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a seat in the back row of the after part of the aircraft. It looked much like part of a real airliner, though the seating was Page 373 five-across, and this space handled the overflow from the distinguished visitor areas forward. Jack picked one on the left side, where the seats were in pairs, while ten or so others entered the cabin and kept as far forward as possible for the smoother ride, as ray ban rb2132 tortoise advised by another crew member. The aircrafts crew chief would be across the aisle to his right instead of in the crew quarters forward. Ryan wished for another man to help, but they couldnt be too obvious. They had a Soviet officer aboard. That was part of the regular ray ban rb2132 tortoise routine, and diverging from it would attract attention. The whole point of this was that everyone would be comfortably secure in the

answered. Teacher, I have returned. Speak, the voice commanded, sounding pleased to hear from him. All four are gone. The three sénéchaux... and the Grand Master himself. There was a momentary pause, a ray ban rb2132 tortoise s if for prayer. Then I assume you have the information? All four concurred. Independently. And you believed them? Their agreement was too great for coincidence. An excited breath. Excellent. I had feared the brotherhoods reputation for secrecy might prevail. The prospect of death is strong motivation ray ban rb2132 tortoise . So, my pupil, tell me what I must know. Silas knew the information he had gleaned from his victims would come as a shock. Teacher, all four confirmed the existence of the clef de vo.te... the legendary keystone. He heard a quick intake of breath over the phone and could feel the Teachers

Langdon flashed back to the hotel room... his quick shower, getting dressed, the DCPJ agent politely holding out Langdons tweed coat as they left the room. Its cool outside, Mr. Langdon, the agent had said. Spring in Paris is not all your song boasts. Langdon had thanked him and donned the jacket. Sophies olive gaze was keen. I didnt tell you about the tracking dot earlier because I didnt want you checking your pocket in front of Fache. He cant know youve found it. Langdon had no idea how to respond. They tagged you with GPS because they thou ray ban rb2132 tortoise ght you might run ray ban rb2132 tortoise . She paused. In fact, they hoped you would run; it would make their case stronger. Why would I run! Langdon demanded. Im innocent! Fache feels otherwise. Angrily, Langdon stalked toward the trash receptacle to dispose of the tracking

for an instant like a modern-day Moses. As Silas read the words on the tablet, he felt surprise. He had expected ray ban rb2132 tortoise the keystone to be a map, or a complex series of directions, perhaps even encoded. The keystone, however, bore the simplest of inscriptions. Job 38:11 A Bible verse? Silas was stunned with the devilish simplicity. The secret location of that which they sought was revealed in a Bible verse? The brotherhood stopped at nothing to mock the righteous! Job. Chapter thirty-eight. Verse eleven. Although Silas did not recall the exact contents of verse eleven by heart, he knew the Book of Job told the story of a man whose fa ray ban rb2132 tortoise ith in God survived repeated tests. Appropriate, he thought, barely able to contain his excitement. Looking over his shoulder, he gazed down the shimmering Rose Line

touch it. He left you only this key? Nothing else? No slip of paper? Sophie knew she had been in a hurry inside the Louvre, but she was certain she had seen nothing else behind Madonna of the Rocks. No. Just the key. Vernet gave a helpless sigh. Im afraid every key is electronically paired with a ten-digit account number that functions as a password. Without that number, your key is worthless. Ten digits. Sophie reluctantly calculated the cryptographic odds. Over ten billion possible choices. Even if she could bring in DCPJs most powerful parallel processing computers, she still would need weeks to break the code. Certainly, monsieur, considering the circumstances, you can help us. I xx ray ban rb2132 tortoise xx m sorry. I truly can do nothing. Clients select their own account numbers via a secure terminal, meaning

laughing. Surprise, surprise. Believe me, its no mistake. Leonardo was skilled at painting the difference between the sexes. Sophie could not take her eyes from the woman beside Christ. The Last Supper is supposed to be thirteen men. Who is this woman? Although Sophie had seen this classic image many times, she had not once noticed this glaring discrepancy. Everyon ray ban rb2132 tortoise e misses it, Teabing said. Our preconceived notions of this scene are so powerful that our mind bl ray ban rb2132 tortoise ocks out the incongruity and overrides our eyes. Its known as skitoma, Langdon added. The brain does it sometimes with powerful symbols. Another reason you might have missed the woman, Teabing said, is that many of the photographs in art books were taken before 1954, when the details were still hidden beneath layers of grime and

first few words, she said. Its En ray ban rb2132 tortoise glish. Teabing was still sputtering. Whats going on? Reverse text, Langdon said. We need a mirror. No we dont, Sophie said. I bet this veneer is thin enough. She lifted the rosewood box up to a canister light on the wall and began examining the underside of the lid. Her grandfather couldnt actually write in reverse, so he always cheated by ray ban rb2132 tortoise writing normally and then flipping the paper over and tracing the reversed impression. Sophies guess was that he had wood-burned normal text into a block of wood and then run the back of the block through a sander until the wood was paper thin and the wood-burning could be seen through the wood. Then hed simply flipped the piece over, and laid it in. As Sophie moved the lid closer to the light, she saw she was right. The

toward the exit, his crutches dragging behind him. Sophies voice was unwavering. Who are you ray ban rb2132 tortoise working for? The qu ray ban rb2132 tortoise estion brought a smirk to the departing Rémys face. You would be surprised, Mademoiselle Neveu. CHAPTER 87 The fireplace in Chateau Villettes drawing room was cold, but Collet paced before it nonetheless as he read the faxes from Interpol. Not at all what he expected. André Vernet, according to official records, was a model citizen. No police recordnot even a parking ticket. Educated at prep school and the Sorbonne, he had a cum laude degree in international finance. Interpol said Vernets name appeared in the newspapers from time to time, but always in a positive light. Apparently the man had helped design the security parameters that kept the Depository Bank of Zurich a leader