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sidewalk, some in loud groups, some in quiet couples, many o ray ban aviator deals f them weaving ray ban aviator deals from too much drink. But it was a Friday night, and thats what people all over the world did on Friday night. He maintained visual contact with the three people who concerned him, and closed in. The bodyguard was a pro. He stayed on their right, keeping his gun hand free. He was ahead of them, but that didnt keep his head from scanning in all directions.Clarkadjusted the scarf on his neck, then reached in his pocket. The pistol was there as he increased his pace to catch up. It wasnt hard. The two women seemed to be in no hurry as they approached the corner. The older one seemed to be looking around at the city. The buildings looked old, but werent. The Second World War had swept through Talinn in two explosive

Langdon stopped short. Fache glanced over. I gather, Mr. Langdon, you have ray ban aviator deals never seen the Louvre after hours? I guess not, Langdon thought, trying to get his bearings. Usually impeccably illuminated, the Louvre galleries were startlingly dark tonight. Instead of the customary flat-white light flowing down from above, a muted red glow seemed to emanate upward from the baseboardsintermittent patches of red light spilling out onto the tile floors. As Langdon gazed down the murky corridor, he realized he should have anticipated this scene. Virtually all major galleries employed red service lighting at nightstrategically placed, low-level, noninvasive lights that enabled staff members to navigate hallways and yet kept the paintings in relative darkness to slow the fading ef ray ban aviator deals fects of overexposure

a dead body? Fache was silent a moment. I was not aware of this, and it seems neither was the director until a coworker informed him, but apparently Sophie Neveu i ray ban aviator deals s Jacques Saunières granddaughter. Collet was speechless. The director said she never once mentioned Saunière to him, and he assumed it was because she probably didnt want preferential treatment for having a famous grandfather. No wonder she was upset by t ray ban aviator deals he pictures. Collet could barely conceive of the unfortunate coincidence that called in a young woman to decipher a code written by a dead family member. Still, her actions made no sense. But she obviously recognized the numbers as Fibonacci numbers because she came here and told us. I dont understand why she would leave the office without telling anyone she had figured it out.

the kindling box. She ran to the front door and let herself in. As she stepped into the deserted foyer, the contr ray ban aviator deals ol panel for the security system started blinking reda warning that the entrant had ten s ray ban aviator deals econds to type the proper code before the security alarms went off. He has the alarm on during a party? Sophie quickly typed the code and deactivated the system. Entering, she found the entire house uninhabited. Upstairs too. As she descended again to the deserted living room, she stood a moment in the silence, wondering what could possibly be happening. It was then that Sophie heard it. Muffled voices. And they seemed to be coming from underneath her. Sophie could not imagine. Crouching, she put her ear to the floor and listened. Yes, the sound was definitely coming from below. The voices

could be rotated to spell different words. Amazing, isnt it? Sophie whispered. Langdon glanced up. I dont know. What the hell is it? Now there was a glint in Sophies eye. My grandfather used to craft these as a hobby. They were invented by Leonardo da Vinci. Even in the diffuse light, Sophie could see Langdons surprise. Da Vinci? he muttered, looking again at the ray ban aviator deals canister. Yes. Its called a cryptex. According to my grandfather, the blueprints come from one of Da Vincis secret diaries. What is it for? Considering tonights events, Sophie knew the answer might have some interesting implications. Its a vault, she said. For storing secret information. Langdons eyes widened further. Sophie explained ray ban aviator deals that creating models of Da Vincis inventions was one of her grandfathers bestloved hobbies. A

call it a search for the Holy Grail? Teabing eyed her, his expression softening. Because the hiding place of the Holy Grail inclu ray ban aviator deals des a sarcophagus. Outside, the wind howled in the trees. Teabing spoke more quietly now. The quest for the Holy Grail is literally the quest to kneel before the bones of Mary Magdalene. A journey to pray at the feet of the outcast one, the lost sacred feminine. Sophie felt an unexpected wonder. The hiding place of the Holy Grail is actually... a tomb? Teabings hazel eyes got misty. ray ban aviator deals It is. A tomb containing the body of Mary Magdalene and the documents that tell the true story of her life. At its heart, the quest for the Holy Grail has always been a quest for the Magdalenethe wronged Queen, entombed with proof of her familys rightful claim to power. Sophie waited

headstone references a literal stone head, Langd ray ban aviator deals on explained, savoring the familiar excitement of academic breakthrough. Not a grave marker. A stone head? Teabing demanded. Sophie looked equally confused. Leigh, Langdon said, turning, during the Inquisition, the Church accused the Knights Templar of all kinds of heresies, right? Correct. They fabricated all kinds of charges. Sodomy, urination on the cross, devil worship, quite a list. And on that list was the worship of false idols, right? Specifically, the Church accused the Templars of secretly performing rituals in which they prayed to a carved stone head... the pagan god Baphomet! Teabing blurted. My heavens, Robert, youre right! A headstone praised by Temp ray ban aviator deals lars! Langdon quickly explained to Sophie that Baphomet was a pagan fertility

aw the entire poem, identified the knights tomb, and knew what orb was missing, the inf ray ban aviator deals ormation was useless without the cryptex. Gettum sensed an urgency in the eyes of this famed American scholar, almost as if his finding this tomb quickly were a matter of critical importance. The green-eyed woman accompanying him also seemed anxious. Puzzled, Gettum put on her glasses and examined the paper they had just handed her. In London lies a knight a Pope interred. His labors fruit a Holy wrath incurred. She glanced at her guests. What is this? Some kind of Harvard scavenger hunt? Langdons laugh sounded forced. Yeah, something like that. Gettum paused, feeling she was not getting the whole story. Nonetheless, she felt intrigued and found herself ponde ray ban aviator deals ring the verse carefully. According to this