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He pointed unnecessarily. The Archer knew exactly where it was, and the next one, two hundred meters farther down. The Major checked his watch and thought for a moment. The guard will change in another hour if they follow the same pattern here as inKabul. Those on duty will be tired and cold, and the relief troops arent yet awake. This is the time. Good luck, the Archer said simply. Both men embraced, Why should we refuse to fight for the cause of Allah, when we and our children have been driven from our d ray ban aviators silver wellings? When they met Goliath and his warriors they cried; Lord fill our hearts with st ray ban aviators silver eadfastness. Make us firm of foot and help us against the unbelievers. The quote was from the Koran, and neither man thought it strange that the passage actually referred to the Israelites battle

lost fore ray ban aviators silver ver. Instinctively, he tried to scramble for cover. The gun roared, and the curator felt a searing heat as the bullet lodged in his stomach. He fell forward... struggling against the pain. Slowly, Saunière rolled over and stared back through the bars at his attacker. The man was now taking dead aim at Saunières head. Saunière closed his eyes, his thoughts a swirling tempest of fear and regret. The click of an emp ray ban aviators silver ty chamber echoed through the corridor. The curators eyes flew open. The man glanced down at his weapon, looking almost amused. He reached for a second clip, but then seemed to reconsider, smirking calmly at Saunières gut. My work here is done. The curator looked down and saw the bullet hole in his white linen shirt. It was framed by a small circle of blood a few

plaisanterie numérique? Bezu Fache was livid, glaring at Sophie Neveu in disbelief. A numeric joke? Your professional assessment of Saunières code is that it is some kind of mathematical prank? Fache was in utter incomprehension of this womans gall. Not only had she just barged in on Fache without permission, but she was now trying to convince him that Saunière, in his final moments of life, had been inspired to leave a mathematical ray ban aviators silver gag? This code, Sophie explained in rapid French, is simplistic to the point of absurdity. Jacques Saunière must have known we would see through it immediately. She pulled a scrap of paper from her sweater pocket and handed it to Fache. ray ban aviators silver Here is the decryption. Fache looked at the card. 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21 This is it? he snapped. All you did was put the

the Mona Lisa is a picture of Da Vinci in drag? I heard that was true. Its quite possible, Langdon said. Da Vinci was a prankster, and computerized analysis of the Mona Lisa and Da Vincis self-portraits confirm some startling points of congruency in their faces. Whatever Da Vinci was up to, Langdon said, his Mona Lisa is neither male nor female. It carries a subtle message of and ray ban aviators silver rogyny. It ray ban aviators silver is a fusing of both. You sure thats not just some Harvard bullshit way of saying Mona Lisa is one ugly chick. Now Langdon laughed. You may be right. But actually Da Vinci left a big clue that the painting was supposed to be androgynous. Has anyone here ever heard of an Egyptian god named Amon? Hell yes! the big guy said. God of masculine fertility! Langdon was stunned. It says so on every box of Amon

entered. The door shut with a thud behind them. The foyer of the Depository Bank of Zurich employed as imposing a decor as any Langdon had ever seen. Where most banks were content with the usual polished marble and gr ray ban aviators silver ray ban aviators silver anite, this one had opted for wall-to-wall metal and rivets. Whos their decorator? Langdon wondered. Allied Steel? Sophie looked equally intimidated as her eyes scanned the lobby. The gray metal was everywherethe floor, walls, counters, doors, even the lobby chairs appeared to be fashioned of molded iron. Nonetheless, the effect was impressive. The message was clear: You are walking into a vault. A large man behind the counter glanced up as they entered. He turned off the small television he was watching and greeted them with a pleasant smile. Despite his enormous muscles and

worship the gods of our fathers. What I mean, Teabing countered, is that almost everything our fathers taught us about Christ is false. As are the stories about the Holy Grail. Sophie looked again at the Da Vinci quote before her. Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes! Teabing reached for the book and flipped toward the center. And finally, before I show you Da Vi ray ban aviators silver ncis paintings of the Holy Grail, Id like you to take a quick look at this. He opened the book to a colorful graphic that spanned both full pages. I assume you recognize this fresco? Hes kidding, right? Sophie was staring at the most famous fresco of all t ray ban aviators silver imeThe Last SupperDa Vincis legendary painting from the wall of Santa Maria delle Grazie near Milan. The decaying fresco portrayed Jesus and His

necessary. And yet, I am curious if you u ray ban aviators silver nderstand that successfully unlocking the keystone will bring with it a far greater trial. How so? My dear, imagine that you are suddenly holding a map that reveals the location of the Holy Grail. In that moment, you will be in possession of a truth capable of altering history forever. You will be the ray ban aviators silver keeper of a truth that man has sought for centuries. You will be faced with the responsibility of revealing that truth to the world. The individual who does so will be revered by many and despised by many. The question is whether you will have the necessary strength to carry out that task. Sophie paused. Im not sure that is my decision to make. Teabings eyebrows arched. No? If not the possessor of the keystone, then who? The brotherhood who has

Langdon on television at the Vatican last year. I have never m ray ban aviators silver et Mr. Wren, the altar boy declared. Youre mistaken, Langdon said politely. I beli ray ban aviators silver eve you and I met in passing last year. Father Knowles failed to formally introduce us, but I recognized your face as we came in. Now, I realize this is an intrusion, but if you could afford me a few more minutes, I have traveled a great distance to scatter ashes amongst these tombs. Langdon spoke his lines with Teabing-esque believability. The altar boys expression turned even more skeptical. These are not tombs. Im sorry? Langdon said. Of course they are tombs, Teabing declared. What are you talking about? The altar boy shook his head. Tombs contain bodies. These are effigies. Stone tributes to real men. There are no bodies beneath these figures.