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Probably Narmonov didnt know either. No, I dont. I was briefed only on what I needed to know. And therefore you do not know about the attack on our Project Bright Star? What? Jack was very surprised, and showed it. Dont insult me, Ryan. You do know the name. Its southeast ofDushanbe. I know it. Attacked? he asked. As I thought. You know that was an act of war, Narmonov observed. Sir, KGB officers kidnappe ray ban aviators d an American SDI scientist several days ago. That was ordered by Gerasimov himself. His name is Alan Gregory. Hes a major in the U.S. Army, and he was rescued. I dont believe it, Golovko said before translating. Narmonov was annoyed by the interruption, but shocked by the substance of Ryans statement. One of your officers was captured. Hes alive. It is true, sir ray ban aviators , Jack assured him.

burgundy hair fell unstyled to her shoulders, framing the warmth of her face. Unlike the waifish, cookie-cutter blondes that adorned Harvard dorm room walls, this woman was healthy with an unembellished beauty and genuineness that radiated a striking personal confidence. To Langdons surprise, the woman walked directly up to him and extended a polite hand. Monsieur Langdon, I am Agent Neveu from DCPJs Cryptology Department. Her words curved richly around her muted Anglo-Franco accent. It is a pleasure to ray ban aviators meet you. Langdon took her soft palm in his and felt himself momentarily fixed in her strong gaze. Her eyes were olive-greenincisive and clear. F ray ban aviators ache drew a seething inhalation, clearly preparing to launch into a reprimand. Captain, she said, turning quickly and beating him to the punch,

Sophie, you need to respect other peoples privacy. Gently, he knelt down and took the key from her. This key is very special. If you had lost it... Her grandfathers quiet voice made Sophie feel even worse. Im sorry, Grand-père. I really am. She paused. ray ban aviators I thought it was a necklace for my birthday. He gazed at her for several seconds. Ill say this once more, Sophie, bec ray ban aviators ause its important. You need to learn to respect other peoples privacy. Yes, Grand-père. Well talk about this some other time. Right now, the garden needs to be weeded. Sophie hurried outside to do her chores. The next morning, Sophie received no birthday present from her grandfather. She hadnt expected one, not after what she had done. But he didnt even wish her happy birthday all day. Sadly, she trudged up to bed that

in England, buried ray ban aviators in a hidden chamber beneath one of the many Templar churches, where it had been hidden since at least 1500. The era of Grand Master Da Vinci. The Priory, in order to keep their powerful documents safe, had been forc ray ban aviators ed to move them many times in the early centuries. Historians now suspected as many as six different Grail relocations since its arrival in Europe from Jerusalem. The last Grail sighting had been in 1447 when numerous eyewitnesses described a fire that had broken out and almost engulfed the documents before they were carried to safety in four huge chests that each required six men to carry. After that, nobody claimed to see the Grail ever again. All that remained were occasional whisperings that it was hidden in Great Britain, the land of King Arthur and the

Sophie nodded, having t ray ban aviators o smile at the burping sound of the water gurgling through their throats. Theyre gargling, her grandfather told her. Gargariser! And thats where they get the silly name gargoyles. Sophie ray ban aviators had never again been afraid. The fond memory caused Sophie a pang of sadness as the harsh reality of the murder gripped her again. Grand-père is gone. She pictured the cryptex under the divan and wondered if Leigh Teabing would have any idea how to open it. Or if we even should ask him. Sophies grandfathers final words had instructed her to find Robert Langdon. He had said nothing about involving anyone else. We needed somewhere to hide, Sophie said, deciding to trust Roberts judgment. Sir Robert! a voice bellowed somewhere behind them. I see you travel with a maiden. Langdon stood

all youve told ray ban aviators me, I cant imagine how this man could have tailed you to my home unless he had a contact either within the Judicial Police or within the Zurich Depository. Langdon considered it. Bezu Fache certainly seemed intent on finding a scapegoat for tonights murders. And Vernet had turned on them rather suddenly, although considering Langdon was being charged with four murders, the bankers change of heart seemed understandable. This monk is not working alone, Robert, Teabing said, and until you learn who is behind all this, you ray ban aviators both are in danger. The good news, my friend, is that you are now in the position of power. This monster behind me holds that information, and whoever is pulling his strings has got to be quite nervous right now. Rémy was picking up speed, getting comfortable

treated. The altar boy hesitated, well acquainted with Father Knowles deep observance of church tradition... and, more importantl ray ban aviators y, with his foul temper when anything cast this time-honored shrine in anything but favorable light. Maybe Father Knowles had simply forgotten these family members were coming. If so, then there was far more risk in turning them away than in letting them in. After all, they said it would only t ray ban aviators ake a minute. What harm could it do? When the altar boy stepped aside to let the three people pass, he could have sworn Mr. and Mrs. Wren looked just as bewildered by all of this as he was. Uncertain, the boy returned to his chores, watching them out of the corner of his eye. Langdon had to smile as the threesome moved deeper into the church. Leigh, he whispered, you lie

Miss Neveu, for some time now your grandfather has wanted to tell you the truth about your family. Sophie was stunned. How could you know that? My methods are immaterial. The important thing for you to grasp right now is this. ray ban aviators He took a deep breath. The deaths of your mother, father, grandmother, and brother were not accidental. The words sent Sophies emotions ray ban aviators reeling. She opened her mouth to speak but was unable. Langdon shook his head. What are you saying? Robert, it explains everything. All the pieces fit. History repeats itself. The Church has a precedent of murder when it comes to silencing the Sangreal. With the End of Days imminent, killing the Grand Masters loved ones sent a very clear message. Be quiet, or you and Sophie are next. It was a car accident, Sophie stammered, feeling