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was wearing leather work gloves with the adjustment straps pulled in tight. ray ban sunglasses matte black All ready? Jack aske ray ban sunglasses matte black d. There was no danger of being heard. The engine noise was hideous back here. Whenever you say, sir. Page 374 Youll know when. Youll know when. Should I make a call? the driver asked. No hurry. What A uniformed guard waved for them to stop. Theyd already come through one checkpoint. Oh, thats right. The Americans are getting ready to leave. That must be screwing things up. The guard came to the drivers window and asked for passes. The driver just waved to the back. Good evening, Corporal, Gerasimov said. He held up his identification card. The youngster snapped to attention. A plane will be here in a few minutes for me. The Americans must be holding things up. Is the security force out? Yes,

pain. Pain is good, Silas whispered, repeating the sacred mantra of Father Josemaría Escriváthe Teacher of all Teachers. Although Escrivá had died in 1975, his wisdom lived on, his words still whispered by thousands of faithful servants around the globe as they knelt on the floor and performed the sacred practice known as corporal mortification. Silas turned his attention now to a heavy knotted rope coiled neatly ray ban sunglasses matte black on the floor beside him. The Discipline. The knots were caked with dried blood. Eager for the p ray ban sunglasses matte black urifying effects of his own agony, Silas said a quick prayer. Then, gripping one end of the rope, he closed his eyes and swung it hard over his shoulder, feeling the knots slap against his back. He whipped it over his shoulder again, slashing at his flesh. Again and again, he lashed.

understood at the moment was why Fache had looked so smug when Langdon suggested Saunière would have accused his killer by name. Find Robert Langdon. Why would Saunière write this? Langdon demanded, his confusion now giving way to anger. Why would I want to kill Jacques Saunière? Fache has yet to uncover a motive, but he has been recording his entire conversation with you tonight in hopes you might reveal one ray ban sunglasses matte black . Langdon opened his mouth, but still no words came. Hes fitted with a miniature microphone, Sophie explained. Its connected to a transmitter in his pocket that radios the signal back to the command post. This is impossible, Langdon stammered. I have an alibi. I went directly back to my hotel after my lecture. ray ban sunglasses matte black You can ask the hotel desk. Fache already did. His report shows you

loaded weapon. He reminded himself, however, that killing Langdon would be a generous fate compared to the misery about to be communicated by Bezu Fache and the French prison system. Grouard yanked his walkie-talkie off his belt and attempted to radio for backup. All he heard was static. The additional electronic security in this chamber always wrought havoc with the guards communications. I have to move to the doorway. Still aiming his weapon at Langdon, Grouard began backing slowly toward the entrance. On his third step, he spied something that made him stop short. What the hell is that! An inexplicable mirage was materializing near the center of t ray ban sunglasses matte black he room. A silhouette. There was someone else in the room? A woman was moving through the darkness, ray ban sunglasses matte black walking briskly toward the far left wall.

quick directions in French, and said he would be up to the lobby in a minute. Hanging up the phone, he turned back to Sophie. The police have responded far more quickly than usual. They are arriving as we speak. Sophie had no intention of leaving empty-handed. Tell them we came and went already. If they want to search the bank, demand a search warrant. That will take them time. Listen, ray ban sunglasses matte black Vernet said, Jacques was a friend, and my bank does not need this kind of press, so for th ray ban sunglasses matte black ose two reasons, I have no intention of allowing this arrest to be made on my premises. Give me a minute and I will see what I can do to help you leave the bank undetected. Beyond that, I cannot get involved. He stood up and hurried for the door. Stay here. Ill make arrangements and be right back. But the safe-deposit

rather than as people, you will see another obvious shape leap out at you. He paused. A letter of the alphabet. Sophie saw it at once. To say the letter leapt out at her was an understatement. The letter was suddenly all Sophie could see. Glaring in the center of the painting was the unquestionable outline of an enormous, flawlessly formed letter M. A bit too perfect for coincidence, wouldnt you say? Teabing asked. Sophie was amaz ray ban sunglasses matte black ed. Why is it there? Teabing shrugged. Conspiracy theorists will tell you it stands for Matrimonio or Mary Magdalene. To be honest, nobody is certain. The only certainty is that the hidden M is no mistake. Countless Grail-related works contain the hidden letter Mwhether as watermarks, underpaintings, or compositional allusions. ray ban sunglasses matte black The most blatant M, of course, is

Unlike French, Spanish, and Italian, which were rooted in Latinthe tongue of the VaticanEnglish was linguistically removed from Romes propaganda machine, and therefore became a sacred, secret tongue for those brotherhoods educated enough to learn it. This poem, Teabing gushed, references not only the Grail, but the Knights Templar and the scattered family of Mary Magdalene! What more could we ask for? The password, Sophi ray ban sunglasses matte black e said, looking again at the poem. It sounds like we need some kind of ancient word of wisdom? Abracadabra? Teabing ventured, his eyes twinkling. A word of five letters, Langdon thought, pondering the staggering num ray ban sunglasses matte black ber of ancient words that might be considered words of wisdomselections from mystic chants, astrological prophecies, secret society inductions, Wicca

sight. A senior PTS agent appeared at the top of the ladder, looking down. Youll definitely want to see this, Lieutenant, he said, waving Collet up with a latex-gloved hand. Nodding tiredly, Collet walked over to the base of the old ladder and grasped the bottom rungs. The ladder was an antique tapered design and narrowed as Collet ascended. As he neared the top, Collet almost lost his footing on a thin rung. The barn below him spun. Alert now, he moved on, finally reaching the top. ray ban sunglasses matte black The agent above him reached out, offering his wrist. Collet grabbed it and made the awkward transition onto the platform. Its over there, the PTS agent said, pointing deep into the immaculately clean loft. Only one se ray ban sunglasses matte black t of prints up here. Well have an ID shortly. Collet squinted through the dim light toward the