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ernational incident like you would not believe, Jack said calmly. The next conversations he heard were in Russian. He couldnt understand what they were saying, but the emotional content was clear enough. They didnt know what to do. That suited Ryan just fine. Clarkwas walking along a street three blocks from the water ray ban aviators rb3025 front when he saw them. It was eleven forty-five. They were right on time, thank God. This part of the city had restaurants and, though he scarcely believed it, some discos. They were walking out of one when he spotted them. Two women, dressed as hed been told to expect, with a male companion. The bodyguard. Only one, also as per orders. It was an agreeable surprise that so far everything had gone according to plan. Clark ray ban aviators rb3025 counted another dozen or so other people on the

crucifix with thirteen embedded pieces of black onyx. Langdon found it vaguely surprising. The symbol was known as a crux gemmataa cross bearing thirteen gemsa Christian ideogram for Christ and His twelve apostles. Somehow Langdon had not expected the captain of the French police to broadcast his religion so openly. Then again, this was France; Christianity was not a religion here so much as a birthright. Its a crux gemmata Fache said suddenly. Startled, Langdon glanced up to find Faches eyes on him in the reflection. The e ray ban aviators rb3025 levator jolted to a stop, and the doors ope ray ban aviators rb3025 ned. Langdon stepped quickly out into the hallway, eager for the wide-open space afforded by the famous high ceilings of the Louvre galleries. The world into which he stepped, however, was nothing like he expected. Surprised,

failed, and Fache was pacing like a caged lion. Why did Crypto call? Collet now ventured. Fache turned. To tell us they found no references to Draconian devils and lame saints. Thats all? No, also to tell us that they had just identified the numerics as Fibon ray ban aviators rb3025 acci numbers, but they suspected the series was meaningless. Collet was confused. But they already sent Agent Neveu to tell us that. Fache shook his head. They didnt send Neveu. What? According to the director, at my orders he paged his entire team to look at the images Id wired him. When Agent Neveu arrived, ray ban aviators rb3025 she took one look at the photos of Saunière and the code and left the office without a word. The director said he didnt question her behavior because she was understandably upset by the photos. Upset? Shes never seen a picture of

influential people were in att ray ban aviators rb3025 endance. Eager to surprise him, she hurried to the front door. When she got there, though, she found it locked. She knocked. Nobody answered. Puzzled, she walked around and tried the back door. It too was locked. No answer. Confused, she stood a moment and listened. The only sound she heard was the cool Normandy air letting out a low moan as it swirled through the valley. No music. No voices. Nothing. In the silence of the woods, ray ban aviators rb3025 Sophie hurried to the side of the house and clambered up on a woodpile, pressing her face to the living room window. What she saw inside made no sense at all. Nobodys here! The entire first floor looked deserted. Where are all the people? Heart racing, Sophie ran to the woodshed and got the spare key her grandfather kept hidden under

stone, however, the cylinder appeared to have been assembled ray ban aviators rb3025 in many pieces. Six doughnut-sized disks of marble had been stacked and affixed to one another within a delicate brass framework. It looked like some kind of tubular, multiwheeled kaleidoscope. Each end of the cylinder was affixed with an end cap, also marble, making it impossible to see inside. Having heard liquid within, Langdon assumed the cylinder was hollow. As mystifying as the construction of the cylinder was, however, it was the engravings around the tubes circumference that drew Langdons primary focus. Each of the six disks had been carefully carved with the same unlikely series of lettersthe entire alphabet. The l ray ban aviators rb3025 ettered cylinder reminded Langdon of one of his childhood toysa rod threaded with lettered tumblers that

book ray ban aviators rb3025 of Jesus teachings, possibly written in His own hand. Writings by Christ Himself? Of course, Teabing said. Why wouldnt Jesus have kept a chronicle of His ministry? Most people did in those days. Another explosive document believed to be in the treasure is a manuscript called The Magdalene DiariesMary Magdalenes personal account of her relationship w ray ban aviators rb3025 ith Christ, His crucifixion, and her time in France. Sophie was silent for a long moment. And these four chests of documents were the treasure that the Knights Templar found under Solomons Temple? Exactly. The documents that made the Knights so powerful. The documents that have been the object of countless Grail quests throughout history. But you said the Holy Grail was Mary Magdalene. If people are searching for documents, why would you

watched the transformation, he saw a shimmering ocean stretch out beneath them. The English Channel. It wouldnt be long now. Langdon willed the light of day to bring with it a second kind of illumination, but the lighter it became outside, the further he felt from the truth. He heard the rhythms of iambic pentameter and chanting, Hieros Gamos and sacred rites, resonating with the rumble of the jet. A headstone praised by Tem ray ban aviators rb3025 plars. The plane was over land again ray ban aviators rb3025 when a flash of enlightenment struck him. Langdon set down his empty can of Coke hard. You wont believe this, he said, turning to the others. The Templar headstoneI figured it out. Teabings eyes turned to saucers. You know where the headstone is? Langdon smiled. Not where it is. What it is. Sophie leaned in to hear. I think the

sign in, I cant imagine anyone being too upset. ray ban aviators rb3025 What did you have in mind? Were trying to find a tomb in London. Gettum looked dubious. Weve got about twenty thousand of them. Can you be a little more specific? Its the tomb of a knight. We dont have a name. A knight. That tightens the net substantially. Much less common. We dont have much information about the knight were looking for, Sophie said, but this is what we know. She produced a slip of paper on which she had written only the first two lines of the poem. Hesitant to show the entire poem to an outsider, Langdon and Sophie had decided to share just the first two lines, those that identified the knight. Compartmentalized cryptography, Sophie had called it. When an intelligence agency inter ray ban aviators rb3025 cepted a code containing sensitive data,