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Narmonov shook his head and rose to toss another log on the fire. He maneuvered it into place with a poker. Its madness, you know, he said at the hearth. We have a ray ban clubmaster perfectly satisfactory situation now. Excuse me? I dont understand, Ryan asked. The world is stable, is it not? Yet your country wishes to change this, and forces us to pursue the same goal. That the ABM test site at Sary Shagan had been operating for over thirty years was, for the moment, beside the point. Mr. Secretary, if you think the ability to turn every city, every home in my country into a fire like the one you have right there My country, too, Ryan, Narmonov said. Yes, ray ban clubmaster sir, your country, too, and a bunch of others. You can kill most every civilian in my country, and we can murder almost every person in your country, in

please excuse the interruption, but Ce nest pas le moment! Fache sputtered. I tried to phone you. Sophie continued in English, as if out of courtesy to Langdon. But your cell phone was turned off. I turned it off for a reason, Fache hissed. I am speaking to Mr. Langdon. Ive deciphered the numeric code, she said flatly. Langdon felt a pulse of excitement. She broke the code? Fache looked uncertain how to respond. Before I explain, Sophie said, I have an urgent message for Mr. Langdon. Faches express ray ban clubmaster ion turned to one of deepening concern. For Mr. Langdon? She no ray ban clubmaster dded, turning back to Langdon. You need to contact the U.S. Embassy, Mr. Langdon. They have a message for you from the States. Langdon reacted with surprise, his excitement over the code giving way to a sudden ripple of concern. A

night. As she climbed in, though, she found a note card lying on her pillow. On the card was written a simple riddle. Even before she solved the riddle, she was smiling. I know what this is! Her grandfather had done this for her last Christmas morning. A treasure hunt! Eagerly, she pored over the riddle until she solved it. The solution pointed her to another part of the house, where she found another card and another riddle. She solved this one ray ban clubmaster too, racing ray ban clubmaster on to the next card. Running wildly, she darted back and forth across the house, from clue to clue, until at last she found a clue that directed her back to her own bedroom. Sophie dashed up the stairs, rushed into her room, and stopped in her tracks. There in the middle of the room sat a shining red bicycle with a ribbon tied to the

nthusiasts still pored over Da Vincis art and diaries in hopes of unearthing a hidden clue as to the Grails current location. Some claimed the mountainous backdrop in Madonna of the Rocks matched the topography of a series of cave-ridden hills in Scotland. Oth ray ban clubmaster ers insisted that the suspicious placement of disciples in The Last Supper was some kind of code. Still others claimed that X rays of the Mona Lisa revealed she originally had been painted wearing a lapis lazuli pendant of Isisa detail Da Vinci purportedly later decided to paint over. Langdon had never seen any evidence of the pendant, nor could he imagine how it could possibly reveal t ray ban clubmaster he Holy Grail, and yet Grail aficionados still discussed it ad nauseum on Internet bulletin boards and worldwide-web chat rooms. Everyone loves a

up. Sophie jumped to her feet as well. The voice had come from the top of a curled sta ray ban clubmaster ircase that snaked up to the shadows of the second floor. At the top of the s ray ban clubmaster tairs, a form moved in the shadows, only his silhouette visible. Good evening, Langdon called up. Sir Leigh, may I present Sophie Neveu. An honor. Teabing moved into the light. Thank you for having us, Sophie said, now seeing the man wore metal leg braces and used crutches. He was coming down one stair at a time. I realize its quite late. It is so late, my dear, its early. He laughed. Vous nêtes pas Américaine? Sophie shook her head. Parisienne. Your English is superb. Thank you. I studied at the Royal Holloway. So then, that explains it. Teabing hobbled lower through the shadows. Perhaps Robert told you I schooled just down

with the trail. They splashed through some water, climbed a small rise, and began descending again. Robert, could you be so kind as to hand me that phone? Teabing pointed to the car phone on the dash. Langdon handed it back, and Teabing dialed a number. He waited for a very long time before someone answered. Richard? Did I wake you? Of course, I did. Silly question. Im sorry. I have a small problem. Im feeling a bit off. Rémy and I ray ban clubmaster need to pop up to the Isles for my treatments. Well, right away, actually. Sorry for the sh ray ban clubmaster ort notice. Can you have Elizabeth ready in about twenty minutes? I know, do the best you can. See you shortly. He hung up. Elizabeth? Langdon said. My plane. She cost me a Queens ransom. Langdon turned full around and looked at him. What? Teabing demanded. You two cant

entirely too well. Teabings eyes t ray ban clubmaster winkled. Oxford Theatre Club. They still talk of my Julius Caesar. Im certain nobody has ever performed the first scene of Act Three with more dedication. Langdon glanced over. I thought Caesar was dead in that scene. Teabing smirked. Yes, but my toga tore open when I fell, and I had to lie on stage for half an hour with my todger hanging out. Even so, I never moved a muscle. I was brilliant, I tell you. Langdon cringed. Sorry I missed it. As the group moved through the ray ban clubmaster rectangular annex toward the archway leading into the main church, Langdon was surprised by the barren austerity. Although the altar layout resembled that of a linear Christian chapel, the furnishings were stark and cold, bearing none of the traditional ornamentation. Bleak, he whispered.

the childhood pain welling inside her. An accident! Bedtime st ray ban clubmaster ories to protect your innocence, Teabing said. Consider that only two family members went untouchedthe Priorys Grand Master and his lone granddaughterthe perfect pair to provide the Chur ray ban clubmaster ch with control over the brotherhood. I can only imagine the terror the Church wielded over your grandfather these past years, threatening to kill you if he dared release the Sangreal secret, threatening to finish the job they started unless Saunière influenced the Priory to reconsider its ancient vow. Leigh, Langdon argued, now visibly riled, certainly you have no proof that the Church had anything to do with those deaths, or that it influenced the Priorys decision to remain silent. Proof? Teabing fired back. You want proof the Priory was