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himself. He walked forward with the curving steps of a man in his cups. Your pardon, lovely lady. Have a good evening, he said as he passed. He moved around the women and bumped I into ray ban 3190 the bodyguard. Excuse me, Comrade The man I found that there was a pistol aimed at his face. Turn left and go into the alley. Hands out where I can see them, Comrade. The shock on the poor bastards face was amusing as hell,Clarkthought, reminding himself that this was a skilled man with a gun in his pocket. He grabbed the back of the mans collar and kept him out at arms length, with his gun held in tight. Mother . . . Katryn said in quiet alarm. Hush and do as I say. Do as this man says. But Against the wall,Clarktold the man. He kept the gun aimed at the center o ray ban 3190 f the bodyguards head while he switched hands,

security cameras sent a clear message to visitors: We see you. Do not touch anything. Any of them real? Langdon asked, motioning to the cameras. Fache shook his head. Of course not. Langdon was not surprised. Video surveillance in museums this size was cost-prohibitive and ineffective. With acres of galle ray ban 3190 ries to watch over, the Louvre would require several hundred technicians simply to monitor the feeds. Most large museums now used containment security. Forget keeping thiev ray ban 3190 es out. Keep them in. Containment was activated after hours, and if an intruder removed a piece of artwork, compartmentalized exits would seal around that gallery, and the thief would find himself behind bars even before the police arrived. The sound of voices echoed down the marble corridor up ahead. The noise seemed to

his laptop schematic. He must have broken the window! Collet knew Langdon wouldnt get far. Although Paris fire codes required windows above fifteen meters in public buildings be breakable in case of fire, exiting a Louvre second-story window without the help of a hook ray ban 3190 and ladder would be suicide. Furthermore, there were no trees or grass on the western end of the Denon Wing to cushion a fall. Directly beneath that rest room window, the two-lane Place du Carrousel ran within a few feet of the outer wall. My God, Collet exclaimed, eyeing the screen. Langdons moving to the window ledge! But Fache was already in motion. Yanking his Manurhin MR-93 revolver from his shoulder holster, the captain dashed out of the office. Collet watched the screen in bew ray ban 3190 ilderment as the blinking dot arrived at

around the edge of the panels, Sophie found a recessed fingerhold. It was discreetly crafted. A sliding door. Heart pounding, she placed her finger in the slot and pulled it. With noiseless precision, the heavy wall slid sideways. From out of the darkness beyond, the voices echoed up. Sophie slipped through the door and found herself on a rough-hewn stone staircase ray ban 3190 that spiraled downward. Shed been coming to this house since she was a child and yet had no idea this staircase even existed! As she descended, the air grew cooler. The voices clearer. She heard men and women now. Her line of sight was limited by the spiral of the staircase, but the last step was now rounding into view. Beyond it, she could see ray ban 3190 a small patch of the basement floorstone, illuminated by the flickering orange blaze

studies, the internal mechanism of the robot knight possessed accurate ray ban 3190 joints and tendons, and was designed to sit up, wave its arms, and move its head via a flexible neck while opening and closing an anatomically correct jaw. This armor-clad knight, Sophie had always believed, was the most beautiful object her grandfather had ever built... that was, until she had seen the cryptex in this rosewood box. He made me one of these when I was little, Sophie said. But Ive never seen one so ornate and large. Langdons eyes had never left the bo ray ban 3190 x. Ive never heard of a cryptex. Sophie was not surprised. Most of Leonardos unbuilt inventions had never been studied or even named. The term cryptex possibly had been her grandfathers creation, an apt title for this device that used the science of

blood and created a lineage known as the Merovingian bloodline. This news surprised Sophie. Merovingian was a term learned by every student in France. The Merovingians founded Paris. Yes. Thats one of the reasons the Grail legend is so rich in France. Many of the Vaticans Grail quests here were in fact stealth missions to erase members of the royal bloodline. Have you heard of King Dag ray ban 3190 obert? Sophie vaguely recalled the name from a grisly tale in history class. Dagobert was a Merovingian king, wasnt he? Stabbed in the eye while sleeping? Exactly. Assassinated by the Vatican in collusion with Pepin dHeristal. Late seventh century. With Dagoberts murder, the Merovingian bloodline was almost exterminated. Fortunately, Dagoberts son, Sigisbert, secretly escaped the attack ray ban 3190 and carried on the

bore pagan, horned fertility symbols. The ray ban 3190 cornucopia or horn of plenty was a tribute to Baphomets fertility and dated back to Zeus being suckled by a goat whose horn broke off and magically filled with fruit. Baphomet also appeared in group photographs when some joker raised two fingers behind a friends head in the V-symbol of horns; certainly few of the pranksters realized their mocking gesture was in fact advertising their victims robust sperm count. Yes, yes, Teabing was saying excitedly. Baphomet must be what the poem is referring to. A headstone praised by Templars. Okay, Sophie said, but if Baphomet is the headstone praised ray ban 3190 by Templars, then we have a new dilemma. She pointed to the dials on the cryptex. Baphomet has eight letters. We only have room for five. Teabing grinned broadly.

pages, the data was infinitely more accessible. Settling into one of the workstations, Gettum eyed the slip of paper and began typing. To begin, well run a straight Boolean with a few obvious keywords and see what ray ban 3190 happens. Thank you. Gettum typed in a few words: LONDON, KNIGHT, POPE As she clicked the SEARCH button, she could feel the hum of the massive mainframe downstairs scanning data at a rate of 500 MBsec. Im asking the system to show us any documents whose complete text contains all three of these key ray ban 3190 words. Well get more hits than we want, but its a good place to start. The screen was already showing the first of the hits now. Painting the Pope. The Collected Portraits of Sir Joshua Reynolds. London University Press. Gettum shook her head. Obviously not what youre looking for. She