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himself. First thing I do when I get settled here, get the dogs back. He was walking ray ban 8301 around the camp, enjoying the cold and the snow and using the quiet atmosphere to order his thoughts. There were things that needed changing here. They needed a real soldier. General Pokryshkin was too confident in the security scheme, and the KGB troops were too lazy. Page 369 For example, they did not have night patrols out. Too dangerous on this terrain, their co ray ban 8301 mmander said, our day patrols will detect anyone who tries to get close, the guard towers have low-light scanners, and the rest of the site is floodlit. But low-light devices had their effectiveness cut eighty percent by this sort of weather. What if there was a group of Afghans out there right now? he wondered. First thing, Bondarenko told

awoke slowly. A telephone was ringing in the darknessa tinny, unfamiliar ring. He fumbled for the bedside lamp and turned it on. Squinting at his surroundings he saw a plush Renaissance bedroom with Louis XVI furniture, hand-frescoed walls, and a colossal mahogany four-poster bed. Where the hell am I? The jacquard bathrobe hanging on his bedpost bore the monogram: HOTEL RITZ PARIS. Slowly, the ray ban 8301 fog began to lift. Langdon picked up the receiver. Hello? Monsieur Langdon? a mans voice said. I hope I have not awoken you ray ban 8301 ? Dazed, Langdon looked at the bedside clock. It was 12:32 A.M. He had been asleep only an hour, but he felt like the dead. This is the concierge, monsieur. I apologize for this intrusion, but you have a visitor. He insists it is urgent. Langdon still felt fuzzy. A visitor? His

simplistic cryptographic joke. Like taking the words of a ray ban 8301 famous poem and shuffling them at random to see if ray ban 8301 anyone recognizes what all the words have in common. Fache took a menacing step forward, placing his face only inches from Sophies. I certainly hope you have a much more satisfying explanation than that. Sophies soft features grew surprisingly stern as she leaned in. Captain, considering what you have at stake here tonight, I thought you might appreciate knowing that Jacques Saunière might be playing games with you. Apparently not. Ill inform the director of Cryptography you no longer need our services. With that, she turned on her heel, and marched off the way she had come. Stunned, Fache watched her disappear into the darkness. Is she out of her mind? Sophie Neveu had just

the Mona Lisa before he died. H ray ban 8301 e wouldnt have come here without a reason, Sophie whispered, standing up. I know he left a message for me here. Quickly striding the final few steps to the Mona Lisa, she illuminated the floor directly in front of the painting. She w ray ban 8301 aved the light back and forth across the bare parquet. Theres nothing here! At that moment, Langdon saw a faint purple glimmer on the protective glass before the Mona Lisa. Reaching down, he took Sophies wrist and slowly moved the light up to the painting itself. They both froze. On the glass, six words glowed in purple, scrawled directly across the Mona Lisas face. CHAPTER 27 Seated at Saunières desk, Lieutenant Collet pressed the phone to his ear in disbelief. Did I hear Fache correctly? A bar of soap? But how could Langdon

Vernet immediately. The guard then hung up and placed a second call. This one to Interpol. Langdon was surprised to feel the elevator dropping rather than climbing. He had no idea how many floors they had descended beneath the Depository Bank of Zurich before the door finally opened. He didnt care. He was happy to be out of the elevator. Displaying impressive alacrity, a host was already standing there to greet them. He was elderly and pleasant, wearing a neatly pressed flannel suit that made him look oddly out of placean oldworld banker in a high-tech world. Bonsoir, the man said. Good evening. Woul ray ban 8301 d you be so kind as to follow me, sil vous plait? Without waiting for a response, he spu ray ban 8301 n on his heel and strode briskly down a narrow metal corridor. Langdon walked with Sophie down a series

Sophie stared at Teabing a long moment and then turned to Langdon. The Holy Grail is a person? Langdon nodded. A woman, in fact. From the blank look on Sophies face, Langdon could tell they had already lost her. He recalled ray ban 8301 having a similar reaction the first time he heard the statement. It was not until he understood the symbology behind the Grail that the feminine connection became clear. Teabing apparently had a similar thought. Robert, perhaps this is the moment for the symbologist to clarify? He went to a nearby end table, found a piece of paper, and laid it in front of Langdon. Langdon pulled a pen from his pocket. Sophie, are you familiar with the modern icons for male and f ray ban 8301 emale? He drew the common male symbol mail and female symbol female. Of course, she said. These, he said

apologize if I am pressing, Miss Neveu. Clearly I have always believed these documents should be made public, but in the end the decision belongs to you. I simply feel it is important that you begin to think about what happens should we succeed in opening the keystone. Gentlemen, Sophie said, her voice firm. To quote ray ban 8301 your words, You do not find the Grail, the Grail finds you. I am going to trust that the Grail has found me for a reason, and when the time comes, I will know what to do. Both of them ray ban 8301 looked startled. So then, she said, motioning to the rosewood box. Lets move on. CHAPTER 70 Standing in the drawing room of Chateau Villette, Lieutenant Collet watched the dying fire and felt despondent. Captain Fache had arrived moments earlier and was now in the next room, yelling into the

it deserted. Father Knowles? I know I heard the door, he thought, moving forward until he could see the entryway. A thin man in a tuxedo stood near the doorway, scratching his head and looking lost. The altar boy gave an irritated huff, realizing he had forgotten to relock the door when he let the others in. Now some pathetic sod had wandered in off the street, look ray ban 8301 ing for directions to some wedding from the l ray ban 8301 ooks of it. Im sorry, he called out, passing a large pillar, were closed. A flurry of cloth ruffled behind him, and before the altar boy could turn, his head snapped backward, a powerful hand clamping hard over his mouth from behind, muffling his scream. The hand over the boys mouth was snow-white, and he smelled alcohol. The prim man in the tuxedo calmly produced a very small