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or four, and the mudjaheddin took the time to drink some water and commit their souls to Allah, preparing both for the battle and for its possible aftermath. Theirs was the warriors creed. Their enemy was also the enemy of their God. Whatever they did to the people who had offended Allah would be forgiven them, and every one of the Archers men reminded himself of friends and family ray ban 3179 who had died at Russian hands. This is amazing, the Major whispered as he arrived. Allah is with us, my friend, the Archer replied. He must be. They were now only five hundred meters from the site, and still unseen. We might actually Page 368 survive . . .survive . . . On ray ban 3179 e hundred meters. The low-light equipment they have will penetrate snow to about four hundred. The nearest tower is six hundred meters that way.

each time praying he would never have to use it. When the curator had finished speaking, his assailant smiled smugly. Yes. This is exactly what the others told me. Saunière recoiled. The others? I found them, too, the huge man taunted. All three of them. They confirmed what you have just said. It cannot be! The curators true identity, along with the identities of his three sénéchaux, was almost as sacred as the ancient secret th ray ban 3179 ey protected. Saunière now realized his sénéchaux, foll ray ban 3179 owing strict procedure, had told the same lie before their own deaths. It was part of the protocol. The attacker aimed his gun again. When you are gone, I will be the only one who knows the truth. The truth. In an instant, the curator grasped the true horror of the situation. If I die, the truth will be

you will not speak. I will communicate with him through secure channels. You will treat him with respect? A man of faith deserves the highes ray ban 3179 t. Excellent. Then I understand. Silas and I shall not speak until this is over. I do this to protect your identity, Silass identity, and my investment. Your investment? Bishop, if your own eagerness to keep abreast of progress puts you in jail, then you will be unable to pay me my fee. The bisho ray ban 3179 p smiled. A fine point. Our desires are in accord. Godspeed. Twenty million euro, the bishop thought, now gazing out the planes window. The sum was approximately the same number of U.S. dollars. A pittance for something so powerful. He felt a renewed confidence that the Teacher and Silas would not fail. Money and faith were powerful motivators. CHAPTER 11 Une

big fan of feminine principles, he made Mona Lisa look more majestic from the left than the right. I heard he was a fag, said a small man with a goatee. Langdon winced. Historians dont generally put it quite that way, but yes, Da Vinci was a homosexual. Is that why he was into that whole feminine thing? Actually, Da Vinci was in tune with the balance between male and female. He believed that a human soul could not be enlightened unless it had ray ban 3179 both male and female elements. You me ray ban 3179 an like chicks with dicks? someone called. This elicited a hearty round of laughs. Langdon considered offering an etymological sidebar about the word hermaphrodite and its ties to Hermes and Aphrodite, but something told him it would be lost on this crowd. Hey, Mr. Langford, a muscle-bound man said. Is it true that

buildings main entrance. A red carpet stretched across the cement floor, welcoming visitors to a ray ban 3179 huge door that appeared to be forged of solid metal. Talk about mixed messages, Langdon thought. Welcome and keep out. Sophie pulled the taxi into a parking space near the entrance and killed the engine. Youd better leave the gun here. With pleasure, Langdon thought, sliding the pistol under the seat. Sophie and Langdon got out and walked up the red carpet toward the slab of steel. The door had no handle, but on the wall beside it was another triangular keyhole. No directions were posted this time. Keeps out the slow learners, Langdon said. Sophie la ray ban 3179 ughed, looking nervous. Here we go. She stuck the key in the hole, and the door swung inward with a low hum. Exchanging glances, Sophie and Langdon

the divinity of the man Jesus Christ and use His influence to solidify ray ban 3179 their own power base. And yet, Langdon countered, its important to remember that the modern Churchs desire to suppress these documents comes from a sincere belief in their established view of Christ. The Vatican is made up of deeply pious men who truly believe these contrary documents could only be false testimony. Teabing chuckled as he eased himself into a chair opposite S ray ban 3179 ophie. As you can see, our professor has a far softer heart for Rome than I do. Nonetheless, he is correct about the modern clergy believing these opposing documents are false testimony. Thats understandable. Constantines Bible has been their truth for ages. Nobody is more indoctrinated than the indoctrinator. What he means, Langdon said, is that we

others died tonight, Teabing continued, and they did so to keep this keystone away from the Church. Opus Dei came within inches tonight of possessing it. You understand, I hope, that this puts you in a position of exceptional responsibility. You have been handed a torch. A two-thousand-year-old flame that cannot be allowed to go out. This torch cannot fall into the wrong hands. He paused, glancing at the rosewood box. I realize you hav ray ban 3179 e been given no choice in this matter, Miss Neveu, but considering what is ray ban 3179 at stake here, you must either fully embrace this responsibility... or you must pass that responsibility to someone else. My grandfather gave the cryptex to me. Im sure he thought I could handle the responsibility. Teabing looked encouraged but unconvinced. Good. A strong will is

has ever found any explanation for it. Hello? the altar boy said, arriving with a perturbed look on his face. Forgive me if this seems rude, but you told me you wanted to spread ashes, and yet you seem to be sightseeing. Teabing scowled at the boy and turned to Langdon. Mr. Wren, apparently your familys philanthropy does not buy you the time it used to, so perhaps we should take out the ashes and get on with it. Teabing turned to Sophie. Mrs. Wren? Sophie played along, pulling the vellum-wrapped cryptex from her pocket. Now then, Teabing snapped at the boy, if you would give us some privac ray ban 3179 y? The altar boy did not move. He was eyeing Langdon closely now. You look familiar. Teabing huffed. Perhaps that i ray ban 3179 s because Mr. Wren comes here every year! Or perhaps, Sophie now feared, because he saw