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the city sometime, Jack replied as he shook the mans hand. We would be delighted. Sure you would, Jack thought as he went up the stairs. Once in the aircraft, he looked forward. A Russian officer was in the cockpit jump seat to assist with traffic control. His eyes were on the curtained-off communications console. Ryan nodded at the pilot through the door and got a wink. The political dimension scares the hell out of me, Vatutin said. At 2 Dzerzhinskiy Sq ray ban p sunglasses price uare, he and Golovko were comparing their written notes. This isnt the old days. They cant shoot us for following our training and procedures. Really? What if Filitov was being run with the knowledge of the Chairman? Ridiculous, Golovko observed. Oh? What if his early work on the dissidents put him i ray ban p sunglasses price n contact with the West? We know that he

trust nothing is wrong? The agent gave a dire sigh and slid a Polaroid snapshot through the narrow opening in the door. When Langdon saw the photo, his entire body went rigid. This photo was taken less than an hour ago. Inside the Louvre. As Langdon s ray ban p sunglasses price tared at the bizarre image, his initial revulsion and shock gave way to a sudden upwelling of anger. Who would do this! We had hoped that you might help us answer that very question, considering your knowledge ray ban p sunglasses price in symbology and your plans to meet with him. Langdon stared at the picture, his horror now laced with fear. The image was gruesome and profoundly strange, bringing with it an unsettling sense of déjà vu. A little over a year ago, Langdon had received a photograph of a corpse and a similar request for help. Twenty-four hours later, he

Sophie stood before him now, still catching her breath after doubling back to the rest room. In the fluorescent lights, Langdon was surprised to see that her strong air actually radiated from unexpectedly soft features. Only her gaze was sharp, and the juxta ray ban p sunglasses price position conjured images of a multilayered Renoir portrait... veiled but distinct, with a boldness that somehow retained its shroud of mystery. I wanted to warn you, Mr. Langdon... Sophie began, still catching her breath, that you are sous surveillance cachée. Under a guarded observation. As she spoke, her accented English resonated off the tile walls, giving her voice a hollow quality. But... why? Langdon demanded. Sophie had already given him an explanation on the phone, ray ban p sunglasses price but he wanted to hear it from her lips. Because, she said,

pistol outstretched, taking deadly aim at Langdons chest. Langdon felt his arms raise instinctively for the ceiling. Couchez-vous! the guard commanded. Lie down! Langdon was face first on the floor in a matter of seconds. The guard hurried over and kicked his legs ray ban p sunglasses price apart, spreading Langdon out. Mauvaise idée, Monsieur Langdon, he said, pressing the gun hard into Langdons back. Mauvaise idée. Face down on the parquet floor with his arms and legs spread wide, Langdon found ray ban p sunglasses price little humor in the irony of his position. The Vitruvian Man, he thought. Face down. CHAPTER 29 Inside Saint-Sulpice, Silas carried the heavy iron votive candle holder from the altar back toward the obelisk. The shaft would do nicely as a battering ram. Eyeing the gray marble panel that covered the apparent hollow in the

Interpol. Discretion was apparently not part of the vocabulary of a 15- euro-per-hour watchman. Stopping at the doorway, he took a deep breath and loosened his muscles. Then, forcing a balmy smile, he unlocked the door and swirled into the room like a warm breeze. Good evening, he said, his eyes finding his clients. I am André Vernet. How can I be of serv The rest of the sentence lodged somewhere beneath his Adams apple. The woman before him was as unexpected a visitor as Vernet had ever had. Im sorry, do we know each other? Sophie asked. She did not recognize the banker, but h ray ban p sunglasses price e for a moment looked as if hed seen a ghost. No..., the bank president fumbled. I dont... believ ray ban p sunglasses price e so. Our services are anonymous. He exhaled and forced a calm smile. My assistant tells me you have a gold key but no

science laboratory, archival library, and indoor flea market. Lit by three overhead chandeliers, the boundless tile floor was dotted with clustered islands of worktables buried beneath books, artwork, artifacts, and a surprising amount of electronic gearcomputers, projectors, microscopes, copy machines, and flatbed scanners. I converted the ballroom, Teabing said, looking sheepish as he shuffled into the room. I have little occasion to dance. Sophie felt as if the entire night had become some kind of twilight zone where nothing was as she expected. This is all for your work? Learning the truth has become my lifes ray ban p sunglasses price love, Teabing said. And the Sangreal is my favorite mistress. The Holy Grail ray ban p sunglasses price is a woman, Sophie thought, her mind a collage of interrelated ideas that seemed to make no sense. You

the language my grandfather would have used. Youre saying you can read this text? Teabing exclaimed. Quite easily, Sophie chimed, obviously enjoying herself now. My grandfather taught me this language when I was only six years old. Im fluent. She leaned across the table and fixed Teabing with an admonishing glare. And frankly, sir, considering your all ray ban p sunglasses price egiance to the Crown, Im a little surprised you didnt recognize it. In a flash, Langdon knew. No wonder the script looks so damned familiar! Several ye ray ban p sunglasses price ars ago, Langdon had attended an event at Harvards Fogg Museum. Harvard dropout Bill Gates had returned to his alma mater to lend to the museum one of his priceless acquisitionseighteen sheets of paper he had recently purchased at auction from the Armand Hammar Estate. His winning bida cool $30.

directly behind his heart. Teabing felt his muscles seize with terror. Rémy, I dont Ill make it simple, Rémy snapped, eyeing Langdon over Teabings shoulder. Set down the keystone, or I pull the trigger. Langdon seemed momentarily paralyzed. The keystone is worthless to you, he stammered. You cannot possibly open it. Arrogant fools, ray ban p sunglasses price Rémy sneered. Have you not noticed that I have been listening tonight as you discussed these poems? Everything I heard ray ban p sunglasses price , I have shared with others. Others who know more than you. You are not even looking in the right place. The tomb you seek is in another location entirely! Teabing felt panicked. What is he saying! Why do you want the Grail? Langdon demanded. To destroy it? Before the End of Days? Rémy called to the monk. Silas, take the keystone from Mr.