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same problem Filitov had. His left knee was already stiff, and when he tried to climb up on his sprained ankle, his right leg simply refused to work. He swore loudly enough to be heard over ray ban returns the sound of the engines and tried to do it hand over hand, but he lost his grip and fell to the pavement. Stoi , stoi ! somebody with a gun shouted from ten feet away. Jack looked up at the aircraft door. Page 377 Go! he screamed. Close the fucking door and go! Go! he screamed. Close the fucking door and go! Tower, this is niner-seven-one, rolling now. Out. The pilot advanced the throttles to takeoff power. The force of the engine blast hurled all four menthe rifleman had just arrived at the scene, tooright off the end of the icy runway. Jack watched from flat on his belly as t ray ban returns he blinking red light

old train stationnow the esteemed Musée dOrsay. Glancing left, he could make out the top of the ultramodern Pompidou Center, which housed the Museum of Modern Art. Behind him to the west, Langdon knew the ancient obelisk of Ramses rose above the trees, marking the Musée du Jeu de Paume. But it was straight ah ray ban returns ead, to the east, through the archway, that Langdon could now see the monolithic Renaissance palace that had become the most famous ar ray ban returns t museum in the world. Musée du Louvre. Langdon felt a familiar tinge of wonder as his eyes made a futile attempt to absorb the entire mass of the edifice. Across a staggeringly expansive plaza, the imposing facade of the Louvre rose like a citadel against the Paris sky. Shaped like an enormous horseshoe, the Louvre was the longest building in Europe,

who wears only the ray ban returns finest shirts. Tonight, there was still plenty of time. Sophie Neveus odd interruption, though unfortunate, had been only a minor wrinkle. Sh ray ban returns e was gone now, and Fache still had cards to play. He had yet to inform Langdon that his name had been scrawled on the floor by the victim. P.S. Find Robert Langdon. The Americans reaction to that little bit of evidence would be telling indeed. Captain? one of the DCPJ agents now called from across the office. I think you better take this call. He was holding out a telephone receiver, looking concerned. Who is it? Fache said. The agent frowned. Its the director of our Cryptology Department. And? Its about Sophie Neveu, sir. Something is not quite right. CHAPTER 15 It was time. Silas felt strong as he stepped from the black Audi, the

in th ray ban returns e walls made it virtually impossible to get a carrier unless you stepped out into the hall. The guard was backing quickly toward th ray ban returns e exit now, and Sophie knew she had to act immediately. Gazing up at the large painting behind which she was partially ensconced, Sophie realized that Leonardo da Vinci, for the second time tonight, was there to help. Another few meters, Grouard told himself, keeping his gun leveled. Arrêtez! Ou je la détruis! the womans voice echoed across the room. Grouard glanced over and stopped in his tracks. Mon dieu, non! Through the reddish haze, he could see that the woman had actually lifted the large painting off its cables and propped it on the floor in front of her. At five feet tall, the canvas almost entirely hid her body. Grouards first thought was to

Gently now, the retrieval arm set down the crate and retracted. Once the arm was clear, the conveyor belt whirred to life. ray ban returns ... Upstairs, Sophie and Langdon exhaled in relief to see the conveyor belt move. Standing beside the belt, they felt like weary travelers at baggage claim awaiting a mysterious piece of luggage whose contents were unknown. The conveyor belt entered the room on their right through a narrow slit beneath a retractable door. The metal door slid up, and a huge plastic box appeared, emerging from the depths on the inclined conveyor belt. The box was black, h ray ban returns eavy molded plastic, and far larger than she imagined. It looked like an air-freight pet transport crate without any airholes. The box coasted to a stop directly in front of them. Langdon and Sophie stood there, silent,

expresses his discontent over playing second fiddle to a woma ray ban returns n. I daresay Peter was something of a sexist. Sophie was trying to keep up. This is Saint Peter. The rock on which Jesus built His Church. The same, except for one catch. According to these unaltered gospels, it was not Peter to whom Christ gave directions with which to establish the Christian Church. It was Mary Magdalene. Sophie looked at him. Youre saying the Christian Church was to be carried on by a woman? That was the plan. Jesus was the original ray ban returns feminist. He intended for the future of His Church to be in the hands of Mary Magdalene. And Peter had a problem with that, Langdon said, pointing to The Last Supper. Thats Peter there. You can see that Da Vinci was well aware of how Peter felt about Mary Magdalene. Again, Sophie

and Mary Magdalene isnt ray ban returns enough? Langdon felt uncertain how to proceed. The rift between you. The reason you havent spoken to him in ten years. I think maybe he was hoping I could somehow make that right by explaining what drove you apart. Sophie squirmed in her seat. I havent told you what drove us apart. Langdon eyed her carefully. You witnessed a sex rite. Didnt you? Sophie recoiled. How do you know that? Sophie, you told me you witnessed something that convinced you your grandfather was in a secret society. And whatever you saw upset you enough that you ray ban returns havent spoken to him since. I know a fair amount about secret societies. It doesnt take the brains of Da Vinci to guess what you saw. Sophie stared. Was it in the spring? Langdon asked. Sometime around the equinox? Mid-March? Sophie

stretch limos there could be in London. Sophies connection to the detective seemed to be taking forever. Come on! She could hear the line cli ray ban returns cking and buzzing, as if she was being transferred. Fifteen seconds passed. Finally a man came on the line. Agent Neveu? Stunned, Sophie registered the gruff tone immediately. Agent Neveu, Bezu Fache demanded. Where the hell are you? Sophie was speechless. Captain Fache had apparently requested the London police dispatcher alert him if Sophie called in. Listen, Fache said, speaking to her in terse French. I made a terrible mistake tonight. Robert Langdon is innocent. All charges against him have been dropped. Even so, both of you are in danger. You need to come in. S ray ban returns ophies jaw fell slack. She had no idea how to respond. Fache was not a man who