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drink, and another plane ride home. Come, Misha. She took his arm and led him to his seat. A few feet away, Robert Ritter greeted Gerasimov. My family? t ray ban prescription sunglasses he latter asked. Safe. Well have them inWashingtonin two days. At this moment they are aboard a U.S. Navy ship in internatio ray ban prescription sunglasses nal waters. I am supposed to thank you? We expect you to cooperate. You were very lucky, Gerasimov observed. Yes, Ritter agreed. We were. The embassy car drove Ryan to Sheremetyevo the following day to catch the regular Pan Am 727 flight to Frankfurt. The ticket they provided him was tourist, but Ryan upgraded it to first class. Three hours later he connected with a 747 for Dulles, also Pan Am. He slept most of the way. Bondarenko surveyed the carnage. The Afghans had left forty-seven bodies behind, with evidence of

their legendary reputation for illusion and deceit. Silas was looking forward to finding the keystone and giving it to the Teacher so they could recover what the brotherhood had long ago stolen from the fai ray ban prescription sunglasses thful. How powerful that will make Opus Dei. ray ban prescription sunglasses Parking the Audi on the deserted Place Saint-Sulpice, Silas exhaled, telling himself to clear his mind for the task at hand. His broad back still ached from the corporal mortification he had endured earlier today, and yet the pain was inconsequential compared with the anguish of his life before Opus Dei had saved him. Still, the memories haunted his soul. Release your hatred, Silas commanded himself. Forgive those who trespassed against you. Looking up at the stone towers of Saint-Sulpice, Silas fought that familiar undertow... that force that

bursts now. The Priorys membership has included some of historys most cultured individuals: men like Botticelli, Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo. He paused, his voice brimming now with academic zeal. And, Leonardo da Vinci. Sophie stared. Da Vinci was in a secret society? Da Vinci presided over the Priory between 1510 and 1519 as the brotherhoods Grand Master, which might help explain your grandfathers passion for Leonardos work. The two men share a h ray ban prescription sunglasses istorical fraternal ray ban prescription sunglasses bond. And it all fits perfectly with their fascination for goddess iconology, paganism, feminine deities, and contempt for the Church. The Priory has a well-documented history of reverence for the sacred feminine. Youre telling me this group is a pagan goddess worship cult? More like the pagan goddess worship cult. But more

the ritual in the basement. She wondered if this were the moment to tell Langdon what she had witnessed that night in the Normandy chateau. For ten years now, simple shame had kept her from telling a soul. Just thinking about it, she shuddered. Sirens howled somewhere in the distance, and she felt a thickening shroud of fatigue settling over her. There! Langdon said, feeling excited to see the huge complex of the Roland Garros tennis st ray ban prescription sunglasses adium looming ahead. Sophie snaked her way toward the stadium. After several passes, they located the intersection of Rue Haxo and turned onto it, driving in the direction of the lower numbers. The road became more industrial, lined with businesses. We need number twenty-four, Langdon told himself, rea ray ban prescription sunglasses lizing he was secretly scanning the horizon for the

effects of caffeine and food. Sir Leigh Teabing was beaming as he awkwardly paced ray ban prescription sunglasses before the open fire, his leg braces ray ban prescription sunglasses clicking on the stone hearth. The Holy Grail, Teabing said, his voice sermonic. Most people ask me only where it is. I fear that is a question I may never answer. He turned and looked directly at Sophie. However... the far more relevant question is this: What is the Holy Grail? Sophie sensed a rising air of academic anticipation now in both of her male companions. To fully understand the Grail, Teabing continued, we must first understand the Bible. How well do you know the New Testament? Sophie shrugged. Not at all, really. I was raised by a man who worshipped Leonardo da Vinci. Teabing looked both startled and pleased. An enlightened soul. Superb! Then you must be aware

the duct tape on Silass mouth. In one fast motion, he tore it off. Silas felt as if his lips had just caught fire, but the air pouring into his lungs was sent from God. Whom do you work for? the British man demanded. I do the work of God, Silas spat back through the pain in his jaw where the woman had kicked him. You belong to Opus Dei, the man said. It was not a question. You know nothing of who I am. Why does Opus ray ban prescription sunglasses Dei want the keystone? Silas had no intention of answering. The keystone was the link to the Holy Grail, and the Holy Grail was the key to protecting the faith. I do the work of God. The Way is in peril. Now, in the Range Rover, struggling against his bonds, Silas feared he had failed the Teacher and the bishop forever. He had no way even to contact them ray ban prescription sunglasses and tell them the

bar, Rémy found a standard service wine-opener and flicked open the sharp blade. The knife was usually ray ban prescription sunglasses employed to slice the lead foil from corks on fine bottles of wine, but it would serve a far more dramatic purpose this morning. Rémy turned and faced Silas, holding up the glimmering blade. Now those red eyes flashed fear. Rémy smiled and moved toward the back of the limousine. The monk recoiled, struggling against his bonds. Be still, Rémy whispered, raising the blade. Silas could not believe that God had forsaken him. Even the physical pain of being bo ray ban prescription sunglasses und Silas had turned into a spiritual exercise, asking the throb of his blood-starved muscles to remind him of the pain Christ endured. I have been praying all night for liberation. Now, as the knife descended, Silas clenched his eyes

placed before him ray ban prescription sunglasses . When I saw you enter the abbey, I understood. You were here for a reason. To help. I am not looking for singular glory here. I serve a far greater master than my own pride. The Truth. Mankind deserves to know that truth. The Grail found us all, and now she is begging to be revealed. We must work together. Despite Teabings pleas for cooperation and trust, his gun remained trained on Sophie as Langdon s ray ban prescription sunglasses tepped forward and accepted the cold marble cylinder. The vinegar inside gurgled as Langdon grasped it and stepped backward. The dials were still in random order, and the cryptex remained locked. Langdon eyed Teabing. How do you know I wont smash it right now? Teabings laugh was an eerie chortle. I should have realized your threat to break it in the Temple Church was an