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you in tw ray ban pink aviators o minutes. Bondarenko ran inside. The Page 380 radiotelephone was hanging on a wall hook, and he was relieved to see it was a military type, powered by its own battery. The Colonel shouldered it and ran back outside.radiotelephone was hanging on a wall hook, and he was relieved to see it was a military type, powered by its own battery. The Colonel shouldered it and ran back outside. This is Colonel G. I. Bondarenko at Project Bright Star. We are under attack. I repeat, Bright Star is under attack. Any unit on this net respond at once, over. Gennady. this is Pokryshkin at the laser site. Were in the co ray ban pink aviators ntrol building. What is your situation? Im at the apartments. I have all the civilians we could find inside. I have forty men, and were going to try to hold this place. What about

re did, Langdon replied as they entered the tunnel. His secretary contacted me a few weeks ago via e-mail. She said the curator had heard I would be lecturing in Paris this month and wanted to discuss something with me while I was here. Discuss what? I dont know. Art, I imagine. We share similar interests. Fache looked skeptical. You have no idea what your meeting was about? Langdon did not. Hed been curious at the time but had not felt comfortable demanding ray ban pink aviators specifics. The venerated Jacques Saunière had a renowned penchant for privacy and granted very few meetings; Langdon was grateful simply for the opportunity to meet him. Mr. Langdon, can you at least guess what our murder victim might have wanted to discuss with you on the nigh ray ban pink aviators t he was killed? It might be helpful. The pointedness of

plate-glass window at the far end of the bathroom and gazed out in silence through the mesh of alarm tape embedded in the glass. They were high upforty feet at least. Sighing, she raised her eyes and gazed out at Pariss dazzling landscape. On her left, across the Seine, the illuminat ray ban pink aviators ed Eiffel Tower. Straight ahead, the Arc de Triomphe. And to the right, high atop the sloping rise of Montmartre, the graceful arabesque dome of Sacré-Coeur, its polished stone glowing white like a resplendent sanctuary. Here at the westernmost tip of the Denon Wing, the north-sou ray ban pink aviators th thoroughfare of Place du Carrousel ran almost flush with the building with only a narrow sidewalk separating it from the Louvres outer wall. Far below, the usual caravan of the citys nighttime delivery trucks sat idling, waiting

and Jesus was submitting to his authority! More troubling still, Mary was holding one hand high above the head of infant John and making a decidedly threatening gestureher fingers looking like eagles talons, gripping an invisible head. Finally, the most obvious and frightening image: Just below Marys curled fingers, Uriel was making a cutting gesture with his handas if slicing the neck of the invisible head gripped by Marys claw-like hand. Langdons students were always amused to learn that Da Vin ray ban pink aviators ci eventually mollified the confraternity by painting them a second, wate ray ban pink aviators red-down version of Madonna of the Rocks in which everyone was arranged in a more orthodox manner. The second version now hung in Londons National Gallery under the name Virgin of the Rocks, although Langdon still preferred

Tonight was supposed to be Bishop Aringarosas salvation. Five months ago, the bishop had returned from a meeting at the Vatican Observatory, where he had learned something that left him deeply changed. Depressed for weeks, A ray ban pink aviators ringarosa had finally shared the news with Silas. But this is impossible! Silas had cried out. I cannot accept it! It is true, Aringarosa said. Unthinkable, but true. In only six months. The bishops words terrified Silas. He prayed for deliverance, and even in those dark days, his trust in God and The Way never wavered. It was only ray ban pink aviators a month later that the clouds parted miraculously and the light of possibility shone through. Divine intervention, Aringarosa had called it. The bishop had seemed hopeful for the first time. Silas, he whispered, God has bestowed upon us an

such a cover-up. They could never have survived public knowledge of a bloodline. A child of Jesus would undermine the critical notion of Christs divinity and therefore the Christian Church, which declared itself the sole vessel through which humanity could access the divine and gain entrance to the kingdom of heaven. The five-petal rose, Sophie said, pointing suddenly to the spine of one of Teabings books. The same exact design inlaid on the rosewood box. Teabing glanced at Langdon and grinned. She has a good eye. He turned back t ray ban pink aviators o Sophie. That is the Priory symbol for the Grail. Mary Magdalene. Because her name was forbidden by the Church, Mary Magdalene became secretly known by many pseudonymsthe Chalice, the Holy Grail, and the Rose. He paused ray ban pink aviators . The Rose has ties to the five-pointed

image alone would h ray ban pink aviators ave shocked Sophie beyond belief, and yet there was more. Straddling her grandfather was a naked woman wearing a white mask, her luxuriant silver hair flowing out behind it. Her body was plump, far from perfect, and she was gyrating in rhythm to the chantingmaking love to Sophies grandfather. Sophie wanted to turn and run, but she couldnt. The stone walls of the grotto imprisoned her as the chanting rose to a fever pitch. The circle of participants seemed almost to be singing now, the noise rising in crescendo to a frenzy. With a sudden roar, the entire room seemed to erupt in climax. Sophie could not breathe. She suddenly realized she was quietly sobbing. She turned and staggered silently up the stairs, out of the house, and drov ray ban pink aviators e trembling back to Paris. CHAPTER 75 The

and deciding what to do with him posed a new problem. You and I are men of God, the Teacher whispered. We cannot be deterred from our goal. There was an ominous pause on the line. For this reason alone, I will ask Rémy to bring me the keystone. Do you understand? Silas sensed anger in the Teache ray ban pink aviators rs voice and was surprised the man was not more understanding. Showing his face could not be avoided, Silas thought. Rémy did what he had to do. He saved the keystone. I understand, Silas managed. Good. For your own safety, you need to get off the street immediately. The police will be looking for the limousine s ray ban pink aviators oon, and I do not want you caught. Opus Dei has a residence in London, no? Of course. And you are welcome there? As a brother. Then go there and stay out of sight. I will call you the