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running figures appeared as though by magic. One moment the scene was empty of anything but falling snow-the next, there was a line of men firing Kalashnikov rifles from the hip. He let them get to within fifty meters. Fire! He saw ten o ray ban 5187 f them go down in an instant. The rest wavered and stopped, then fell back, leaving two more bodies behind. There was more firing from the opposite side of the building. Bondarenko wondered if the sergeant had held, ray ban 5187 but that was not in his hands. Some nearby screams told him that his men had taken casualties, too. On checking the line he found that one had made no noise at all. He was down to fifteen men. The climb-out was routine enough. Colonel von Eich thought. A few feet behind him, the Russian in the jump seat was giving the electrical panel an

rattles used in ancient Egypt to dispel evil spirits, and an astonishing array of statues depicting Horus being nursed by the goddess Isis. Perhaps Jacques Saunière knew of your manuscri ray ban 5187 pt? Fache offered. And he called the meeting to offer his help on your book. Langdon shook his head. Actually, nobody yet knows about my manuscript. Its still in draft form, and I havent shown it to anyone except my editor. Fache fell silent. Langdon did not add the reason he hadnt yet shown the manuscript to anyone else. The threehundred-p ray ban 5187 age drafttentatively titled Symbols of the Lost Sacred Feminineproposed some very unconventional interpretations of established religious iconography which would certainly be controversial. Now, as Langdon approached the stationary escalators, he paused, realizing Fache

looked not even vaguely convinced. Forget it! Fache has armed guards on every single exit! Even if we escape without being shot, running away only makes me look guilty. You need to tell Fache that the message on the floor was for you, and that my name is not there as an accusation. I will do that, Sophie said, speaking hurriedly, but after ray ban 5187 youre safely inside the U.S. Embassy. Its only about a mile from here, and my car is parked just outside the museum. Dealing with Fache from here is too much of a gamble. Dont you see? Fache has made it his mission tonig ray ban 5187 ht to prove you are guilty. The only reason he postponed your arrest was to run this observance in hopes you did something that made his case stronger. Exactly. Like running! The cell phone in Sophies sweater pocket suddenly began ringing.

keys embossed seal without ever seeing it. The cruciform on top implied the key belonged to some kind of Christian organization, and yet Sophie kn ray ban 5187 ew of no churches that used laser-tooled varying matrix keys. Besides, my grandfather was no Christian.... Sophie had witnessed proof of that ten years ago. Ironically, it had been another keya far more normal onethat had revealed his true nature to her. The afternoon had been warm when she landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport and hailed a taxi home. Grand-père will be so surprised to see me, she thought. Returning from graduate school in Britain for spring break a few days early, Sophie couldnt wait to see him and tell him all about the encryption methods she was studying. When she arrived at their Pa ray ban 5187 ris home, however, her grandfather was not

truthfully told the man how he had been tricked. You lose your faith too quickly, the Teacher replied. I have just received news. Most unexpected and welcome. The secret ray ban 5187 lives. Jacques Saunière transferred information before he died. I will call you soon. Our work tonight is not yet done. CHAPTER 47 Riding inside the dimly lit cargo hold of the armored truck was like being transported inside a cell for solitary confinement. Langdon fought the all too familiar anxiety ray ban 5187 that haunted him in confined spaces. Vernet said he would take us a safe distance out of the city. Where? How far? Langdons legs had gotten stiff from sitting cross-legged on the metal floor, and he shifted his position, wincing to feel the blood pouring back into his lower body. In his arms, he still clutched the bizarre

she had no choice but to flee the Holy Land. With the help of Jesus trusted uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, Mary Magdalene secretly traveled to France, then known as Gaul. There she found safe refuge in the Jewish community. It was here in France that she gave birth to a daughter. Her name was Sarah. Sophie glanced up. They actually know the ray ban 5187 childs name? Far more than that. Magdalenes and Sarahs lives were scrutinously ray ban 5187 chronicled by their Jewish protectors. Remember that Magdalenes child belonged to the lineage of Jewish kingsDavid and Solomon. For this reason, the Jews in France considered Magdalene sacred royalty and revered her as the progenitor of the royal line of kings. Countless scholars of that era chronicled Mary Magdalenes days in France, including the birth of Sarah and the

pilot shrugged, turning and focusing back out the windshield. Aringarosa felt a deepening sadness. He looked at the ring. Everything it represented was about to be lost to the bishop anyway. After a long moment, he slid the ring from his finger and placed it gently on the instrument panel. Aringarosa slunk out of the cockpit and sat back down. Fifteen seconds later, he could feel the pilot banking a few more degrees to the north. Even so, Aringarosas moment ray ban 5187 of glory was in shambles. It had all begun as a holy cause. A brilliantly crafted scheme. Now, like a house of cards, it was collapsing i ray ban 5187 n on itself... and the end was nowhere in sight. CHAPTER 76 Langdon could see Sophie was still shaken from recounting her experience of Hieros Gamos. For his part, Langdon was amazed to have heard it.

religious research libraries in the world. Lan ray ban 5187 gdon still felt shaky as he and Sophie came in from the rain and entered the library. The primary research room was as Teabing had described ita dramatic octagonal chamber dominated by an enormous round table a ray ban 5187 round which King Arthur and his knights might have been comfortable were it not for the presence of twelve flat-screen computer workstations. On the far side of the room, a reference librarian was just pouring a pot of tea and settling in for her day of work. Lovely morning, she said in a cheerful British accent, leaving the tea and walking over. May I help you? Thank you, yes, Langdon replied. My name is Robert Langdon. She gave a pleasant smile. I know who you are. For an instant, he feared Fache had put him on English television as