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weapons and what little ammunition the mens ray ban clubmaster yd been carrying when the attack had begun. A lieutenant was handling the defense as best he could, while the General was trying to get help by radio. It will take an hour, a regimental com mens ray ban clubmaster mander was saying. My men are moving out right now! Fast as you can! Pokryshkin said. People are dying here. Hed already thought of helicopters, but in this weather theyd accomplish nothing at all. A helicopter assault would not even have been a gamble, just suicide. He set down the radio and picked up his service automatic. He could hear the noise from the outside. All the sites equipment was being blown up. He could live with that now. As great a catastrophe as that was, the people mattered more. Nearly a third of his engineers were in the bunker. Theyd been

looked like a guillotine waiting to crush intruders. Fache grumbled something in French and checked his watch. Then he dropped to his knees and slithered his bulky frame underneath the grate. On the other side, he stood up and looked back through the bars at Langdon. Langdon sighed. Placing his palms flat on the polished parquet, he lay on his stomach and pulled himself forward. As he slid underneath, the nape of his Harris tweed snagged on the bottom of the grate, and he cracked the back of his head on the iron. Very suave, Robert, he thought, fumbling and then finally pulling himse mens ray ban clubmaster lf through. As he stood up, Langdon was beginning to suspect it was going to be a very long night. CHAPTER 5 Murray Hill Placethe mens ray ban clubmaster new Opus Dei World Headquarters and conference centeris located at 243 Lexington

on Pont du Carrousel was an enormous twin-bed Trailor delivery truck moving southward away from the Louvre. The trucks open-air bed was covered with a vinyl tarp, roughly resembling a giant hammock. Fache felt a shiver of apprehension. That truck, only moments ago, had probably been stopped at a red light directly beneath the rest room window. An insane risk, Fache told himself. Langdon had no way of knowing what the truck was carrying beneath that tarp. What mens ray ban clubmaster if the truck were carrying steel? Or cement? Or even garbage? A forty-foot leap? It was madness. The dot is turning! Collet called. Hes turning right on Pont des Saints-Peres! Sure enough, the Trailor truck that had cross mens ray ban clubmaster ed the bridge was slowing down and making a right turn onto Pont des Saints-Peres. So be it, Fache thought. Amazed,

composed three-point turn and reversed her direction. As she drove away, she heard the sound of squealing tires behind them. Sirens blared to life. Cursing, Sophie slammed down the accelerator. CHAPTER 33 Sophies SmartCar tore through the diplomatic quarter, weaving past embassies and consulates, finally racing out a side street and taking a right turn back onto mens ray ban clubmaster the massive thoroughfare of Champs-Elysées. Langdon sat white-knuckled in the passenger seat, twisted backward, scanning behind them for any mens ray ban clubmaster signs of the police. He suddenly wished he had not decided to run. You didnt, he reminded himself. Sophie had made the decision for him when she threw the GPS dot out the bathroom window. Now, as they sped away from the embassy, serpentining through sparse traffic on Champs-Elysées, Langdon

you when you were younger? S mens ray ban clubmaster ome smaller ones, yes. A couple times for my birthday, he gave me a cryptex and told me a riddle. The answer to the riddle was the password to the cryptex, and once I figured it out, I could open it up and find my birthday card. A lot of work for a card. No, the cards always contained another riddle or clue. My grandfather loved creating elaborate treasure hunts around our house, a string of clues that eventually led to my real gift. Each treasure hunt was a test of character and merit, to ensure I earned my rewards. And the tests were never simple. Langdon eyed the device again, still looking skeptical. But why not just pry it apart? Or smash it? The metal looks delicate, and marble is a soft rock. S mens ray ban clubmaster ophie smiled. Because Da Vinci is too smart for that. He

grandfather was in the Priory, and you said he wanted to tell you a secret about your family. But its impossible. Langdon paused. Saunière is not a Merovingian name. Sophie wasnt sure whether to feel relieved or disappointed. Earlier, Langdon had asked an unusual passing question about Sophies mothers maiden name. Chauvel. The question now made sense. And Chauvel? she asked, anxious. Again he shook his head. Im sorry. I know that would have answered some questions for you. Only two direct lines of Merovingians remain. Their family names are Plantard and Saint-Clair. Both families live in hiding, probably protected by the Priory. Sophie repeated the names silently in her mind and then shook her head. There was no one in her family named Plantard or mens ray ban clubmaster Saint-Clair. A we mens ray ban clubmaster ary undertow was pulling

cipher revealed that Sheshach was in fact a code word for another very well-known city. The decryption process was simple. Sheshach, in Hebrew, was spelled: Sh-Sh-K. Sh-Sh-K, when placed in the substitution matrix, became B-B-L. B-B-L, in Hebrew, spelled Babel. The mysterious city of Sheshach was revealed as the city of Babel, and a frenzy of biblical examination ensued. Within weeks, several more Atbash code words were uncovered in the Old Testament, unveiling myriad hidden meanings that scholars had no mens ray ban clubmaster idea were there. Were getting close, Langdon whispered, unable to control his excitement. Inches, Robert, Teabing said. He glanced over at Sophie and smiled. You ready? She nodded. Okay, Baphomet in Hebrew without the vowels reads: B-P-V-M-Th mens ray ban clubmaster . Now we simply apply your Atbash substitution

handed it to Gettum. You seek the orb that ought be on his tomb. It speaks of Rosy fles mens ray ban clubmaster h and seeded womb. Gettum gave an inward smile. The Grail indeed, she thought, noting the references to the Rose and her seeded womb. I can help you, she said, looking up from the slip of pa mens ray ban clubmaster per. Might I ask where this verse came from? And why you are seeking an orb? You might ask, Langdon said, with a friendly smile, but its a long story and we have very little time. Sounds like a polite way of saying mind your own business. We would be forever in your debt, Pamela, Langdon said, if you could find out who this knight is and where he is buried. Very well, Gettum said, typing again. Ill play along. If this is a Grail-related issue, we should cross-reference against Grail keywords. Ill add a proximity