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house, a quite ordinary frame house in the woods. The windows glowed yellow from lights behind the curtains. Ryan saw a dozen or so people sta ray ban sun nding around, all with uniforms, all with rifles, all staring at him with the same degree of interest given a paper target. One, an officer, came over and frisked Ryan with considerable thoroughness, eliciting a grunt of pain when he got to the blood ray ban sun y knee and torn trousers. He surprised Ryan with what might have been a perfunctory apology. The officer nodded to Golovko and Vatutin, who handed over their automatics and led Ryan into the house. Inside the door, a man took their coats. Two more men in civilian clothes were obvious police or KGB types. They wore unzipped jackets, and they had to be packing pistols from the way they stood, Jack knew. He

their crimes against children. And once for shaming the good name of the Catholic Church. Collet had the odd sense it was the latter that angered Fache more. Turning now to his lapt ray ban sun op computer, Collet attende ray ban sun d to the other half of his responsibilities here tonightthe GPS tracking system. The image onscreen revealed a detailed floor plan of the Denon Wing, a structural schematic uploaded from the Louvre Security Office. Letting his eyes trace the maze of galleries and hallways, Collet found what he was looking for. Deep in the heart of the Grand Gallery blinked a tiny red dot. La marque. Fache was keeping his prey on a very tight leash tonight. Wisely so. Robert Langdon had proven himself one cool customer. CHAPTER 9 To ensure his conversation with Mr. Langdon would not be interrupted, Bezu

by electronic gear. If he had written anything in here, he almost certainly would have written it with the watermark stylus. Taking a deep breath, Sophie hurried down to the ray ban sun well-lit crime scene. Unable to look at her grandfather, she focused solely on the PTS tools. Finding a small ultraviolet penlight, she slipped it in the pocket of her sweater and hurried back up the hallway toward the open doors ray ban sun of the Salle des Etats. Sophie turned the corner and stepped over the threshold. Her entrance, however, was met by an unexpected sound of muffled footsteps racing toward her from inside the chamber. Theres someone in here! A ghostly figure emerged suddenly from out of the reddish haze. Sophie jumped back. There you are! Langdons hoarse whisper cut the air as his silhouette slid to a stop in

had killed a nun inside Saint-Sulpice. She was working against God! She scorned the work of Opus Dei! A crime of impulse, the womans death complicated matters greatly. Bisho ray ban sun p Aringarosa had placed the phone call that got Silas into Saint-Sulpice; what wou ray ban sun ld the abbé think when he discovered the nun was dead? Although Silas had placed her back in her bed, the wound on her head was obvious. Silas had attempted to replace the broken tiles in the floor, but that damage too was obvious. They would know someone had been there. Silas had planned to hide within Opus Dei when his task here was complete. Bishop Aringarosa will protect me. Silas could imagine no more blissful existence than a life of meditation and prayer deep within the walls of Opus Deis headquarters in New York City. He would

spotlights. The coarse facade stood in stark juxtaposition to the immaculately landscaped gardens and glassy pond. The inside lights we ray ban sun re just now coming on. Rather than driving to the front door, Langdon pulled into a parking area nestled in the evergreens. No reason to risk being spotted from the road, he said. Or having Leigh wonder why we arrived in a wrecked armored truck. Sophie nodded. What ray ban sun do we do with the cryptex? We probably shouldnt leave it out here, but if Leigh sees it, hell certainly want to know what it is. Not to worry, Langdon said, removing his jacket as he stepped out of the car. He wrapped the tweed coat around the box and held the bundle in his arms like a baby. Sophie looked dubious. Subtle. Teabing never answers his own door; he prefers to make an entrance. Ill

estate. He seemed to be heading toward a jagged silhouette of wooded land in the distance. Langdon, cradling the keystone, turned in the passenger seat and eyed Teabing and Sophie in the back seat. Hows your head, Robert? Sophie asked, sounding concerned. Langdon forced a pained smile. Better, thanks. It was killing him. Beside her, Teabing glanced over his shoulder at the bound and gagged monk lying in the cramped luggage area behind t ray ban sun he back seat. Teabing had the monks gun on his lap and looked like an old photo of a British safari chap posing over his kill. So glad you popped in this evening, Robert, Teabing said, grinning as if he were having fun for the first time in years. Sorry to get you involve ray ban sun d in this, Leigh. Oh, please, Ive waited my entire life to be involved. Teabing looked

The boxy annex jutting out to the right was an unfortunate eye ray ban sun sore, although it did little to shroud the original pagan shape of the primary structure. Its early on a Saturday, Teabing said, hobbling toward the entrance, so Im assuming we wont have services to deal with. The churchs entryway was a recessed stone niche inside which stood a large wooden door. To the left of the door, looking entirely out of place, hung a bulletin board covered with concert schedules and religious service announcements. Teabing frowned as he read the board. They dont open to sightseers for another coupl ray ban sun e of hours. He moved to the door and tried it. The door didnt budge. Putting his ear to the wood, he listened. After a moment, he pulled back, a scheming look on his face as he pointed to the bulletin board.

the Chapter House felt like a solarium. They were a good ten feet into the room, searching the south wall, when they realized the door they had been promised was not there. They were standing in an enormous dead end. The creaking of a heavy door behind them made them turn, just as the door closed with a resounding thud and the latch fell into place. The lone man who had been standing behind the door looked calm as he aimed a small revolver at them. He was p ray ban sun ortly and was propped on a pair of aluminum crutches. For a moment Langdon thou ray ban sun ght he must be dreaming. It was Leigh Teabing. CHAPTER 99 Sir Leigh Teabing felt rueful as he gazed out over the barrel of his Medusa revolver at Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu. My friends, he said, since the moment you walked into my home last night, I have