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sir. Ready to close the do ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 ors. Keep an eye on the indicator light for the crew door. Its been acting funny, von Eich told the flight engineer. A problem? the Soviet pilot asked from the jump seat. Sudden depressurization is something every flyer takes seriously. Every time we check the door it looks fine. Probably a bad relay in the panel, but we havent found the sucker yet. Ive check ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 ed the goddamned door-seal myself, he assured the Russian. It has to be an electrical fault. Ready to start, the flight engineer told him next. Okay. The pilot looked to make sure the stairs were away while the flight crew donned their headsets. All clear left. All clear right, the copilot said. Turning one. Buttons were pushed, switches were toggled, and the left-outboard engine began to rotate its turbine

this moment settle over him. Finally, he spoke. You have done a great service to God. We have waited centuries for this. You must retrieve the stone for me. Immediately. Tonight. You understand the stakes. Silas knew the stakes were incalculable, and yet what the Teacher was now commanding seemed impossible. ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 But the church, it is a fortress. Especially at night. How will I enter? With the confident tone of a man of enormous influence, the Teacher explained what was to be done. When Silas hung up the phone, his skin tingl ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 ed with anticipation. One hour, he told himself, grateful that the Teacher had given him time to carry out the necessary penance before entering a house of God. I must purge my soul of todays sins. The sins committed today had been holy in purpose. Acts of war against the

three lines of text that Saunière wrote on the floor? Langdon nodded. The numbers and words were imprinted on Langdons mind. Sophies voi ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 ce dropped to a whisper now. Unfortunately, what you saw was not the entire message. There was a fourth line that Fache photographed and then wiped clean before you arrived. Although Langdon knew the soluble ink of a watermark stylus could easily be wiped away, he could not imagine why Fache would erase evidence. The last line of the message, Sophie said, was something Fache did not want you to know about. She paused. At least not until he was done with you. Sophie produced a computer printout of a photo from her sweater pocket and began unfolding it. Fache uploaded images o ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 f the crime scene to the Cryptology Department earlier tonight in hopes we could

Opus Dei is searching for the keystone. How they knew of it, Sister Sandrine could not imagine, although she knew she did not have time to think. The bloody monk was now quietly donning his cloak again, clutching h ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 is prize as he moved toward the altar, toward the Bible. In breathless silence, Sister Sandrine left the balcony and raced down the hall to her quarters. Getting on her hands and knees, she reached beneath her wooden bed frame and retrieved the sealed envelope she had hidden there years ago. Tearing it open, she found four Paris phone numbers. Trembling, she began to dial. Downstairs, Silas laid the stone tablet on the altar and turned his eager hands to the leather Bible. His long white fingers were sweating now as he turned the pa ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 ges. Flipping through the Old Testament, he

mean anything to you? Vernet glanced down at the fleur-de-lis seal and made no reaction. No, but many of our clients emboss corporate logos or initials onto their keys. Sophie sighed, still watching him carefully. This seal is the symbol of a secret society known as the Priory of Sion. Vernet again showed no reaction. I know nothing of this. Your grandfather was a friend, but we spoke mostly of business. The man adjusted his tie, looki ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 ng nervous now. Monsieur Vernet, Sophie pressed, her tone firm. My grandfather called me tonight and told me he and I were in grave danger. He said he had to give me something. He gave me a key to your bank. Now he is dead. A ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 nything you can tell us would be helpful. Vernet broke a sweat. We need to get out of the building. Im afraid the police will arrive

dangerous secrether role as the Holy Grail. Her role? As I mentioned, Teabing clarified, the early Church needed to convince the world that the mortal prophet Jesus was a divine being. Therefore, any gospels that described earthly aspects of Jesus life had to be omitted from the Bible. Unfortunately for the early editors, one particularly troubling earthly theme kept recurring in the gospels. Mary Magdalene. He paused. More specifically, her marriage to Jesus Christ. I beg your pardon? Sophies eyes moved to Langdon ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 and then back to Teabing. Its a ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 matter of historical record, Teabing said, and Da Vinci was certainly aware of that fact. The Last Supper practically shouts at the viewer that Jesus and Magdalene were a pair. Sophie glanced back to the fresco. Notice that Jesus and Magdalene are

found some paper and copied it down longhand. When she was done, the three of them took turns reading the text. It was like some kind of archaeological crossword... a riddle that promised to reveal how to open the cryptex. Langdon rea ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 d the verse slowly. An ancient word of wisdom frees this scroll... and helps us keep her scatterd family whole... a headstone praised by templars is the key... and atbash will reveal the truth to thee. Before Langdon could even ponder what ancient password the verse was trying to reveal, he felt something far more fundamental resonate within himthe meter of the poem. Iambic pentameter. Langdon had come across this meter often over the years while researching secret societies across Europe, includi ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 ng just last year in the Vatican Secret Archives. For centuries,

emergency tracheotomy. He glanced up, chuckling. Peanut allergy. Collet nodded, recalling a police investigation into a restaurant that had failed to notate on its menu that the chili recipe contained peanut oil. An unsuspecting patron had died of anaphylactic shock at the table after a single bite. Legaludec is probably a live-in here to avoid getting picked up. The examiner looked amused. His lucky night. Collet sighed. All right, you better forward this info to Captain Fache. The examiner headed off just as another PTS agent burst into the living room. Lieutenant! We found something in the barn. From th ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 e anxious look on the agents face, Collet could only guess. A body. No, sir. Something more... He hesitated. Unexpected. Rubbing his eye ray ban new wayfarer 52 or 55 s, Collet followed the agent out to the barn. As