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against the Philistines. David and Saul were known to the Muslims, too, as was their cause. The Major smiled one last time bef ray ban 3268 ore running off to join his men. The Archer turned ray ban 3268 and waved to his missile team. Two of them shouldered their Stingers and followed the leader as he continued his way across the mountain. One more knoll and they were looking down at the guard towers. He was surprised that he could actually see three of them from here, and a third missile was brought out. The Archer gave his instructions and left them to rejoin the main body. On the knoll the target-acquisition units sang their deadly song to each missileer . The guard towers were heatedand the Stinger searches only for heat. Next the Archer ordered his mortar team in closecloser than he would have preferred, but

inches below his breastbone. My stomach. Almost cruelly, the bullet had missed his heart. As a veteran of la Guerre dAlgérie, the curator had witnessed this horribly drawnout deat ray ban 3268 h before. For fifteen minutes, he would survive as his stomach acids seeped into his chest cavity, slowly poisoning him from within. Pain is good, monsieur, the man said. Then he was gone. Alone now, Jacques Saunière turned his gaze again to the iron gate. He was trapped, and the doors could not be reopened for at least twenty minutes. By the time anyone got to him, he would be dead. Even so, the fear that now gripped him was a fear far g ray ban 3268 reater than that of his own death. I must pass on the secret. Staggering to his feet, he pictured his three murdered brethren. He thought of the generations who had come before

numbers in increasing order! Sophie actually had the nerve to give a satisfied smile. Exactly. Faches tone lowered to a guttural rumble. Agent Neveu, I have no idea where the hell youre going with this, but I suggest you get there fast. He shot an anxious glance at Langdon, who stood nearby with the phone pressed to his ear, apparently still listening to his phone message from the U.S. Embassy. From Langdons ashen expression, Fache sensed the news was bad. Captain, Sophie said, her tone dangerously defiant, the sequence of numbers you have in your hand happens to be one of the most famous mathematical progressions in history. Fac ray ban 3268 he was not aware there even existed a mathematical progression that qualified as famous, and he certainly didnt appreciate S ray ban 3268 ophies off-handed tone. This is the

condoms. The muscular man gave a wide grin. Its got a guy with a rams head on the front and says hes the Egyptian god of fertility. Langdon was not familiar with the brand name, but he was glad to hear the prophylactic manufacturers had gotten their hieroglyphs right. Well done. Amon is indeed represented as a man with a rams head, and his promiscuity and curved horns are related to our modern sexual slang horny. No shit! No shit, Langdon said. And do you know who Amons counterpart was? The Egyptian goddess of fertility? The question met with several seconds of silence. It was Isis, Langdon told them, grabbing a grease pen. So we have the male god, Amon. He wrote it down ray ban 3268 . And the female godd ray ban 3268 ess, Isis, whose ancient pictogram was once called LISA. Langdon finished writing and stepped back

visible sidearm, his diction chimed with the polished courtesy of a Swiss bellhop. Bonsoir, he said. How may I help you? The dual-language greeting was the newest hospitality trick of the European host. It presumed no ray ban 3268 thing and opened the door for the guest to reply in whichever language was more comfortable. Sophie replied with neither. She simply laid the gold key on the counter in front of the man. The man glanced down and immediately stood straighter. Of course. Your elevator is at the end of the hall. I will alert so ray ban 3268 meone that you are on your way. Sophie nodded and took her key back. Which floor? The man gave her an odd look. Your key instructs the elevator which floor. She smiled. Ah, yes. The guard watched as the two newcomers made their way to the elevators, inserted their key,

disciples at the moment that Jesus announced one of them would betray Him. I know the fresco, yes. Then perhaps you would indulge me this little game? Close your eyes if you would. Uncertain, Sophie closed her eyes. Where is Jesus sitting? Teabing asked. In the center. Good. And what food are He and His disciples breaking and eating? Bread. Obviously. Superb. And what drink? Wine. They drank wine. Great. And one final question. How many wineglasses are on the table? Sophie paused, realizing it was the trick question. And after dinner, Jesus took the cup of wine, sharing it with His disciples. One cup, she said. The chalice. The Cup of Christ. The Holy Grail. Jesus passed a single chalice of wine, just as ray ban 3268 modern Chr ray ban 3268 istians do at communion. Teabing sighed. Open your eyes. She did. Teabing

successfully protected the secret for so long. The Priory? Teabing looked skeptical. But how? The brotherhood was shattered tonight. Decapitated, as you so aptly put it. Whethe ray ban 3268 r they were infiltrated by some kind of eavesdropping or by a spy within their ranks, we will never know, but the fact remains that someone got to them and uncovered the identities of their four top members. I would not trust anyone who stepped forward from the brotherhood at this point. So what do you suggest? Langdon asked. Robert, you know as well as I do that the Priory has not protected the truth all these y ray ban 3268 ears to have it gather dust until eternity. They have been waiting for the right moment in history to share their secret. A time when the world is ready to handle the truth. And you believe that moment has

This is a crypt! Teabing said. Only in outdated history books. This was believed to be a crypt but was ray ban 3268 revealed as nothing of the sort during the 1950 renovation. He turned back to Langdon. And I imagine Mr. Wren would know that. Considering it was his family that uncovered that fact. ray ban 3268 An uneasy silence fell. It was broken by the sound of a door slamming out in the annex. That must be Father Knowles, Teabing said. Perhaps you should go see? The altar boy looked doubtful but stalked back toward the annex, leaving Langdon, Sophie, and Teabing to eye one another gloomily. Leigh, Langdon whispered. No bodies? What is he talking about? Teabing looked distraught. I dont know. I always thought... certainly, this must be the place. I cant imagine he knows what he is talking about. It makes no sense