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chief said again. Von Eich let out a breath. Okay. How are things back there? I got them in the back row, sir. I dont think anybody noticed, even, what with the engine noise and all. Keep it that way. Yes, sir. I have Freddie keeping the rest of the passengers forward. The aft can is broke, sir. Page 382 Pity, the pilot observed. Tell em to go forw off brand ray ban sunglasses ard if they gotta go. Pity, the pilot observed. Tell em to go forward if they gotta go. Seventy-five minutes, the navigator advised. Christ, Ryan, the pilot thought. I hope you like it there . . . I should kill you here and now! Golovko said. They were in the Chairmans car. Ryan found himself facing four very irate KGB officers. The maddest seemed to be the guy in the right-front s off brand ray ban sunglasses eat. Gerasimovs bodyguard, Jack thought, the one who worked close

courts. The elevator is a perfectly safe machine, Langdon continually told himself, never believing it. Its a tiny metal box hanging in an enclosed shaft! Holding his breath, he stepped into the lift, feeling the familiar tingle of adrenaline as the doors slid shut. Two floors. Ten seconds. You and Mr. Saunière, Fache said as the lift began to move, you never spoke at all? Never corresponded? Never sent each other anything in the mail? Another odd question. Langdon off brand ray ban sunglasses shook his head. No. Never. Fache cocked his head, as if making a mental note of that fact. Saying nothing, he stared dead ahead at the chrome doors. As they ascended, Langdon tried to focus on anything other than the four walls around him. In the reflecti off brand ray ban sunglasses on of the shiny elevator door, he saw the captains tie clipa silver

Embassy. Turning toward the window, Sophie gazed through the alarm mesh embedded in the plate glass, down the dizzying forty feet to the pavement below. A leap from this height would leave Langdon with a couple of broken legs. At best. Nonetheless, Sophie made her decision. Robert Langdon was about to escape the Louvre, whether he wanted to or not. CHAPTER 17 What do you mean shes not answering? Fache looked incredulous. Youre calling her cell phone, right? I know shes carrying it. Collet had been trying to reach Sophie now for several minutes. May off brand ray ban sunglasses be her batteries are dead. Or her ringers off. Fache had looked distressed ever since talking to the director of Cryptology on the phone. After han off brand ray ban sunglasses ging up, he had marched over to Collet and demanded he get Agent Neveu on the line. Now Collet had

toward her grandfathers retreat. The access road was over a mile long, and she was halfway down it before she could start to see the house through the treesa mammoth, old stone chateau nestled in the woods on the side of a hill. Sophie had half expected to find her grandfather asleep at this hour and was excited to see the house twinkling with lights. Her delight turned to surprise, however, when she arrived to find the driveway filled with parked carsMercedeses, BMWs, Audis, and a Rolls-Royce. Sophie stare off brand ray ban sunglasses d a moment and then burst out laughing. My grand-père, the famous recluse! Jacques Saunière, it seemed, was far less reclusive than he liked to pretend. Clearly he was hosting a party while Sophie was away at school, and from the looks of the automobiles, some of Paris off brand ray ban sunglasses s most

clearly in the dim light. The Rose. Entire armies and religions had been built on this symbol, as had secret societies. The Rosicrucians. The Knights of the Rosy Cross. Go ahead, Sophie said. Open off brand ray ban sunglasses it. Langdon took a deep breath. Reaching for the lid, he stole one more admiring glance at the intricate woodwork and then, unhooking the clasp, he opened the lid, revealing the object within. Langdon had harbored several fantasies about what they might find inside this box, but clearly he had been wrong on every account. Nestled snugly inside the boxs heavily padded interior of crimson silk lay an object Langdon could not even begin to comprehend. Crafted of polished white marble, it was a stone cylinder approximately the dimensions of a tennis ball can. More co off brand ray ban sunglasses mplicated than a simple column of

sided account. Sophie had never thought of it that way. The Sangreal documents simply tell the other side of the Christ story. In the off brand ray ban sunglasses end, which side of the story you believe becomes a matter of faith and personal exploration, but at least the information has survived. The Sangreal documents include tens of thousands of pages of information. Eyewitness accounts of the Sangreal treasure describe it as being carried in four enormous trunks. I off brand ray ban sunglasses n those trunks are reputed to be the Purist Documentsthousands of pages of unaltered, pre- Constantine documents, written by the early followers of Jesus, revering Him as a wholly human teacher and prophet. Also rumored to be part of the treasure is the legendary Q Documenta manuscript that even the Vatican admits they believe exists. Allegedly, it is a

several cans of Coke and a box of old crackers. He apologized profusely for the limited fare as he doled out the goods. Our friend the monk isnt talking yet, he chimed, but give him time. He bit into a cracker and eyed the poem. So, my lovely, any headway? He looked at Sophie. What is your grandfather trying to tell us here? Where the devil is this headstone? off brand ray ban sunglasses This headstone praised by Templars. Sophie shook her head and remained silent. While off brand ray ban sunglasses Teabing again dug into the verse, Langdon popped a Coke and turned to the window, his thoughts awash with images of secret rituals and unbroken codes. A headstone praised by Templars is the key. He took a long sip from the can. A headstone praised by Templars. The cola was warm. The dissolving veil of night seemed to evaporate quickly, and as Langdon

unless of course youre the guest of someone at the college? Langdon shook his head. Im afraid weve come unannounced. A friend of off brand ray ban sunglasses mine speaks very highly of you. Sir Leigh Teabing? Langdon felt a pang of gloom as he said the name. The British Royal Historian. Gettum brightened now, laughing. Heavens, yes. What a character. Fanatical! Every time he comes in, its always the same search strings. Grail. Grail. Grail. I swear that man will die before he gives up on that quest. She winked. Time and money afford one such lovely luxuries, wouldnt you say? A regular Don Quixote, that one. Is there any chance you can help us? Sophie asked. Its quite important. Gettum glanced around the deserted library and then winked at them both. Well, I cant very well claim Im too busy, off brand ray ban sunglasses now can I? As long as you