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Comrade Chairman! A full company. While were here, why dont we do a fast inspection? Who is your commander? Major Zarudin , Com What the hell is A lieutenant came over. He got as far as the corporal before he saw who was in the car. Lieutenant, where is Major Zarudin ? In the control tower, Comrade Chairman. That is the best place to Im sure. Get him ray ban blue frames on your radio and tell him that I am going to inspect the guard perimeter, then I will come to see him and tell him what I think. Drive on, he told the driver. Go right. SheremetyevoTower, this is niner-seven-one requesting permission to taxi to runway two-five-right, von Eich said into his microphone. Nine-seven-one, permission granted. Turn left onto main taxiway one. Wind is two-eight-one at forty kilometers. Roger, out, ray ban blue frames the pilot said.

Castigo corpus meum. Finally, he felt the blood begin to flow. CHAPTER 3 The crisp April air whipped through the open window of the Citro.n ZX as it skimmed south past the Opera House and crossed Place Vend.me. In the passenger seat, Robert Langdon felt the city tear past him as he tried to clear his thoughts. His quick shower and shave had left him looking reasonably presentable but had done little to ease ray ban blue frames his anxiety. The frightening image of the curators body remained locked in his mind. Jacques Saunière is dead. Langdon could not help but feel a deep sense of loss at the curators death. Despite Saunières reputation for being reclusive, his recognition for dedication to the arts made him an easy man to revere. His books on the secret codes hidden in the ray ban blue frames paintings of Poussin and

retrieving your room key from the concierge at about tenthirty. Unfortunately, the time of the murder was closer to eleven. You easily could have left your hotel room unseen. This is insanity! Fache has no evidence! Sophies eyes widened as if to say: No evidence? Mr. Langdon, your name is written on the floor beside the body, and Saunières date book says you were with him at approximately the time of the murder. She paused. Fache has more than enough evidence to take you into custody for questioning. Langdon sudde ray ban blue frames n ray ban blue frames ly sensed that he needed a lawyer. I didnt do this. Sophie sighed. This is not American television, Mr. Langdon. In France, the laws protect the police, not criminals. Unfortunately, in this case, there is also the media consideration. Jacques Saunière was a very prominent and

In front of her, a purplish beam of light swung back and forth across the floor, as if she were searching for something with a colored flashlight. Qui est là? Grouard ray ban blue frames demanded, feeling his adrenaline spike for a second time in the last thirty seconds. He suddenly didnt know where to aim his gun or what direction to move. PTS, the woman replied calmly, still scanning the floor with her light. Police Technique et Scientifique. Grouard was sweating now. I thought all the agents were gone! He now recognized the purple light as ultraviolet, consistent with a PTS team, and yet he could not understa ray ban blue frames nd why DCPJ would be looking for evidence in here. Votre nom! Grouard yelled, instinct telling him something was amiss. Répondez! Cest mot, the voice responded in calm French. Sophie Neveu. Somewhere

box, Sophie declared. We cant just leave. Theres nothing I can do, Vernet said, hurrying out the door. Im sorry. Sophie stared after him a moment, wondering if maybe the account number was buried in one of the countless letters and packages her grandfather had sent her over the years and whic ray ban blue frames h she had left unopened. Langdon stood suddenly, and Sophie sensed an unexpected glimmer of contentment in his eyes. Robert? Youre smiling. Your grandfather was a genius ray ban blue frames . Im sorry? Ten digits? Sophie had no idea what he was talking about. The account number, he said, a familiar lopsided grin now craning his face. Im pretty sure he left it for us after all. Where? Langdon produced the printout of the crime scene photo and spread it out on the coffee table. Sophie needed only to read the first line to

emblazoned on the altar at Our Lady of Paris in London, which was designed by a former Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, Jean Cocteau. Sophie weighed the information. Ill admit, the hidden Ms are intriguing, although I assume nobody is claiming they are proof of Jesus marriage to Magdalene. No, no, Teabing said, going to a nearby table of books. As I said earlier, the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is part of the historical record. He began pawing through his book collection. Moreover, Jesus as a married man makes infinitely more sense t ray ban blue frames han our standard biblical view of Jesus as a bachelor. Why? Sophie asked. Because Jesus was a Jew, Langdon said, taking over while Teabing searched for his book, and the social decorum during tha ray ban blue frames t time virtually forbid a Jewish man to be unmarried.

incantations, Egyptian magic spells, pagan mantrasthe list was endless. The password, Sophie said, appears to have something to do with the Templars. She read the text aloud. A headstone praised by Templars is the key. Leigh, Langdon said, youre the Templar specialist. Any ideas? Teabing was silent for several seconds and then sighed. Well, a headstone is obviously a grave marker of some sort. Its possible the poem is referencing a gravestone the Templars praised at the tomb of Magdalene, but that doesnt help us much because we have no idea where her tomb is. The last line, Sophie said, says that Atbash will reveal the truth. Ive heard that word. Atbash. Im not surprised, ray ban blue frames Langdon replied. You probably heard it in Cryptology ray ban blue frames 101. The Atbash Cipher is one of the oldest codes known to man. Of

far wall. What the hell? Nestled against the far wall sat an elaborate computer workstationtwo tower CPUs, a flat-screen video monitor with speakers, an array of hard drives, and a multichannel audio console that appeared to have its own filtered power supply. Why in the world would anyone work all the way up here? Collet moved toward the gear. Have you examined the system? Its a listening post. Collet spun. Surveillance? The agent nodded. Very advanced surveillance. He motioned to a long project table strewn with electronic parts, manuals, tools, wires, soldering irons, and other electron ray ban blue frames ic components. Someone clearly knows what hes doing. A lot ray ban blue frames of this gear is as sophisticated as our own equipment. Miniature microphones, photoelectric recharging cells, high-capacity RAM chips. Hes even