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breeze, and he couldnt get both feet on it despite help from Gerasimo ray ban aviator medium v. My Go ray ban aviator medium d, look! Golovko pointed. Move! Vatutin didnt say anything. He floored his car and flipped on the high-beam lights. Trouble, the crew chief said when he saw the car. There was a man with a rifle running this way, too. Come on, pop! he urged the Cardinal of the Kremlin. Shit! Ryan pushed the sergeant aside and jumped down. It was too far, and he landed badly, twisting his right ankle and ripping his pants at his left knee. Jack ignored the pain and leaped to his feet. He took one of Filitovs shoulders while Gerasimov took the other, and together they got him up the ladder far enough that the sergeant at the door was able to haul him aboard. Gerasimov went next, with Ryans help. Then it was Jacks turnbut he had the

inspired the birth of the Impressionist movement. Tonight, however, this place held a strange aura of foreboding. The Citro.n swerved left now, angling west down the parks central boulevard. Curling around a circular pond, the driver cut across a desolate avenue out into a wide quadrangle beyond. Langdon could now see the end of the Tuileries Gardens, marked by a giant stone archway. Arc du Carrousel. Despite the orgiastic rituals once held at the Arc du Carrousel, art aficionados revered this place for another reason entirely. From the esplanade at the end of the Tuileries, four of the finest art museums in the world could be seen... one at each point of the compass. Out the right-hand window, south across the Seine and Quai Voltaire, Lan ray ban aviator medium gdon could see the dramatically ray ban aviator medium lit facade of the

emotionally engaged, as if this were somehow a personal matter for him. Not surprising, Collet thought. Fach ray ban aviator medium e needs this arrest desperately. Recently the Board of Ministers and the media had become more openly critical of Faches aggressive tactics, his clashes with powerful foreign embassies, and his gross overbudgeting on new technologies. Tonight, a high-tech, high-profile arrest of an American would go a long way to silence Faches critics, helping him secure the job a few more years until he could retire with the lucrative pension. God knows he needs the pension, Colle ray ban aviator medium t thought. Faches zeal for technology had hurt him both professionally and personally. Fache was rumored to have invested his entire savings in the technology craze a few years back and lost his shirt. And Fache is a man

with him when he was killed. Not wanting it to fall into the hands of the police, he hid it behind this painting. Then he devised an ingenious treasure hunt to ensure only Sophie would find it. Au secours! the guards voice yelled. Sophie snatched the key from behind the painting and slipped it deep in her pocket along with the UV penlight. Peering out from behind the canvas, she could see the guard was still trying desperately to raise someone ray ban aviator medium on the walkie-talkie. He was backing toward the entrance, still aiming the gun firmly at Langdon. Au secours! he shouted again into his radio. Static. He cant transmit, Sophie realized, recalling that tourists with cell phones often got frus ray ban aviator medium trated in here when they tried to call home to brag about seeing the Mona Lisa. The extra surveillance wiring

key. Nothing happened. At least nothing they could detect. At that moment, beneath them, in the banks cavernous subterranean vault, a robotic claw sprang to life. Sliding on a double-axis transport system attached to the ceiling, the claw headed off in search of the proper coordinates. On the cement floor below, hundreds of identical plastic crates lay aligned on an enormous grid... like rows of small coffins in an underground crypt. Whirring to a stop over the correct spot on the floor, the claw dropped down, an electric eye confirming the ray ban aviator medium bar code on the box. Then, with computer precision, the claw grasped the heavy handle and hoisted the crate vertically. New gears engaged, and the claw trans ray ban aviator medium ported the box to the far side of the vault, coming to a stop over a stationary conveyor belt.

Peter said, Did the Saviour really speak with a woman without our knowledge? Are we to turn about and all listen to her? Did he prefer her to us? And Levi answe ray ban aviator medium red, Peter, you have always been hot-tempered. Now I see you contending against the woman like an adversary. If the Saviour made her worthy, who are you indeed to reject her? Surely the Saviour knows her very well. That is why he loved her more than us. The woman they are speaking of, Teabing explained, is Mary Magdalene. Peter is jealous of her. Because Jesus preferred Mary? Not only that. The stakes were far greater than mere affection. At this point in the gospels, Jesus suspects He wi ray ban aviator medium ll soon be captured and crucified. So He gives Mary Magdalene instructions on how to carry on His Church after He is gone. As a result, Peter

I want this quiet. Kent local. Tell them I want Teabings plane to be permitted to land. Then I want it surrounded on the tarmac. Nobody deplanes until I get there. CHAPTER 74 Youre quiet, Langdon said, gazing across the Hawkers cabin at Sophie. Just tired, she replied. And the poem. I dont know. Langdon was feeling the same way. The hum of the engines and the gentle rocking of the plane were hypnotic, and his head ray ban aviator medium still throbbed where hed been hit by the monk. Teabing was still in the back of the plane, and Langdon decided to take advantage of the moment alone with Sophie to tell her something that had been on his mind. I think I know part of the reason why your grandfather conspired ray ban aviator medium to put us together. I think theres something he wanted me to explain to you. The history of the Holy Grail

stood up and paced, wishing the train would hurry. At the pay phone, Sophies call finally connected to the London police. Snow Hill Division, the dispatcher said. How may I direct your call? Im reporting a kidnapping. Sophie knew to be concise. Name please? Sophie paused. Agent Sophie Neveu with the French Judicial Police. The title had the desired effect. Right away, maam. Let me get a detective on the line for yo ray ban aviator medium u. As the call went through, Sophie began wondering if the police would even believe her description of Teabi ray ban aviator medium ngs captors. A man in a tuxedo. How much easier to identify could a suspect be? Even if Rémy changed clothes, he was partnered with an albino monk. Impossible to miss. Moreover, they had a hostage and could not take public transportation. She wondered how many Jaguar