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Katryn, her mother ray ban new wayfarer green said. What will happen to your life if your father defects and you remain behind? What will happen to your friends? What will happen to you? They will use you to get him back, anything they have to do, Katusha . . . Time to leave, folks. Clark took both women by the arm. Page 384 But Katryn gestured at the bodyguard. But Katryn gestured at the bodyguard. The Major had divided his men into two groups. The smaller one was setting explosive charges on everything they could find. A light pole or a laser, it didnt matter to them. The large group had cut down most of the KGB troops whod tried to come here, and was arrayed around the control bunker. It wasnt actual ray ban new wayfarer green ly a bunker, but whoever had made the construction plans for the place had evidently thought that the control room

Langdon had hung enough NE PAS DERANGER signs on hotel room doors to catch the gist of the captains orders. Fache and Langdon were not to be disturbed under any circumstances. L ray ban new wayfarer green eaving the small congregation of agents behind, Fache led Langdon farther down the darkened hallway. Thirty yards ahead loomed the gateway to the Louvres most popular sectionla Grande Galeriea seemingly endless corridor that housed the Louvres most valuable Italian masterpieces. Langdon had already discerned that th ray ban new wayfarer green is was where Saunières body lay; the Grand Gallerys famous parquet floor had been unmistakable in the Polaroid. As they approached, Langdon saw the entrance was blocked by an enormous steel grate that looked like something used by medieval castles to keep out marauding armies. Containment security, Fache

the signal out on Place du Carrousel! Outside the bathroom window! And its not moving at all! Jesus, I think Langdon has just committed suicide! Fache heard the words, but they made no sense. He kept running. The hallway seemed neverending. As he sprinted past Saunières body, he set his sights on ray ban new wayfarer green the partitions at the far end of the Denon Wing. The alarm was getting louder ray ban new wayfarer green now. Wait! Collets voice blared again over the radio. Hes moving! My God, hes alive. Langdons moving! Fache kept running, cursing the length of the hallway with every step. Langdons moving faster! Collet was still yelling on the radio. Hes running down Carrousel. Wait... hes picking up speed. Hes moving too fast! Arriving at the partitions, Fache snaked his way through them, saw the rest room door, and ran for it. The

and chanted in reverence to something on the floor before them... something Sophie could not see. The chanting grew steady ag ray ban new wayfarer green ain. Accelerating. Thundering now. Faster. The participants took a step inward and knelt. In that instant, Sophie could finally see what they all were witnessing. Even as she staggered back in horror, she felt the image searing itself into her memory forever. Overtaken by nausea, Sophie spun, clutching at the stone walls as she clambered back up the stairs. Pulling the door closed, she fled the deserted house, and drove in a tearful stupor back to Paris. That night, with her life shattered by disillusionment and b ray ban new wayfarer green etrayal, she packed her belongings and left her home. On the dining room table, she left a note. I WAS THERE. DONT TRY TO FIND ME. Beside the note, she laid

to someone far away had no option but to write it down and then trust a messenger to carry the letter. Unfortunately, if a messenger suspected the letter might contain valuable information, he could make far more money selling the information to adversaries than he could delivering the letter properly. Many great minds in history had invented cryptologic solutions to the challenge of data protection: Julius Caesar ray ban new wayfarer green devised a code-writing scheme called the Caesar Box; Mary, Q ray ban new wayfarer green ueen of Scots created a transposition cipher and sent secret communiqués from prison; and the brilliant Arab scientist Abu Yusuf Ismail al-Kindi protected his secrets with an ingeniously conceived polyalphabetic substitution cipher. Da Vinci, however, eschewed mathematics and cryptology for a mechanical solution. The

Descendants of Jesus who survived into modern times. Her grandfathers voice again was whispering in her ear. Prince ray ban new wayfarer green ss, I must tell you the truth about your family. A chill raked her flesh. Royal blood. She could not imagine. Princess Sophie. Sir Leigh? The manservants words crackled through the intercom on the wall, and Sophie jumped. If you could join me in the kitchen a moment? Teabing scowled at the ill-timed intrusion. He went over to the intercom and pressed the button. Rémy, as you know, I am busy with my guests. If we need anything else from the kitchen tonight, we will help ourselves. Thank you and good night. A word with you before I retire, sir. If you would. Teabing grunted and pressed the button. Make it quick, Rémy. It is a household matter, sir, hardly fare fo ray ban new wayfarer green r guests to

nodded and began writing again. Okay, here is the proper spelling of Baphomet in Hebrew letters. Ill sketch in the mis ray ban new wayfarer green sing vowels for claritys sake. B a P V o M e Th Remember, of course, he added, that Hebrew is normally written in the opposite direction, but we can just as easily use Atbash this way. Next, all we have to do is create our substitution scheme by rewriting the entire alphabet in reverse order opposite the original alphabet. Theres an easier way, Sophie said, taking the pen from Teabing. It works for all reflectional substitution ciphers, including the Atbash. A little trick I learned at the Royal Holloway. Sophie wrote the first half of the alphabet from left to right, and then, beneath it, wrote the second half, right to left. Cryptanaly ray ban new wayfarer green sts call it the fold-over. Half as

refine the parameters further, Gettum said, stopping the search. Is this all the information you have regarding the tomb? Theres nothing else to go on? Langdon glanced at Sophie Ne ray ban new wayfarer green veu, looking uncertain. This is no scavenger hunt, Gettum sensed. She had heard the whisperings of Robert Langdons experience in Rome last year. This American had been granted access to the most secure library on earththe Vatican Secret Archives. She wondered what kinds of secrets Langdon might have learned inside and if his current desperate hunt for a mysterious London tomb might relate to information he had gained within the Vatican. Gettum had been a librarian long enough to know the most common reason people came to London t ray ban new wayfarer green o look for knights. The Grail. Gettum smiled and adjusted her glasses. You are