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your help. I do not know ray ban wayfarer what you mean, sir, Ryan lied. Did you really think that Gerasimov could remove me? Sir, I dont know what you are talking about. My mission was to save the life of one of our agents. To do this meant compromising Chairman Gerasimov. It was just a matter of fishing with the proper bait. And fishing for the proper fish, Narmonov commented. The amusement in his voice did not show on his face. And your agent was Colonel Filitov? Yes, sir. You know that. I just learned it. Page 403 Then you know that Yazov was compromised also. Just how close might they have come, Comrade General Secretary?Ryan did not say. Probably Narmonov didnt know either. Then you know that Yazov was compromised also. Just how close might ray ban wayfarer they have come, Comrade General Secretary?Ryan did not say.

on speaking to you immediately, Captain. I ray ban wayfarer tried to stop her, but shes on her way into the gallery. Fache recoiled in disbelief. Unacceptable! I made it very clear For a moment, Robert Langdon thought Bezu Fache was suffering a stroke. The captain was midsentence when his jaw stopped moving and his eyes bulged. His blistering gaze seemed fixated on something over Langdons shoulder. Before Langdon could turn to see what it was, he heard a womans voice chime out behind him. Excusez-moi, messieurs. Langdon turned to see a young woman approaching. She was moving down the corridor toward them with long, fluid strides... a haunting certainty to her gait. Dressed casually in a knee-length, cream-colored Irish sweater over black leggings, she was attractive and loo ray ban wayfarer ked to be about thirty. Her thick

golden head was in the shape of a cross, but not a normal cross. This was an even-armed one, like a plus sign. Embossed in the middle of the cross was a strange symboltwo letters intertwined with some kind of flowery design. P.S., she whispered, scowling as she read the letters. Whatever could this be? Sophie? her grandfather spok ray ban wayfarer e from the doorway. Startled, she spun, dropping the key on the floor with a loud clang. She stared down at the key, afraid to look up at her grandfathers face. I... was looking for my birthday present, she said, hanging her head, knowing she had betrayed his trust. For what seemed like an eternity, her grandfather stood silently in the doorway. Finally, he let out a long troubled breath. Pick up the key, Sophie. Sophie retrieved the key. Her ray ban wayfarer grandfather walked in.

possibly the key to his own freedom. Earlier, while telling Sophie about the Knights Templar, Langdon had realized that this key, in add ray ban wayfarer ition to having the Priory seal embossed on it, possessed a more subtle tie to the Priory of Sion. The equal-armed cruciform was symbolic of balance and harmony but also of the Knights Templar. Everyone had seen the paintings ray ban wayfarer of Knights Templar wearing white tunics emblazoned with red equal-armed crosses. Granted, the arms of the Templar cross were slightly flared at the ends, but they were still of equal length. A square cross. Just like the one on this key. Langdon felt his imagination starting to run wild as he fantasized about what they might find. The Holy Grail. He almost laughed out loud at the absurdity of it. The Grail was believed to be somewhere

Sophie had the sensation that her grandfather would have loved this room. The dark wood p ray ban wayfarer aneling was bedecked with Old Master paintings, one of which Sophie recognized as a Poussin, her grandfathers second-favorite painter. On the mantel above the fireplace, an alabaster bust of Isis watched over the room. Beneath the Egyptian goddess, inside the fireplace, two stone g ray ban wayfarer argoyles served as andirons, their mouths gaping to reveal their menacing hollow throats. Gargoyles had always terrified Sophie as a child; that was, until her grandfather cured her of the fear by taking her atop Notre Dame Cathedral in a rainstorm. Princess, look at these silly creatures, he had told her, pointing to the gargoyle rainspouts with their mouths gushing water. Do you hear that funny sound in their throats?

struggling against his trusses. Suddenly, he began kicking wildly. Teabing spun around and aimed the pistol over the seat. I cant imagine your complaint, sir. You trespassed in my home and planted a nasty welt on the skull of a dear friend. I would be well within my rights to shoot you right now and leave you to rot in the woods. The monk fell silent. Are you sure we should have brought him? Langdon asked. Bloody wel ray ban wayfarer l positive! Teabing exclaimed. Youre wanted for murder, Robert. This scoundrel is your ticket to freedom. The police apparently want you badly enough to have tailed yo ray ban wayfarer u to my home. My fault, Sophie said. The armored car probably had a transmitter. Not the point, Teabing said. Im not surprised the police found you, but I am surprised that this Opus Dei character found you. From

a couple of years but had never heard of this custom. It would be better if you waited until nine-thirty. The church isnt open yet, and Im not finished hoovering. The man on crutches glared angrily. Young man, the only reason theres anything left of this building for you to hoover is on account of the gentleman in that womans pocket. Im sorry? Mrs. Wren, the man on crutches said, would you be so kind as to show this impertinent young man the reliquary of ashes? The woman hesitated a moment and then, as if awakin ray ban wayfarer g from a trance, reached in her sweater pocket and pulled out a small cylinder wrapped in protective fabric. There, you see? the ma ray ban wayfarer n on crutches snapped. Now, you can either grant his dying wish and let us sprinkle his ashes in the sanctuary, or I tell Father Knowles how weve been

traitors to the Grail. Sophie felt a fury rising from deep within. Hes lying! Teabings voice was relentless. Your grandfather sold out to the Church. It is obvious they pressured him to keep the truth quiet. Sophie shook her head. The Church had no influence ray ban wayfarer on my gran ray ban wayfarer dfather! Teabing laughed coldly. My dear, the Church has two thousand years of experience pressuring those who threaten to unveil its lies. Since the days of Constantine, the Church has successfully hidden the truth about Mary Magdalene and Jesus. We should not be surprised that now, once again, they have found a way to keep the world in the dark. The Church may no longer employ crusaders to slaughter non-believers, but their influence is no less persuasive. No less insidious. He paused, as if to punctuate his next point.