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himself, Ill call Colonel Nikolayev at Spetznaz headquarters, and Ill lead a practice assault on this place to show those KGB idiots how vulnerable they are. He looked up the hill. There was a KGB sentry, flapping his arms to keep warm, rifle slung over his shoulderit would take him four seconds to ray ban brand get it unslung , aimed, and taken off safety. Four seconds, for the last three of which hed be dead if there were anyone competent out there right now . . . ray ban brand Well, he told himself, the assistant commander of any post is supposed to be a ruthless son of a bitch, and if those chekisti want to play at soldiers theyll damned well have to act like soldiers. The Colonel turned to walk back to the apartment block.For example, they did not have night patrols out. Too dangerous on this terrain, their

eyes focused now on a crumple ray ban brand d flyer on his bedside table. THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF PARIS proudly presents AN EVENING WITH R ray ban brand OBERT LANGDON PROFESSOR OF RELIGIOUS SYMBOLOGY, HARVARD UNIVERSITY Langdon groaned. Tonights lecturea slide show about pagan symbolism hidden in the stones of Chartres Cathedralhad probably ruffled some conservative feathers in the audience. Most likely, some religious scholar had trailed him home to pick a fight. Im sorry, Langdon said, but Im very tired and Mais, monsieur, the concierge pressed, lowering his voice to an urgent whisper. Your guest is an important man. Langdon had little doubt. His books on religious paintings and cult symbology had made him a reluctant celebrity in the art world, and last year Langdons visibility had increased a hundredfold after

redefined le suicide professionnel ray ban brand . Fache turned to Langdon, who was still on the phone, looking more concerned than before, listening intently to his phone message. The U.S. ray ban brand Embassy. Bezu Fache despised many things... but few drew more wrath than the U.S. Embassy. Fache and the ambassador locked horns regularly over shared affairs of statetheir most common battleground being law enforcement for visiting Americans. Almost daily, DCPJ arrested American exchange students in possession of drugs, U.S. businessmen for soliciting underage Prostitutes, American tourists for shoplifting or destruction of property. Legally, the U.S. Embassy could intervene and extradite guilty citizens back to the United States, where they received nothing more than a slap on the wrist. And the embassy invariably

have known about the GPS dot? ray ban brand S ray ban brand ophie Neveu, Fache replied. She told him. What! Why? Damned good question, but I just heard a recording that confirms she tipped him off. Collet was speechless. What was Neveu thinking? Fache had proof that Sophie had interfered with a DCPJ sting operation? Sophie Neveu was not only going to be fired, she was also going to jail. But, Captain... then where is Langdon now? Have any fire alarms gone off there? No, sir. And no one has come out under the Grand Gallery gate? No. Weve got a Louvre security officer on the gate. Just as you requested. Okay, Langdon must still be inside the Grand Gallery. Inside? But what is he doing? Is the Louvre security guard armed? Yes, sir. Hes a senior warden. Send him in, Fache commanded. I cant get my men back to the perimeter

of corridors, past several large rooms filled with blinking mainframe computers. Voici, their host said, arriving at a steel door and opening it for them. Here you are. Langdon and Sophie stepped into another world. The small room before them looked like a lavish sitting room at a fine hotel. Gone were the metal and rivets, replaced with oriental carpets, dark oak furniture, and cushioned chairs. On the broad desk in the middle of the room, two crystal glasses sat beside an opened bottle of Perrier, its bubbles still fizzing. A pewter pot of coffee steamed beside it. Clockwork, Langdon thought. Leave it to the Swiss. The man gave a perceptive smile. I sense this is your first visit to us? Sophie ray ban brand hesitated and then nodded. U ray ban brand nderstood. Keys are often passed on as inheritance, and our first-

quietly, are not the original symbols for male and female. Many people incorrectly assume the male symbol is derived from a shield and spear, while the female symbol represents a mirror reflecting beauty. In fact, the symbols originated as ancient astronomical symbols for the planet-god Mars and planet-goddess Venus. The original symbols are far simpler. Langdon drew another icon on the paper. \ This symbol is the original icon for male, he told her. ray ban brand A rudimentary ray ban brand phallus. Quite to the point, Sophie said. As it were, Teabing added. Langdon went on. This icon is formally known as the blade, and it represents aggression and manhood. In fact, this exact phallus symbol is still used today on modern military uniforms to denote rank. Indeed. Teabing grinned. The more penises you have, the higher

phone, trying to coordinate the failed attempt to locate the missing Range Rover. It could be anywhere by now, Collet thought. Having disobeyed Faches direct orders and lost Langdon for a second time, Collet was grateful that PTS had located a bullet hole in the floor, which at least corroborated Collets claims that a shot had been fired. ray ban brand Still, Faches mood was sour, and Collet sensed there would be dire repercussions when the dust settled. Unfortunately, the clues they were turning up here seemed to shed no light at all on what was going on or who was involved. The black Audi outside had been rented in a false name with false credit card numbers, and the prints in the car matched nothing in the Interpol database. Another agent h ray ban brand urried into the living room, his eyes urgent. Wheres Captain

revolver, which he aimed di ray ban brand rectly at the boys forehead. The altar boy felt his groin grow hot and realized he had wet himself. Listen carefully, the tuxedoed man whispered. You will exit this church silently, and you will run. You will not stop. Is that clear? The boy nodded as best he could with the hand over his mouth. If you call the police... The tuxedoed man pressed the gun to his skin. I will find you. The next thing the boy knew, he was sprinting across the outside courtyard with no plans of stopping until his legs gave out. CHAPTER 86 Like a ghost, Silas drifted silently behind his target. Sophie Neveu sensed him too late. Before she could turn, Silas pressed the gun barrel into her spine and ray ban brand wrapped a powerful arm across her chest, pulling her back against his hulking body. She