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flipped his mike to the cabin setting again, but had to adjust his voice before speaking. Crew chief, check the rear door. Here we go, the sergeant said. Ryan flipped off his seat belt an ray ban tanger outlet d moved a few feet as he watched the sergeant work the door handle. We got a short in here someplace, the flight engineer said on the flight deck, forward. Just lost the aft cabin lights. The breaker just popped and I cant get it to reset. Maybe its a bad breaker? Colonel von Eich asked. I can try a spare, the engineer said. Go ahead. Ill tell the folks in back why the lights just went out. It was a lie, but a good enough one, and with everyone buckled in, it wasnt all that easy to turn around and see the back of the cabin. Wheres the Chairm ray ban tanger outlet an? Vatutin asked the Lieutenant. Hes conducting an inspectionwho

quaint formalityit was the law. On any given ray ban tanger outlet night, all across Europe, Interpol officials could pinpoint exactly who was sleeping where. Finding Langdon at the Ri ray ban tanger outlet tz had probably taken all of five seconds. As the Citro.n accelerated southward across the city, the illuminated profile of the Eiffel Tower appeared, shooting skyward in the distance to the right. Seeing it, Langdon thought of Vittoria, recalling their playful promise a year ago that every six months they would meet again at a different romantic spot on the globe. The Eiffel Tower, Langdon suspected, would have made their list. Sadly, he last kissed Vittoria in a noisy airport in Rome more than a year ago. Did you mount her? the agent asked, looking over. Langdon glanced up, certain he had misunderstood. I beg your pardon? She is

Tonight he used it to catch my attention. Hold on. Youre saying the curator ray ban tanger outlet knew your favorite piece of art? She nodded. Im sorry. This is all coming out of order. Jacques Saunière and I... Sophies voice caught, and Langdon heard a sudden melancholy there, a painful past, simmeri ray ban tanger outlet ng just below the surface. Sophie and Jacques Saunière apparently had some kind of special relationship. Langdon studied the beautiful young woman before him, well aware that aging men in France often took young mistresses. Even so, Sophie Neveu as a kept woman somehow didnt seem to fit. We had a falling-out ten years ago, Sophie said, her voice a whisper now. Weve barely spoken since. Tonight, when Crypto got the call that he had been murdered, and I saw the images of his body and text on the floor, I realized

deciphered her gra ray ban tanger outlet ndfathers intentions correctly. What else could he possibly intend? The masterpiece she was examining was a five-foot-tall canvas. The bizarre scene Da Vinci had painted included an awkwardly posed Virgin Mary sitting with Baby Jesus, John the Baptist, and the Angel Uriel on a perilous outcropping of rocks. When Sophie was a little girl, no trip to the Mona Lisa had been complete without her grandfather dragging her across the room to see this ray ban tanger outlet second painting. Grand-père, Im here! But I dont see it! Behind her, Sophie could hear the guard trying to radio again for help. Think! She pictured the message scrawled on the protective glass of the Mona Lisa. So dark the con of man. The painting before her had no protective glass on which to write a message, and Sophie knew her

CAUTION: Before you strike the enter key, please check the accuracy of you ray ban tanger outlet r account number. For your own security, if the computer does not recognize your account number, this system will automatically shut down. Fonction terminer, Sophie said, frowning. Looks like we onl ray ban tanger outlet y get one try. Standard ATM machines allowed users three attempts to type a PIN before confiscating their bank card. This was obviously no ordinary cash machine. The number looks right, Langdon confirmed, carefully checking what they had typed and comparing it to the printout. He motioned to the ENTER key. Fire away. Sophie extended her index finger toward the keypad, but hesitated, an odd thought now hitting her. Go ahead, Langdon urged. Vernet will be back soon. No. She pulled her hand away. This isnt the right account

literally meant spouse. Langdon concurred with a nod. Sophie read the first line again. And the companion of the Saviour is Mary Magdalene. Teabing flipped through the book and pointed out several other passages that, to Sophies surprise, clearly suggested Magdalene and Jesus had a romantic relationship. As she read the passages, Sophie recalled an angry priest who h ray ban tanger outlet ad banged on her grandfathers door when she was a schoolgirl. Is this the home of Jacques Saunière? the priest had demanded, glaring down at young Sophie when she pulled open the door. I want to talk to him about this editor ray ban tanger outlet ial he wrote. The priest held up a newspaper. Sophie summoned her grandfather, and the two men disappeared into his study and closed the door. My grandfather wrote something in the paper? Sophie immediately

idea where she would land. Having grown up solving her grandfathers riddles, she had the uneasy sense right now that this poem before them contained information they still had not seen. There is more there, she told herself. Ingeniously hidden... but present nonetheless. Also plaguing her thoughts was a fear that what they eventually found inside this cryptex would not be as simple as a map to the Holy Grail. Despite Teabings and Langdons confidence that the truth lay just within the marble cylinder, Sophie had solved enough of her grandfathers treasure hunts to know that Jacques Saunière did not give up his secrets easily. CHAPTER 73 Bourget Airfields night shift a ray ban tanger outlet ir traffic controller had been dozing before a blank radar screen when the captain of the Judi ray ban tanger outlet cial Police practically broke

Someone has been very busy. He turned back to the agent. Do you have any idea what target is being bugged? Well, Lieutenant, the agent said, walking to the computer and launching a piece of software. Its the strangest thing.... CHAPTER 88 Langdon felt utterly spent as he and Sophie hurdled a turnstile at the Temple tube station and dashed deep into the grimy labyrinth of tunnels and platforms. The guilt ripped through him. I involved Leigh, and now hes in enormous danger. Rémys involvement had been a shock, and yet it made sense. Whoever was pursuing the Grail had recruited someone on the inside. They went to Teabings for the same reason I did. Throughout history, those who ray ban tanger outlet held knowledge of the Grail had always been mag ray ban tanger outlet nets for thieves and scholars alike. The fact that Teabing had been a