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became the pace. They were guided at all times by the glow of the lights. How confident the Russians were, to have lights here, he thought. There was even a moving vehicle, a bus, by the sound of it, with its headlights lit. The small, moving points of light shone through the enveloping white cloud. Within the larger bubble of light, those on guard duty would be at a popular ray ban eyeglasses disadvantage now. Ordinarily the outwardly aimed spotlights would serve to dazzle and blind an intruder, but now the reverse was true. Little of their glow penetrated the snow, and much was reflected back, ruining the night vision of the armed troops. Finally the lead party reached the last checkpoint. The Archer deployed his men and waited f popular ray ban eyeglasses or the rest to catch up, It took half an hour. His men were grouped in knots of three

stammered, kne popular ray ban eyeglasses eling defenseless on the floor of the gallery. I have no idea what you are talking about! You are lying. The man stared at him, perfectly immobile except for the glint in his ghostly eyes. You and your brethren possess something that is not yours. The curator felt a surge of adrenaline. How could he possibly know this? Tonight the rightful guardians will be restored. Tell me where it is hidden, and you will live. The man leveled his gun at the curators head. Is it a secret you will die for? Saunière could not breathe. The man tilted his head, peering down the barrel of his gun. Saunière held up his hands in defense. Wait, he said slowly. I will tell you what you need to know. The curator spoke his next popular ray ban eyeglasses words carefully. The lie he told was one he had rehearsed many times...

Teacher had explained, speaking in English with a French accent. I am familiar enough with electronic communications to know they can be intercepted. The results could be di popular ray ban eyeglasses sastrous for you. Aringarosa knew he was right. The Teacher seemed an exceptionally popular ray ban eyeglasses careful man. He had not revealed his own identity to Aringarosa, and yet he had proven himself a man well worth obeying. After all, he had somehow obtained very secret information. The names of the brotherhoods four top members! This had been one of the coups that convinced the bishop the Teacher was truly capable of delivering the astonishing prize he claimed he could unearth. Bishop, the Teacher had told him, I have made all the arrangements. For my plan to succeed, you must allow Silas to answer only to me for several days. The two of

the prisoners attending class, men whom he found surprisingly engagedrough, but sharp. You may notice, Langdon told them, walking up to the projected image of the Mona Lisa on the library wall, that the background behind her face is uneven. Langdon motioned to the glaring discrepancy. Da Vinci pain popular ray ban eyeglasses ted the horizon line on the left significantly lower than the right. He screwed it up? one of the inmates asked. Langdon chuckled. No. Da Vinci didnt do that too often. Actually, this is a little trick Da Vinci played. popular ray ban eyeglasses By lowering the countryside on the left, Da Vinci made Mona Lisa look much larger from the left side than from the right side. A little Da Vinci inside joke. Historically, the concepts of male and female have assigned sidesleft is female, and right is male. Because Da Vinci was a

Something tells me it will fit, Langdon said. Sophie aligned the keys triangular shaft with the hole and inserted it, sliding it in until th popular ray ban eyeglasses e entire shaft had disappeared. This key apparently required no turning. Instantly, the gate began to swing open. Sophie took her foot off the brake and coasted down to a second gate and podium. Behind her, the f popular ray ban eyeglasses irst gate closed, trapping them like a ship in a lock. Langdon disliked the constricted sensation. Lets hope this second gate works too. This second podium bore familiar directions. INSERT KEY. When Sophie inserted the key, the second gate immediately opened. Moments later they were winding down the ramp into the belly of the structure. The private garage was small and dim, with spaces for about a dozen cars. At the far end, Langdon spied the

who chose the original history of Christ were the worlds first heretics. Fortunately for historians, Teabing said, some of the gospels that Constantine attempted to eradicate managed to survive. The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in the 1950s hidden in a cave near Qumran in the Judean desert. And, of course, the Coptic Scrolls in 1945 at Nag Hammadi. In addition to telling the true Grail story, these documents speak of Christs ministry in very human terms. Of course, the Vatican, in keeping with their tradition of misinformation, tried very hard to suppress the release of these scrolls. And why wouldnt they? The scrolls highlight glaring historical discrepancies and fabrications, clearly confirming that popular ray ban eyeglasses the mode popular ray ban eyeglasses rn Bible was compiled and edited by men who possessed a political agendato promote

duty to warn you that you are about to step onto a path from which there is no return, regardless of the dangers involved. He turned to Sophi popular ray ban eyeglasses e. Miss Neveu, your grandfather gave you this cryptex in hopes you would keep the secret of the Holy Grail alive. Yes. Understandably, you feel obliged to follow the trail popular ray ban eyeglasses wherever it leads. Sophie nodded, although she felt a second motivation still burning within her. The truth about my family. Despite Langdons assurances that the keystone had nothing to do with her past, Sophie still sensed something deeply personal entwined within this mystery, as if this cryptex, forged by her grandfathers own hands, were trying to speak to her and offer some kind of resolution to the emptiness that had haunted her all these years. Your grandfather and three

the room. Are we missing an orb? Not exactly, Sophie said, frowning at the tenth tomb. We seem to be missing an entire knight. Arriving beside her both men gazed down in confusion at the tenth tomb. Rather than a knight lying in the open air, this popular ray ban eyeglasses tomb was a sealed stone casket. The casket was trapezoidal, tapered at the feet, widening toward the top, with a peaked lid. Why isnt this knight shown? Langdon asked. Fascinating, Teabing said, stroking his chin. I had forgotten about this oddity. Its been years since I was here. This coffin, Sophie said, looks like it was carved at the same time and by the same sculptor as the other nine tombs. So why is this knight in a casket rather than in the open? Teabing shook his head. O popular ray ban eyeglasses ne of this churchs mysteries. To the best of my knowledge, nobody