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precise computer controlI may soon be an assistant section leader, Morozov said proudly. I am also familiar with computer systems, you see. Whos your section chief Govorov, isnt it? Correct. A brilliant field engineer, if I may say so. May I ask a question? Certainly. It is said that youyoure the new Army colonel they foldable ray ban wayfarers ve been talking about, correct? They say that you may be the new deputy project officer. There may be some substance to those rumors, Bondarenko allowed. Then may I make a suggestion, Comrade? Morozov asked. Certainly. There are many single men here . . . And not enough single women? Page 367 There is a need for laboratory assistants. There is a need for laboratory assistants. foldable ray ban wayfarers The atmosphere is comradely. The astronomy and chess clubs are very active. Ah. It has been time

it rather comforting that in the past hour one unsurprising thing had taken place. A jeep appeared first. Two Marinesin dress blues againgot out and erected a prefabricated stand around the hole. They must have practiced, the General thought, since it took them only three minutes by his watch. Then a three-quarter-ton truck came through the trees, followed by some more jeeps. Cradled in the back of the truck was a polished oak coffin. The truck pulled to within a few meters of the hole and stopped. An honor guard assembled. May I ask why I am here? Dalmatov asked when he couldnt stand it any longer. You came up in tanks, right? Yes, foldable ray ban wayfarers General Crofter, as did you. Thats why. The six men of the honor guard set the coffin on the stand. The gunnery sergeant in com foldable ray ban wayfarers mand of the detail removed the

here to build a church for the Obra de Dios. Where am I? His voice sounded hollow. Oviedo. In foldable ray ban wayfarers the north of Spain. How did I get here? Someone left you on my doorstep. You were ill. I fed you. Youve been here many days. The ghost studied his young caretaker. Y foldable ray ban wayfarers ears had passed since anyone had shown any kindness. Thank you, Father. The priest touched his bloody lip. It is I who am thankful, my friend. When the ghost awoke in the morning, his world felt clearer. He gazed up at the crucifix on the wall above his bed. Although it no longer spoke to him, he felt a comforting aura in its presence. Sitting up, he was surprised to find a newspaper clipping on his bedside table. The article was in French, a week old. When he read the story, he filled with fear. It told of an earthquake in the

crescent of penlight fanned out on the floor in front of them. She swung the beam back and forth across the floor foldable ray ban wayfarers like a minesweeper, searching for any hint of luminescent ink. Walking beside her, Langdon was already feeling the tingle of anticipation that accompanied his face-to foldable ray ban wayfarers -face reunions with great works of art. He strained to see beyond the cocoon of purplish light emanating from the black light in Sophies hand. To the left, the rooms octagonal viewing divan emerged, looking like a dark island on the empty sea of parquet. Langdon could now begin to see the panel of dark glass on the wall. Behind it, he knew, in the confines of her own private cell, hung the most celebrated painting in the world. The Mona Lisas status as the most famous piece of art in the world, Langdon knew, had

hour. Paris, he said, and walked out the door. CHAPTER 42 The Depository Bank foldable ray ban wayfarers of Zurich was a twenty-four-hour Geldschrank bank offering the full modern array of anonymous services in the tradition of the Swiss numbered account. Maintaining offices in Zurich, Kuala Lumpur, New York, and Paris, the bank had expanded its services in recent years to offer anonymous computer source code escrow services and faceless digitized backup. The bread and butter of its operation was by far its oldest and simplest offeringthe anonyme Lagerblind drop services, otherwise known as anonymous safe-deposit boxes. Clients wishing to store anything from stock certificates to valuable paintings could deposit their belongings anonymously, through foldable ray ban wayfarers a series of high-tech veils of privacy, withdrawing items at any

Roman empire and to the new Vatican power base. By officially endorsing Jesus as the Son foldable ray ban wayfarers of God, Constantine turned Jesus into a deity who exi foldable ray ban wayfarers sted beyond the scope of the human world, an entity whose power was unchallengeable. This not only precluded further pagan challenges to Christianity, but now the followers of Christ were able to redeem themselves only via the established sacred channelthe Roman Catholic Church. Sophie glanced at Langdon, and he gave her a soft nod of concurrence. It was all about power, Teabing continued. Christ as Messiah was critical to the functioning of Church and state. Many scholars claim that the early Church literally stole Jesus from His original followers, hijacking His human message, shrouding it in an impenetrable cloak of divinity, and using it to

business in London. Weve no time to waste. Please prepare to depart immediately. As he spoke, Teabing foldable ray ban wayfarers took the pistol out of the foldable ray ban wayfarers vehicle and handed it to Langdon. The pilots eyes bulged at the sight of the weapon. He walked over to Teabing and whispered, Sir, my humble apologies, but my diplomatic flight allowance provides only for you and your manservant. I cannot take your guests. Richard, Teabing said, smiling warmly, two thousand pounds sterling and that loaded gun say you can take my guests. He motioned to the Range Rover. And the unfortunate fellow in the back. CHAPTER 69 The Hawker 731s twin Garrett TFE-731 engines thundered, powering the plane skyward with gutwrenching force. Outside the window, Le Bourget Airfield dropped away with startling speed. Im fleeing the country, Sophie

rcled a bare expanse of floor in the middle. A theater in the round, as Robert had called it. She imagined this chamber at night, filled with masked people, chanting by torchlight, all witnessing a sacred communion in the center of the room. Forcing the image from her mind, she advanced with Langdon and Teabing toward the first group of knights. Despite Teabings insistence that their investigation should be co foldable ray ban wayfarers nducted meticulously, Sophi foldable ray ban wayfarers e felt eager and pushed ahead of them, making a cursory walk-through of the five knights on the left. Scrutinizing these first tombs, Sophie noted the similarities and differences between them. Every knight was on his back, but three of the knights had their legs extended straight out while two had their legs crossed. The oddity seemed to have no relevance