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practice exercise! You identify! The young officer stared at his microphone and swore. Novosibirsk Komsomolets was a special-ops boat based at Kronshtadt , always playing Spetznaz games . . . This is Krepkiy . Thank you. We will discuss this episode the day after tomorrow. Out! The Captain looked around at the bridge crew. What exercise . . . ? Page 397 Too bad, Marko said as he replaced the microphone. He reacted well. Now he will take several minutes Too bad, Marko said as he replaced the microphone. He reacted well. Now he will take several minutes And thats all we need. And they still dont know what happened. Mancuso turned. Gator, cheap ray ban glasses shortest way out? Recommend two-seven-five, distance is eleven thousand yards. At thirty-four knots, the remai cheap ray ban glasses ning distance was covered quickly. Ten minutes

looked again at the digits, sensing it would take him hours to extract any symbolic meaning. If Saunière had even intended any. To Langdon, the numbers looked totally random. He was accustomed to symbolic progressions that made some semblance of sense, but everything herethe pentacle, the text, the numbersseemed disparate at the most fundamental level. You alleged earlier, Fache said, that Saunières actions here were all in an effort to send some sort of message... goddess worship or something in that vein? How does this messag cheap ray ban glasses e fit in? Langdon knew the question was rhetorical. This bizarre communiqué obviously did not fit Langdons scenario of goddess worship at all. O, Draconian devil? Oh, lame saint? Fache said, This text appears to be an accusation cheap ray ban glasses of some sort. Wouldnt you agree?

Langdon. Langdon looked displeased. Ill meet you there on one condition, he replied, his voice stern. She paused, startled. Whats that? That you stop calling me Mr. L cheap ray ban glasses angdon. Sophie detected the faint hint of a lopsided grin growing across Langdons face, and she felt herself smile back. Good luck, Robert. When Langdon reached the landing at the bottom of the stairs, the unmistakable smell of linseed oil and plaster dust assaulted his nostrils. Ahead, an illuminated SORTIEEXIT displayed an arrow p cheap ray ban glasses ointing down a long corridor. Langdon stepped into the hallway. To the right gaped a murky restoration studio out of which peered an army of statues in various states of repair. To the left, Langdon saw a suite of studios that resembled Harvard art classroomsrows of easels, paintings, palettes,

day, Friday the thirteenth was considered unlucky. Sophie looked confused. The Knights Templar were obliterated? I thought fraternities of Templars still exist today? They do, under a va cheap ray ban glasses riety of names. Despite Clements false charges and best efforts to eradicate them, the Knights had powerful allies, and some managed to escape the Vatican purges. The Templars potent treasure trove of documents, which had apparently been their source of power, was Clements true objective, but it slipped through his fingers. The documents had long since been entrusted to the Templars shadowy architects, the Priory of Sion, whose veil of secrecy had kept them cheap ray ban glasses safely out of range of the Vaticans onslaught. As the Vatican closed in, the Priory smuggled their documents from a Paris preceptory by night onto

among those chosen. The BBC had flown Langdon to Teabings Paris estate for the filming. He sat before cameras in Teabings opulent drawing room and shared his story, admitting his initial skepticism on hearing of the alternate Holy Grail story, then describing how years of research had persuaded him that the story was true. Finally, Langdon offered some of his own researcha se cheap ray ban glasses ries of symbologic connections that strongly supported the seemingly controversial claims. When the program aired in Britain, despite its ensemble cast and well-documented evidence, the premise rubbed so hard against the grain of pop cheap ray ban glasses ular Christian thought that it instantly confronted a firestorm of hostility. It never aired in the States, but the repercussions echoed across the Atlantic. Shortly afterward, Langdon

where Teabings manservant was. Didnt he hear Robert fall? Who is your teacher? Teabing asked. Perhaps we can make a financial arrangement. The Grail is priceless. He moved closer. Youre bleeding, Teabing noted calmly, nodding to the monks right ankle cheap ray ban glasses where a trickle of blood had run down his leg. And youre limping. As do you, the mo cheap ray ban glasses nk replied, motioning to the metal crutches propped beside Teabing. Now, hand me the keystone. You know of the keystone? Teabing said, sounding surprised. Never mind what I know. Stand up slowly, and give it to me. Standing is difficult for me. Precisely. I would prefer nobody attempt any quick moves. Teabing slipped his right hand through one of his crutches and grasped the keystone in his left. Lurching to his feet, he stood erect, palming the heavy cylinder

But there must be endless graves of knights killed by Popes. Aha, not so! Teabing said. Many of them were burned at the stake and tossed unceremoniously into the Tiber River. But this poem refers to a tomb. A tomb in London. And there are few knights buried in London. He paused, eyeing Langdon as if waiting for light to dawn. Finally he huffed. Robert, for heavens sake! The church built in London by the Priorys military armthe Knights Temp cheap ray ban glasses lar themselves! The Temple Church? Langdon drew a startled breath. It cheap ray ban glasses has a crypt? Ten of the most frightening tombs you will ever see. Langdon had never actually visited the Temple Church, although hed come across numerous references in his Priory research. Once the epicenter of all TemplarPriory activities in the United Kingdom, the Temple Church had

when the Teacher glared indignantly and flashed his identification c cheap ray ban glasses ard. Official rank always commanded the proper respect. Although initially the Teacher had hoped to solve the cryptex alone and avoid any further complications, he now sensed that the arrival of Langdon and Neveu cheap ray ban glasses was actually a welcome development. Considering the lack of success he was having with the orb reference, he might be able to use their expertise. After all, if Langdon had deciphered the poem to find the tomb, there was a reasonable chance he also knew something about the orb. And if Langdon knew the password, then it was just a matter of applying the right pressure. Not here, of course. Somewhere private. The Teacher recalled a small announcement sign he had seen on his way into the abbey. Immediately he knew