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personally intervened in some casesmainly from the Baltic region, but some others, too. Page 372 Youre really thinking like a Two man now! Think for a minute. We arrest Filitov and immediately thereafter the Chairman meets personally with a CIA man. Has that ever happened before? Ive h ray ban metal frame eard stories about Philby , butno, th ray ban metal frame at was only after he came over. Its one hell of a coincidence, Vatutin said as he rubbed his eyes. They do not train us to believe in coincidences, and Tvoyu mat! Golovko said. Vatutin looked up in annoyance to see the other man roll his eyes. The last time the Americans were overhow could I forget this! Ryan spoke with Filitovthey collided as though by accident, and Vatutin lifted his phone and dialed. Give me the night superintendent . . . This is Colonel Vatutin. Wake

had almost lost his life inside Vatican City. This photo was entirely different, and yet something about the scenario felt disquietingly familiar. The agent checked his watch. My capitaine is waiting, sir. Langdo ray ban metal frame n barely heard him. His eyes were still riveted on the pi ray ban metal frame cture. This symbol here, and the way his body is so oddly... Positioned? the agent offered. Langdon nodded, feeling a chill as he looked up. I cant imagine who would do this to someone. The agent looked grim. You dont understand, Mr. Langdon. What you see in this photograph... He paused. Monsieur Saunière did that to himself. CHAPTER 2 One mile away, the hulking albino named Silas limped through the front gate of the luxurious brownstone residence on Rue La Bruyère. The spiked cilice belt that he wore around his thigh cut

stepping toward him, Faches primary suspect in this murder is you. Langdon was braced for the words, and yet they still sounded utterly ridiculous. According to Sophie, Langdon had been called to the Louvre tonight not as a symbologist but rather as a suspect and was currently the unwitting target of one of DCPJs favorite interrogation methodssurveillance cachéea deft deception in which the police calmly invited a suspect to a crime scene and interviewed him in hopes he would get nervous and mistakenly incriminate himself. Look in your jackets left pocket, Sophie said. Youll find proof they are watching you. Langdon f ray ban metal frame elt his apprehension rising. Look in my pocket? It sound ray ban metal frame ed like some kind of cheap magic trick. Just look. Bewildered, Langdon reached his hand into his tweed jackets left

floor, he realized he could not possibly shatter the covering without making considerable noise. Iron on marble. It would echo off the vaulted ceilings. Would the nun hear him? She should be asleep by now. Even so, it was a chance Silas preferred not to take. Looking around for a c ray ban metal frame loth to wrap around the tip of the iron pole, he saw nothing except the altars linen mantle, which he refused to defile. My cloak, he thought. Knowing he was alone in the great church, Silas untied his cloak and slipped it off his body. As he removed it, he felt a sting as the wool fibers stuck to the fresh wounds on ray ban metal frame his back. Naked now, except for his loin swaddle, Silas wrapped his cloak over the end of the iron rod. Then, aiming at the center of the floor tile, he drove the tip into it. A muffled thud. The

account number? Might I ask how you came by this key? My grandfather gave it to me, Sophie replied, watching the man closely. His uneasiness seemed more evident now. Really? Your grandfather gave you the key but failed to give you the account number? I d ray ban metal frame ont think he had time, Sophie said. He was murdered tonight. Her words ray ban metal frame sent the man staggering backward. Jacques Saunière is dead? he demanded, his eyes filling with horror. But... how?! Now it was Sophie who reeled, numb with shock. You knew my grandfather? Banker André Vernet looked equally astounded, steadying himself by leaning on an end table. Jacques and I were dear friends. When did this happen? Earlier this evening. Inside the Louvre. Vernet walked to a deep leather chair and sank into it. I need to ask you both a very important

said you have a picture of thi ray ban metal frame s woman who you claim is the Holy Grail. Yes, but it is not I who claim she is the Grail. Christ Himself made that claim. Which one is the painting? Sophie asked, scanning the walls. Hmmm... Teabing made a show of seeming to have forgotten. The Holy Grail. The Sangreal. The Chalice. He wheeled suddenly and pointed to the far wall. On it hung an eight-foot-long print of The Last Supper, the same exact image Sophie had just been looking at. There she is! Sophie was certain she had missed somethin ray ban metal frame g. Thats the same painting you just showed me. He winked. I know, but the enlargement is so much more exciting. Dont you think? Sophie turned to Langdon for help. Im lost. Langdon smiled. As it turns out, the Holy Grail does indeed make an appearance in The Last Supper.

8 million. The author of the pagesLeonardo da Vinci. The eighteen foliosnow known as Leonardos Codex Leicester after their famous owner, the Earl of Leicesterwere all that remained of one of Leonardos most fascinating notebooks: essays and drawings outlining Da Vincis progressive theories on astronomy, geology, archaeology, and hydrology. Langdon would never forget his reaction after waiting in line and finally viewing the priceless parchment. Utter letdown. The pages were unintelligible. Despite being beautifully preserved and written in an impeccably neat penmanshipcrimson ink on cream paperthe codex looke ray ban metal frame d like ray ban metal frame gibberish. At first Langdon thought he could not read them because Da Vinci wrote his notebooks in an archaic Italian. But after studying them more closely, he realized he could

Langdon. As the monk advanced, Langdon stepped back, raising the keystone high, ray ban metal frame looking fully prepared to hurl it at the floor. I would rather break it, Langdon said, than see it in the wrong hands. Teabing now felt a wave of horror. He could see his lifes work evaporating before his eyes. All his dreams about to ray ban metal frame be shattered. Robert, no! Teabing exclaimed. Dont! Thats the Grail youre holding! Rémy would never shoot me. Weve known each other for ten Rémy aimed at the ceiling and fired the Medusa. The blast was enormous for such a small weapon, the gunshot echoing like thunder inside the stone chamber. Everyone froze. I am not playing games, Rémy said. The next one is in his back. Hand the keystone to Silas. Langdon reluctantly held out the cryptex. Silas stepped forward and took it, his