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blades. The needles on several indicator dials started moving and were soon in normal idling range. The generator truck withdrew now that the plane could supply its own electric power. Turning four, the pilot said next. He toggled his microphone to the cabin setting. Ladies and ray ban scratch repair gentlemen, this is Colonel von Eich. Were getting the engines started, and we should be moving in about five minutes. Ple ray ban scratch repair ase buckle your seat belts. Those of you who smoke, try to hang in there another few minutes. At his seat in the back row, Ryan would have killed for a smoke. The crew chief glanced over to him and smiled. He certainly seemed tough enough to handle it, Jack thought. The chief master sergeant looked to be pushing fifty, but he also looked like a man who could teach manners to an NFL linebacker. He

enemies of God had been committed for centuries. Forgiveness was assured. Even so, Silas knew, absolution required sacrifice. Pulling his shades, he stripped na ray ban scratch repair ked and knelt in the center ray ban scratch repair of his room. Looking down, he examined the spiked cilice belt clamped around his thigh. All true followers of The Way wore this devicea leather strap, studded with sharp metal barbs that cut into the flesh as a perpetual reminder of Christs suffering. The pain caused by the device also helped counteract the desires of the flesh. Although Silas already had worn his cilice today longer than the requisite two hours, he knew today was no ordinary day. Grasping the buckle, he cinched it one notch tighter, wincing as the barbs dug deeper into his flesh. Exhaling slowly, he savored the cleansing ritual of his

figure out what Sauniè ray ban scratch repair res message was trying to say. This is a photo of the complete message. She handed the page to Langdon. Bewildered, Langdon looked at the image. The close-up photo revealed the glowing message on the parquet floor. The final line hit Langdon like a kick in the gut. 13-3-2-21-1 ray ban scratch repair -1-8-5 O, Draconian devil! Oh, lame saint! P.S. Find Robert Langdon CHAPTER 13 For several seconds, Langdon stared in wonder at the photograph of Saunières postscript. P.S. Find Robert Langdon. He felt as if the floor were tilting beneath his feet. Saunière left a postscript with my name on it? In his wildest dreams, Langdon could not fathom why. Now do you understand, Sophie said, her eyes urgent, why Fache ordered you here tonight, and why you are his primary suspect? The only thing Langdon

found the Book of Job. He located chapter thirty-eight. As he ran his finger down the column of text, he anticipated the words he was about to read. They will lead the way! Finding verse number eleven, Silas read the text. It was only seven words. Confused, he read it again, sensing something had gone terribly wrong. The verse simply read: HITHERTO SHALT THOU COME, BUT NO FURTHER. CHAPTER 30 Security warden Claude Grouard simmered with rage as he stood over his prostrate captive in front of the Mona Lisa. This bastard killed Jacques Saunière! Saun ray ban scratch repair ière had been ray ban scratch repair like a well-loved father to Grouard and his security team. Grouard wanted nothing more than to pull the trigger and bury a bullet in Robert Langdons back. As senior warden, Grouard was one of the few guards who actually carried a

shortly. My watchman felt obliged to call Interpol. Sophie had feared as much. She took one last shot. My grandfather said he needed to tell me the truth about my family. Does that mean anything to you? Mademoiselle, your family died in a car accident when you were young. Im sorry. I know your grandfather loved you very much. He mentioned to me several times how much it pained him that you two had fallen out of touch. Sophie was uncertain how to respond. Langdon asked, Do th ray ban scratch repair e contents of this account have anything to do with the Sangreal? Vernet gave him an odd look. I have no idea what ray ban scratch repair that is. Just then, Vernets cell phone rang, and he snatched it off his belt. Oui? He listened a moment, his expression one of surprise and growing concern. La police? Si rapidement? He cursed, gave some

clothed as mirror images of one another. Teabing pointed to the two individuals in the center of the fresco. Sophie was mesmerized. Sure enough, their clothes were i ray ban scratch repair nverse colors. Jesus wore a red robe and blue cloak; Mary Magdalene wore a blue robe and red cloak. Yin and yang. Venturing into the more bizarre, Teabing said, note that Jesus and His bride appear to be joine ray ban scratch repair d at the hip and are leaning away from one another as if to create this clearly delineated negative space between them. Even before Teabing traced the contour for her, Sophie saw itthe indisputable V shape at the focal point of the painting. It was the same symbol Langdon had drawn earlier for the Grail, the chalice, and the female womb. Finally, Teabing said, if you view Jesus and Magdalene as compositional elements

iambic pentameter had been a preferred poetic meter of outspoken literati across the globe, from the ancient Greek writer Archilochus to Shakespeare, Milton, Chaucer, and Voltairebold souls who chose to write their social commentaries in a meter that many of the day believed had mystical properties. The r ray ban scratch repair oots of iambic pentameter were deeply pagan. Iambs. Two syllables with opposite emphasis. ray ban scratch repair Stressed and unstressed. Yin yang. A balanced pair. Arranged in strings of five. Pentameter. Five for the pentacle of Venus and the sacred feminine. Its pentameter! Teabing blurted, turning to Langdon. And the verse is in English! La lingua pura! Langdon nodded. The Priory, like many European secret societies at odds with the Church, had considered English the only European pure language for centuries.

they entered the musty, cavernous space, the agent motioned toward the center of the room, where a wooden ladder now ascended high into the rafters, propped against the ledge of a hayloft suspended high above them. That ladder wasnt there earlier, Collet said. No, sir. I set that up. We were dusting for prints near the Rolls when I saw the ladder lying on the floor. I wouldnt have given it a second thought except the rungs were worn and muddy. This ladder gets regular use. The height of the hayloft matched the ladder, so I raised it and climbed up to have a look. Collets eyes climbed the ladders steep in ray ban scratch repair cline to the soaring hayloft. Someone ray ban scratch repair goes up there regularly? From down here, the loft appeared to be a deserted platform, and yet admittedly most of it was invisible from this line of