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should have the same sort of protection as those at the Leninsk Cosmodrome, or maybe hed thought that the mountain might someday be subjected to a nuclear airburst attack. Most li ray ban colored lens aviators kely was that someone had decided the manual prescribed this sort of structure for this sort of place. What had resulted was a building with reinforced-concrete walls fully a meter thick. His men had killed the KGB commander and taken his vehicle, with the heavy machine gun, and were pouring fire into the vision slits cut in the structure. In fact, ray ban colored lens aviators no one used them for looking, and their rounds had long since pounded through the thick glass and were chewing into the rooms computers and control gear. Inside, General Pokryshkin had taken command by default. He had thirty or so KGB troops, armed only with light

said, as they neared the grate. Even in the darkness, the barricade looked like it could have restrained a tank. Arriving outside, Langdon peered through the bars into the dimly lit caverns of the Grand Gallery. After you, Mr. Langdon, Fache said. Langdon turned. After me, where? Fache motioned towar ray ban colored lens aviators d the floor at the base of the grate. Langdon looked down. In the darkness, he hadnt noticed. The barricade was raised about two feet, providing an awkward clearance underneath. This area is still off limits to Louvre security, Fache said. My team from Police Technique et Scientifique has just finished their investigation ray ban colored lens aviators . He motioned to the opening. Please slide under. Langdon stared at the narrow crawl space at his feet and then up at the massive iron grate. Hes kidding, right? The barricade

walkie-talkie was barely audible now over the alarm. He must be in a car! I think hes in a car! I cant Collets words were swallowed by the alarm as Fache finally burst into the mens room with his gun drawn. Wincing against the piercing shrill, he scanned the area. The stalls were empty. The bathroom deserted. Faches eyes moved immediately to the shattered window at the far end of the room. He ran to the opening and looked over the edge. Langdon was nowhere to be seen. Fache could not imagine anyone risking a stunt like this. Certainly if he had dropped that far, he would be badly injured. The alarm cut off finally, and Collets voice became aud ray ban colored lens aviators ible again over the walkie-talkie. ...moving south... faster ray ban colored lens aviators ... crossing the Seine on Pont du Carrousel! Fache turned to his left. The only vehicle

the old spare key from the chateaus woodshed. Sophie! Langdons voice intruded. Stop! Stop! Emerging from the memory, Sophie slammed on the brakes, skidding to a halt. What? What happened?! Langdon pointed down the long street before them. When she saw it, Sophies blood went cold. A hundred yards ahead, the intersection was blocked by a couple of DCPJ police cars, parked askew, their purpose ray ban colored lens aviators obvious. Theyve sealed off Avenue Gabriel! Langdon gave a grim sigh. I take it the embassy is off-limits this evening? Down the street, the two DCPJ officers who stood beside their cars were now staring in their direction, apparently curious about the headlights that had halted so ab ray ban colored lens aviators ruptly up the street from them. Okay, Sophie, turn around very slowly. Putting the SmartCar in reverse, she performed a

cryptex. A portable container that could safeguard letters, maps, diagrams, anything at all. Once information was sealed inside the cryptex, only the individual with the proper password could access it. We require a password, Sophie said, pointing out the lettered dials. A cryptex works much like a bicycles combination lock. If you align the dials in the proper position, the lock slides open. This cryptex has five lettered d ray ban colored lens aviators ials. When you rotate them to their proper sequence, the tumblers inside align, and the entire cylinder slides apart. And inside? Once the cylinder slides apart, you have access to a hollow central compartment, which can hold a scro ray ban colored lens aviators ll of paper on which is the information you want to keep private. Langdon looked incredulous. And you say your grandfather built these for

endure. Teabing looked incredulous. And it cannot wait until morning? No, sir. My q ray ban colored lens aviators uestion wont take a minute. Teabing rolled his eyes and looked at Langdon and Sophie. Sometimes I wonder who is serving whom? He pressed the button again. Ill be right there, Rémy. Can I bring you anything when I come? Only freedom from oppression, sir. Rémy, you realize your steak au poivre is the only reason you still work for me. So you tell me, sir. So you tell me. CHAPTER 61 Princess Sophie. Sophie felt hollow as she listened to the clicking of Teabings crutches fade down the hallway. Numb, she turned and faced Langdon in the deserted ballroom. He was already shaking his head as if reading her mind. ray ban colored lens aviators No, Sophie, he whispered, his eyes reassuring. The same thought crossed my mind when I realized your

complicated. Twice as clean. A B G D H V Z Ch T Y K Th Sh R Q Tz P O S N M L Teabing eyed her handiwork and chuckled. Right you are. Glad to see those boys at the Holloway are doing their job. Looking at Sophies substitution matrix, Langdon felt a rising thrill that he imagined must have rivaled the thrill felt by early scholars ray ban colored lens aviators when they first used the Atbash Cipher to decrypt the now famous Mystery of Sheshach. For years, religious scholars had been baffled by biblical references to a city called Sheshach. The city did not appear on any map nor in any other documents, and yet it was mentioned repeatedly in the Book of Jeremiahthe king of Sheshach, the city of Sheshach, the people of Sheshach. Finally, a scholar applied the Atbas ray ban colored lens aviators h Cipher to the word, and his results were mind-numbing. The

friends with Leigh Teabing, you are in England, and you are looking for a knight. She folded her hands. I can only assume ray ban colored lens aviators you are on a Grail quest. Langdon and Sophie exchanged startled looks. Gettum laughed. My friends, this library is a base camp for Grail seekers. Leigh Teabing among them. I wish I had a shilling for eve ray ban colored lens aviators ry time Id run searches for the Rose, Mary Magdalene, Sangreal, Merovingian, Priory of Sion, et cetera, et cetera. Everyone loves a conspiracy. She took off her glasses and eyed them. I need more information. In the silence, Gettum sensed her guests desire for discretion was quickly being outweighed by their eagerness for a fast result. Here, Sophie Neveu blurted. This is everything we know. Borrowing a pen from Langdon, she wrote two more lines on the slip of paper and