants credit for the arrest. After putting the Americans face all over the television, Fache wanted to

degree turn and rolled toward the front of the hangar, Edwards could see the pilots face, which understandably looked surprised and fearful to see the ray ban 4021 barricade of police cars. The pilot brought the plane to a final stop, and powered down the engines. The police streamed in, taking up positions around the jet. Edwards joined the Kent chief inspector, who moved warily toward the hatch. After several seconds, the fuselage door popped open. Leigh Teabing appeared in the doorway as the planes electronic stairs smoothly dropped down. As ray ban 4021 he gazed out at the sea of weapons aimed at him, he propped himself on his crutches and scratched his head. Simon, did I win the policemens lottery while I was away? He sounded more bewildered than concerned. Simon Edwards stepped forward, swallowing the frog in

grabbed the loose gun just as the officers emerged. A shot rang out on the stairs, and Silas felt a searing pain below his ribs. Filled with rage, he opened fire at all three officers, their blood spraying. A dark shadow loomed behind, coming out of nowhere. The angry hands that grabbed at his bare shoulders felt as if they were infused with the power of the devil himself. The man roared in his ear. SILAS, NO! Silas spun and fired. Their eyes met. Silas was already screaming in horror as Bishop Aringarosa fell. CHAPTER 97 ray ban 4021 More than three thousand people are entombed or enshrined within Westminster Abbey. The colossal stone interior burgeons with the remains o ray ban 4021 f kings, statesmen, scientists, poets, and musicians. Their tombs, packed into every last niche and alcove, range in grandeur from