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borders, quickly briefed by a local KGB officer, and told to force the American aircraft to turn back. He should not have said what he had just said in the clear. You must stop the aircraft! the KGB General shouted. Simple, then. I order my MiGs to shoot it down! the Captain replied in kind. Do you give me the order, Comrade General? I do not have the authority. You have to make it stop. It cannot be done. We can shoot it down, but we cannot make it stop . Do you wish to be shot? the General asked. Where the hell is it now? the Foxbat pilot asked his wingman. Theyd only seen it once, and that for a single ghastly instant. They could track the intruderexcept that it was leaving red ray ban eyeglasses , and was red ray ban eyeglasses nt really an intruder, they both knewon radar, and kill it with radar-guided missiles, but to close on the

celebrated sketch consisted of a perfect circle in which was red ray ban eyeglasses inscribed a nude male... his arms and legs outstretched in a naked spread eagle. Da Vinci. Langdon felt a shiver of amazement. The clarity of Saunières intentions could not be denied. In his final moments of life, the curator had stripped off his clothing and arranged his body in a clear image of Leonardo da Vincis Vitruvian Man. The circle had been the missing critical element. A feminine symbol of protection, the circle around the naked mans body completed Da Vincis intended messagemale and female harmony. The question now, though, was why Saunière would imitate a famous drawing. Mr. Langdon, Fache said, certainly a man like yourself is aware that Leonardo da Vinci had a tendency toward red ray ban eyeglasses the darker arts. Langdon was surprised

churches, had been built in the shape of a giant Roman cross. Its long central sectionthe naveled directly to the main altar, where it was transversely intersected by a shorter section, known as the transept. The intersection of nave and transept occurred directly beneath the main cupola and was considered the heart of the church... her most sacred and mystical point. Not tonight, Silas thought. Saint-Sulpice hides her secrets elsewhere. Turning his head to the right, he gaz red ray ban eyeglasses ed into the south transept, toward the open area of floor beyond the end of the pews, to the object his victims had described. There red ray ban eyeglasses it is. Embedded in the gray granite floor, a thin polished strip of brass glistened in the stone... a golden line slanting across the churchs floor. The line bore graduated markings, like

gave the Knights Templar so much power because the pages revealed the true nature of the Grail. The true nature of the Grail? Sophie felt even more lost now. The Holy Grail, she had thought, was the cup that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper and with which Joseph of Arimathea later c red ray ban eyeglasses aught His blood at the crucifixion. The Holy Grail is the Cup of Christ, she said. How much simpler could it be? Sophie, Langdon whispered, leaning toward her now, according to the Priory of Sion, the Holy Grail is not a cup at all. They claim the Grail legen red ray ban eyeglasses dthat of a chaliceis actually an ingeniously conceived allegory. That is, that the Grail story uses the chalice as a metaphor for something else, something far more powerful. He paused. Something that fits perfectly with everything your grandfather has

Sir Leigh. Langdon had made that mistake only once. Teabing is quite a character. He was knighted by the Queen several years ba red ray ban eyeglasses ck after composing an extensive history on the House of York. Sophie looked over. Youre kidding, right? Were going to visit red ray ban eyeglasses a knight? Langdon gave an awkward smile. Were on a Grail quest, Sophie. Who better to help us than a knight? CHAPTER 52 The Sprawling 185-acre estate of Chateau Villette was located twenty-five minutes northwest of Paris in the environs of Versailles. Designed by Fran.ois Mansart in 1668 for the Count of Aufflay, it was one of Pariss most significant historical chateaux. Complete with two rectangular lakes and gardens designed by Le N.tre, Chateau Villette was more of a modest castle than a mansion. The estate fondly had become known as la

people were talking. red ray ban eyeglasses Where the devil were you? Teabing was yelling. The manservant hurried in. What happened? Oh my God! Who is that? Ill call the police! Bloody hell! Dont call the police. Make yourself useful and get us something with which to restrain this monster. And some ice! Sophie called after him. Langdon drift red ray ban eyeglasses ed out again. More voices. Movement. Now he was seated on the divan. Sophie was holding an ice pack to his head. His skull ached. As Langdons vision finally began to clear, he found himself staring at a body on the floor. Am I hallucinating? The massive body of an albino monk lay bound and gagged with duct tape. His chin was split open, and the robe over his right thigh was soaked with blood. He too appeared to be just now coming to. Langdon turned to Sophie. Who is that?

babysitting a child. One moment please. Help yourself to a drink and savory snacks. He left them, clambering awkwardly toward the open divider to talk to Rémy. Sophie turned to Langdon now, her voice quiet. Robert, nobody knows you and I are in England. Langdon real red ray ban eyeglasses ized she was right. The Kent police would tell Fache the plane was empty, and Fache would have to assume they were still in France. We are invisible. Leighs little stunt had just bought them a lot of time. Fache will not give up easily, Sophie said. He has too much riding on this arrest now. Langdon red ray ban eyeglasses had been trying not to think about Fache. Sophie had promised she would do everything in her power to exonerate Langdon once this was over, but Langdon was starting to fear it might not matter. Fache could easily be pan of this plot.

Days, Langdon thought. The end of Pisces and the beginning of Aquarius was allegedly the historical marker at which the Priory planned to release the Sangreal documents to the world. But the millennium came and went without incident, leaving historians uncertain when the truth was coming. It seems possible, Sophie said, that the Priorys plans to reveal the truth might be related to the last line of the poem. It speaks of Rosy flesh and seeded womb. Langdon felt a shiver of potential. He had not considered the line that way before. You told me earlier, she said, that the timing of the Priorys plans red ray ban eyeglasses to unveil the truth about the Rose and her fertile womb was link red ray ban eyeglasses ed directly to the position of planetsorbs. Langdon nodded, feeling the first faint wisps of possibility materializing. Even so,