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Okay, lets get this b blue ray ban frames ird moving. The copilot advanced the throttles and the aircraft started to roll. On the ground in front of them, a man with two lighted wands gave them unneeded directions to the taxi-waybut the Russians always assumed that everyone needed to be told what to do. Von Eich left the parking pad and headed south on taxiway nine, then turned left. The small wheel that controlled the steerable nose-gear was stiff, as always, and the aircraft came around slowly, pushed by the Page 375 outboard engine. He always took things easy here. The taxi-ways were so blue ray ban frames rough that there was always the worry of damaging something. He didnt want that to happen tonight. It was the best part of a mile to the end of the number-one main taxiway, and the bumps and rolls were enough to make one

Teniers were some of Langdons favorite classroom texts. Tonights meeting had been o blue ray ban frames ne Langdon was very much looking forward to, and he was disappointed when the curator had not shown. Again the image of the curators body flashed in his mind. Jacques Saunière did that to himself? Langdon turned and looked out the window, forcing the picture from his mind. Outside, the city was just now winding downstreet vendors wheeling carts of candied amandes, waiters carrying bags of garbage to the curb, a pair of late night lovers cuddling to stay warm in a breeze scented with jasmine blossom. blue ray ban frames The Citro.n navigated the chaos with authority, its dissonant two-tone siren parting the traffic like a knife. Le capitaine was pleased to discover you were still in Paris tonight, the agent said, speaking for

well-loved figure in Paris, and his murder will be news in the morning. Fache will be under immediate pressure to make a statement, and he looks a lot better having a suspect in custody already. Whether or not you are guilty, you most certainly will be held b blue ray ban frames y DCPJ until they can figure out what really happened. Langdon felt like a caged animal. Why are you telling me all this? Because, Mr. Langdon, I believe you are innocent. Sophie looked away for a moment and then back into his eyes. And also because it is partially my fault that youre in trouble. Im sorry? Its your f blue ray ban frames ault Saunière is trying to frame me? Saunière wasnt trying to frame you. It was a mistake. That message on the floor was meant for me. Langdon needed a minute to process that one. I beg your pardon? That message wasnt for

in the distant recesses of Grouards mind, the name registered. Sophie Neveu? That was the name of Saunières granddaughter, wasnt it? She used to come in here as a little kid, but that was years ago. This couldnt possibly be her! And even if it were Sophie Neveu, that was hardly a reason to trust her; Grouard had heard the rumors of the painful falling-out be blue ray ban frames tween Saunière and his granddaughter. You know me, the woman called. And Robert Langdon did not kill my grandfather. Believe me. Warden Grouard was not about to take that on faith. I need backup! Trying his walkie-talkie again, he got only static. The entrance was still a good twenty yards behind him, and Grouard began backing up slowly, choosing to leave his gun trained o blue ray ban frames n the man on the floor. As Grouard inched backward, he could

know Langdon was correct. 13-3-2-21-1-1-8-5 O, Draconian devil! Oh, lame saint! P.S. Find Robert Langdon CHAPTER 44 Ten digits, Sophie said, her cryptologic senses tingling as she studied the printout. 13-3-2-21-1-1-8-5 Grand-père wrote his account number on the Louvre floor! When Sophie had first seen the scrambled Fibonacci sequence on the parquet, she had assumed its sole purpose was to encourage DCPJ to call in their cryptographers blue ray ban frames and get Sophie involved. Later, she realized the numbers were also a clue as to how to decipher the other linesa sequence out of order... a numeric anagram. Now, utterly amazed, she saw the blue ray ban frames numbers had a more important meaning still. They were almost certainly the final key to opening her grandfathers mysterious safedeposit box. He was the master of double-

According to Jewish custom, celibacy was condemned, and the obligation for a Jewish fathe blue ray ban frames r was to find a suitable wife for his son. If Jesus were not married, at least one of the Bibles gospels would have mentioned it and offered some explanation for His unnatural state of bachelorhood. Teabing located a huge book and pulled it toward him across the table. The blue ray ban frames leather-bound edition was poster-sized, like a huge atlas. The cover read: The Gnostic Gospels. Teabing heaved it open, and Langdon and Sophie joined him. Sophie could see it contained photographs of what appeared to be magnified passages of ancient documentstattered papyrus with handwritten text. She did not recognize the ancient language, but the facing pages bore typed translations. These are photocopies of the Nag Hammadi and

course! Sophie thought. The famous Hebrew encoding system. The Atbash Cipher had indeed been part of Sophies early cryptology training. The cipher dated back to 500 B.C. and was now used as a classroom example of a basic rotational substitution scheme. A common form of Jewish cryptogram, the Atbash Cipher was a s blue ray ban frames imple substitution code based on the twenty-two-letter Hebrew alphabet. In Atbash, the first letter was substituted by the last letter, the second letter by the next to last letter, and so on. Atbash is sublimely appropriate, Teabing said. Text encrypted with Atbash is found throughout the Kabbala, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and even the Old Testament. Jewish scholars and mystics are still finding hidden meanings using blue ray ban frames Atbash. The Priory certainly would include the Atbash Cipher as part

got some of those new nano drives. Collet was impressed. Heres a complete system, the agent said, handing Collet an assembly not much larger than a pocket calculato blue ray ban frames r. Dangling off the contraption was a foot-long wire with a stamp-sized piece of wafer-thin foil stuck on the end. The base is a high-capacity hard disk audio recording system with rechargeable battery. That strip of foil at the end of the wire is a combination microphone and photoelectric recharging cell. Collet knew them well. These foil-like, photocell microphones had been an enormous breakthrough a few years back. Now, a hard disk recorder could be affixed behind a lamp, for example, with its f blue ray ban frames oil microphone molded into the contour of the base and dyed to match. As long as the microphone was positioned such that it received