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the miserable visibility was not entirely on the side of the mudjaheddin . He watched the Majors company slide down to the left, disappearing into the snow. They would assault the laser test facility itself, while he and his eighty men went for the place where most of the people lived. Now it was their turn. The Archer led them forward as far as he dared, just to the edge of where the floodlights penetrated the snow. He was rewarded with the sight of a sentry, bundled up for the cold, his breath left behind in a series of small whi ray ban rb3044 te clouds that drifted in the wind. Ten more minutes. The Archer pulled ray ban rb3044 out his radio. They had only four of them, and hadnt dared to use them until now for fear of being detected by the Russians. We should never have gotten rid of the dogs, Bondarenko told

them... of the mission with which they had all been entrusted. An unbroken chain of knowledge. Suddenly, now, despite all the precautions... despite all the fail-safes... Jacques Saunière was the ray ban rb3044 only remaining link, the sole guardian of one of the most powerful secrets ever kept. Shivering, he pulled himself to his feet. I must find some way.... He was trapped inside the Grand Gallery, and there existed only one person on earth to whom he could pass the torch. Saunière gazed up at the walls of his opulent prison. A collection of the worlds most famous paintings seemed to smile down on him like old friends. Wincing in pain, he summoned all of his faculties and strength. The desperate task before him, he knew, would require every remainin ray ban rb3044 g second of his life. CHAPTER 1 Robert Langdon

Fibonacci sequence, she declared, nodding toward the piece of paper in Faches hand. A progression in which each term is equal to the sum of the two preceding terms. Fache studied the numbers. Each term was indeed the sum of the two previous, and yet Fache could not imagine what the relevance of all this was to Saunières death. Mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci created this succession of numbers in the thirteenth-c ray ban rb3044 entury. Obviously there can be no coincidence that all of the numbers Saunière wrote on the floor belong to Fibonaccis famous sequence. Fache stared at the young woman for several moments. Fine, if there is no coincidence, woul ray ban rb3044 d you tell me why Jacques Saunière chose to do this. What is he saying? What does this mean? She shrugged. Absolutely nothing. Thats the point. Its a

from the projector. AMON LISA Ring any bells? he asked. ray ban rb3044 Mona Lisa... holy crap, somebody gasped. Langdon nodded. Gentlemen, not only does the face of Mona Lisa look androgynous, but her name is an anagram of the divine union of male and female. And that, my friends, is Da Vincis little secret, and the reason for Mona Lisas knowing smile. My grandfather was here, Sophie said, dropping suddenly to her knees, now only ten feet from the Mona Lisa. She pointed ray ban rb3044 the black light tentatively to a spot on the parquet floor. At first Langdon saw nothing. Then, as he knelt beside her, he saw a tiny droplet of dried liquid that was luminescing. Ink? Suddenly he recalled what black lights were actually used for. Blood. His senses tingled. Sophie was right. Jacques Saunière had indeed paid a visit to

boarded the lift, and disappeared. As soon as the door had closed, he grabbed the phone. He was not calling to alert anyone of their arrival; there was no need for that. A vault greeter already had been alerted automatically when the clients key was inserted outside in the entry gate. Instead, the guard was calling the banks night manager. As the line rang, the guard switched the television back on and stared at it. The news story he had been watching was just ending. It didnt matter. He got another look at ray ban rb3044 the two faces on the television. The manager answered. Oui? We have a situation down here. Whats happening? the manager demanded. The French police are tracking two fugitives tonight. So? Both of them just walked into our bank. The manager cursed ray ban rb3044 quietly. Okay. Ill contact Monsieur

ce in the painting. No Holy Grail. Teabings eyes twinkled. A bit strange, dont you think, considering that both the Bible and our standard Grail legend celebrate this moment as the definitive arrival of the Holy Grail. Oddly, Da Vinci appears to h ray ban rb3044 ave forgotten to paint the Cup of Christ. Surely art scholars must have noted that. You will be shocked to learn what anomalies Da Vinci included here that most scholars either do not see or simply choose to ignore. This fresco, in fact, is the entire key to the Holy Grail my ray ban rb3044 stery. Da Vinci lays it all out in the open in The Last Supper Sophie scanned the work eagerly. Does this fresco tell us what the Grail really is? Not what it is, Teabing whispered. But rather who it is. The Holy Grail is not a thing. It is, in fact... a person CHAPTER 56

arrived? Langdon asked. Absolutely. It could not be more obvious. All the historical signs are in place, and if the Priory did not intend to make their secret known very soon, why has the Church now attacked? Sophie argued, The monk has not yet told us his purpose. The monks purpose is the Churchs purpose, Teabing replied, to destroy the documents that reveal the great deception ray ban rb3044 . The Church came closer tonight than they have ever come, and the Priory has put its trust in you, Miss Neveu. The task of saving the Holy Grail clearly includes carrying out the Priorys final wishes of sharing the truth with the world. Langdon intervened. Leigh, asking Sophie to make that decision is quite a load to drop on someone who only a ray ban rb3044 n hour ago learned the Sangreal documents exist. Teabing sighed. I

! Can I see the poem again? Langdon said. Sophie pulled the cryptex from her pocket and carefully handed it to him. Langdon unwrapped the vellum, holding the cryptex in his hand while he examined the poem. Yes, the poem definitely references a tomb. Not an effigy. Could the poem be wrong? Teabing asked. Could Jacques Saunière have made the same mistake I just did? Langdon considered it and shook his head. Leigh, you said it yourself. This church was built by Templars, the milita ray ban rb3044 ry arm ray ban rb3044 of the Priory. Something tells me the Grand Master of the Priory would have a pretty good idea if there were knights buried here. Teabing looked flabbergasted. But this place is perfect. He wheeled back toward the knights. We must be missing something! Entering the annex, the altar boy was surprised to find