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recent addition. It was unused, but looked like the alien spaceship in S ray ban aviator mirror blue pielbergs Close Encounters . Hed meant to ask somebody wh ray ban aviator mirror blue y it had been built, but wasnt yet in use. Maybe next time, Ryan thought. The formal goodbyes had been made at the Foreign Ministry. A few junior officials stood at the bottom of the stairs to shake hands, and nobody was in a hurry to leave the heated comfort of the limousines. Progress was correspondingly slow. His car lurched forward and stopped, and the man to Ryans right opened the door as the driver popped the trunk open. He didnt want to go outside either. It had taken most of the drive to get the car warm. Jack got his bag and his briefcase and headed for the stairs. I hope you enjoyed your visit, the Soviet official said. I would like to come back and see

FBI. Leaving the security chain in place, Langdon opened the door a few inches. The face staring back at hi ray ban aviator mirror blue m was thin and washed out. The man was exceptionally lean, dressed in an official-looking blue uniform. May I come in? the agent asked. Langdon hesita ray ban aviator mirror blue ted, feeling uncertain as the strangers sallow eyes studied him. What is this all about? My capitaine requires your expertise in a private matter. Now? Langdon managed. Its after midnight. Am I correct that you were scheduled to meet with the curator of the Louvre this evening? Langdon felt a sudden surge of uneasiness. He and the revered curator Jacques Saunière had been slated to meet for drinks after Langdons lecture tonight, but Saunière had never shown up. Yes. How did you know that? We found your name in his daily planner. I

off, the rest rooms door creaked open behind him. He spun. Sophie Neveu entered, her green eyes flashing fear. Thank God you came. We dont have much time. Langdon stood beside the sinks, staring in bewilderment at DCPJ cryptographer Sophie Neveu. Only minutes ago, Langdon had listened to her phone message, thinking the newly arrived cryptographer must be insane. And yet, the more he listened, the more he sensed Sophie Neveu was speaking in earnest. Do not react to this m ray ban aviator mirror blue essage. Just listen calmly. You are in danger right now. Follow my directions ver ray ban aviator mirror blue y closely. Filled with uncertainty, Langdon had decided to do exactly as Sophie advised. He told Fache that the phone message was regarding an injured friend back home. Then he had asked to use the rest room at the end of the Grand Gallery.

Americans called koyanisquatsilife out of balancean unstable situation marked by testosterone-fueled wars, a plethora of misogynistic societies, and a growing disrespect for Moth ray ban aviator mirror blue er Earth. Robert! Sophie said, her whisper yanking him back. Someones coming! He heard the approaching footsteps out in the hallway. Over here! Sophie extinguished the black light a ray ban aviator mirror blue nd seemed to evaporate before Langdons eyes. For an instant he felt totally blind. Over where! As his vision cleared he saw Sophies silhouette racing toward the center of the room and ducking out of sight behind the octagonal viewing bench. He was about to dash after her when a booming voice stopped him cold. Arrêtez! a man commanded from the doorway. The Louvre security agent advanced through the entrance to the Salle des Etats, his

fearing the comparison might be uncharacteristically apt tonight. The arrival of a gold key client always required an extra flurry of attention, but the arrival of a gold key client who was wanted by the Judicial Police would be an extremely ray ban aviator mirror blue delicate matter. The bank had enough battles with law enforcement over the privacy rights of their clients without proof that some of them were criminals. Five minutes, Vernet told himself. I need these people ray ban aviator mirror blue out of my bank before the police arrive. If he moved quickly, this impending disaster could be deftly sidestepped. Vernet could tell the police that the fugitives in question had indeed walked into his bank as reported, but because they were not clients and had no account number, they were turned away. He wished the damned watchman had not called

were all ablaze. Odd for this hour, Silas thought, smiling. The information the Teacher had given him was obviously accurate. I will not leave this house without the keystone, he vowed. I will not fail the bishop and the Teacher. Checking the thirteen-round clip in his Heckler Koch, Silas pushed it through the bars and let it fall onto the mossy ground in ray ban aviator mirror blue side the com ray ban aviator mirror blue pound. Then, gripping the top of the fence, he heaved himself up and over, dropping to the ground on the other side. Ignoring the slash of pain from his cilice, Silas retrieved his gun and began the long trek up the grassy slope. CHAPTER 58 Teabings study was like no study Sophie had ever seen. Six or seven times larger than even the most luxurious of office spaces, the knights cabinet de travail resembled an ungainly hybrid of

I see it? Sophie asked. Teabing pretended not to hear her. Robert, you said earlier that you thought youd seen something like this before? Langdon looked vexed. I thought so. Im not sure. The script looks familiar somehow. Leigh? Sophie repeated, clearly not appreciating being left out of the discuss ray ban aviator mirror blue ion. Might I have a look at the box my grandfather made? Of course, dear, Teabing said, pushing it over to her. He hadnt meant to sound belittling, and yet Sophie Neveu was light-years out of her league. If a British Royal Historian and a Harvard symbologist could not even identify the language Aah, Sophie said, seconds after examining the box. I should have guessed. Teabing and ray ban aviator mirror blue Langdon turned in unison, staring at her. Guessed what? Teabing demanded. Sophie shrugged. Guessed that this would be

Unable to bear the thought of coming this close only to lose it all, Rémy made the decision to take bold action. The gun in his hand was a concealable, small-caliber, Jframe Medusa, but it would be plenty deadly at close range. Stepping from the shadows, Rémy marched into the circular chamber and aimed the gun directly at Teabings head. Old man, Ive been waiting a long time to do this. Sir Leigh Teabings heart practically stalled to ray ban aviator mirror blue see Rémy aiming a gun at him. What is he doing! Teabing recognized the tiny Medusa revolv ray ban aviator mirror blue er as his own, the one he kept locked in the limousine glove box for safety. Rémy? Teabing sputtered in shock. What is going on? Langdon and Sophie looked equally dumbstruck. Rémy circled behind Teabing and rammed the pistol barrel into his back, high and on the left,