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the KGB, then a small explosion ne ray ban womens glasses ar the harbor police boat, next several sonar contacts. The twenty-nine-year-old senior lieutenant with all of three months in command had made his estimate of the situation and fired at what his sonar operator called a positive submarine contact. Now he was wondering if hed made a mistake, and how g ray ban womens glasses hastly it might be. All he knew was that he had not the smallest idea what was happening, but if he were chasing a submarine, it would be heading west. And now he had a radar contact forward. The speaker for the guard radio frequency started chattering. Cease fire, you idiot! a metallic voice screamed at him three times. Identify! the Grisnas commander replied. This is Novosibirsk Komsomolets!What the hell do you think youre doing firing live ammunition in a

from the glowing purple text scrawled across the parquet floor. Jacques Saunières final communication seemed as unlikely a departing message as any Langdon could imagine. The message read: 13-3-2-21-1-1-8-5 O, Draconian devil! Oh, lame saint! Although Langdon had not the slightest idea what it meant, he did understand Faches instinct that the pentacle had something to do with devil worship. O, D ray ban womens glasses raconian devil! Saunière had left a literal reference to the devil. Equally as bizarre was the series of numbers. Part of it looks like a numeric cipher. Yes, Fache said. Our cryptographers are already working on it ray ban womens glasses . We believe these numbers may be the key to who killed him. Maybe a telephone exchange or some kind of social identification. Do the numbers have any symbolic meaning to you? Langdon

grandfather was trying to tell me, I dont think he wanted anyone else to hear it. Not even the police. Clearly, her grandfather had done everything in his power to send a confi ray ban womens glasses dential transmission directly to her. He had written it in code, included her secret initials, and told her to ray ban womens glasses find Robert Langdona wise command, considering the American symbologist had deciphered his code. As strange as it may sound, Sophie said, I think he wants me to get to the Mona Lisa before anyone else does. Ill come. No! We dont know how long the Grand Gallery will stay empty. You have to go. Langdon seemed hesitant, as if his own academic curiosity were threatening to override sound judgment and drag him back into Faches hands. Go. Now. Sophie gave him a grateful smile. Ill see you at the embassy, Mr.

to be opened simultaneously by his soldiers all across Europe on Friday, October 13 of 1307. At dawn on the thirteenth, the documents were unsealed and their appall ray ban womens glasses ing contents revealed. Clements letter claimed that God had visited him in a vision and warned him that the Knights Templar were heretics guilty of devil worship, homosexuality, defiling the cross, sodomy, and other blasphemous behavior. Pope Clement had been asked by God to cleanse the earth by roundi ray ban womens glasses ng up all the Knights and torturing them until they confessed their crimes against God. Clements Machiavellian operation came off with clockwork precision. On that day, countless Knights were captured, tortured mercilessly, and finally burned at the stake as heretics. Echoes of the tragedy still resonated in modern culture; to this

century palace with two private lakes. Langdon had first met Teabing several years ago through the British Broadcasting Corporation. Teabing had approached the BBC with a proposal for a historical documentary in which he would expose the explosive history of the Holy Grail to a mainstream television audience. The BBC producers loved Teabings hot premise, his research, and his credentials, but they had concerns that the concept was so shocking and hard to swallow that the network might end up tarnishing its reput ray ban womens glasses ation for quality journalism. At Teabings suggestion, the BBC solved its credibility fears by soliciting three cameos from respected historians from around the world, all of whom corroborated the stunning nature of the Holy Grail secret with the ray ban womens glasses ir own research. Langdon had been

clutched in the pale hand of an enormous albino with l ray ban womens glasses ong white hair. He looked at her with re ray ban womens glasses d eyes that radiated a frightening, disembodied quality. Dressed in a wool robe with a rope tie, he resembled a medieval cleric. Sophie could not imagine who he was, and yet she was feeling a sudden newfound respect for Teabings suspicions that the Church was behind this. You know what I have come for, the monk said, his voice hollow. Sophie and Teabing were seated on the divan, arms raised as their attacker had commanded. Langdon lay groaning on the floor. The monks eyes fell immediately to the keystone on Teabings lap. Teabings tone was defiant. You will not be able to open it. My Teacher is very wise, the monk replied, inching closer, the gun shifting between Teabing and Sophie. Sophie wondered

Langdon read aloud. In London lies a knight a Pope interred. Precisely. A knight a ray ban womens glasses Pope interred. He eyed Langdon. What does that mean to you? Langdon shrugged. A knight buried by a Pope? A knight whose funeral was presided over by a Pope? Teabing laughed loudly. Oh, thats rich. Always the optimist, Robert. Look at the second line. This knight obviously did something that incurred the Holy wrath of the Church. Think again. Consider the dynamic between the Church and the Knights Templar. A knight a Pope interred? A knight a Pope killed? Sophie asked. Teabing smiled and patted her knee. Well done, my dear. A knight a Pope buried. Or killed. Langdon thought of the notorious Templar round-up in 1307unlucky Friday the thirteenthwhen Pope Clement killed and interred hundreds of Knights T ray ban womens glasses emplar.

His gaze dropped from the gilded altar down to the bright crimson robe of an abbey docent who was being waved over by two ver ray ban womens glasses y familiar individuals. Langdon and Neveu. Calmly, the Teacher moved two steps back behind the choir screen. That was fast. He had anticipated Langdon and Sophie would eventually decipher the poems ray ban womens glasses meaning and come to Newtons tomb, but this was sooner than he had imagined. Taking a deep breath, the Teacher considered his options. He had grown accustomed to dealing with surprises. I am holding the cryptex. Reaching down to his pocket, he touched the second object that gave him his confidence: the Medusa revolver. As expected, the abbeys metal detectors had blared as the Teacher passed through with the concealed gun. Also as expected, the guards had backed off at once