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nodded politely to them, and got no response other than another frisking from one while the other watched from a safe shooting distance. Ryan was astonished when the ray ban with blue lenses two KGB officers were frisked as well. When this was complete, the other one motioned them through a doorway. General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Andrey Ilych Narmonov was sitting in an Page 402 overstuffed chair in front of a newly built fire. He rose when the four men entered the ray ban with blue lenses room, and gestured for them to sit on the sofa opposite his place. The bodyguard took position standing behind the head of the Soviet government. Narmonov spoke in Russian. Golovko translated.overstuffed chair in front of a newly built fire. He rose when the four men entered the room, and gestured for them to sit on the sofa

Fache had turned off his cellular phone. Unfortunately, it was an expensive model equipped with a two-way radio feature, which, contrary to his orders, was now being used by one of his agents to page him. Capitaine? The phone crackled ray ban with blue lenses like a walkie-talkie. Fache felt his teeth clench ray ban with blue lenses in rage. He could imagine nothing important enough that Collet would interrupt this surveillance cachéeespecially at this critical juncture. He gave Langdon a calm look of apology. One moment please. He pulled the phone from his belt and pressed the radio transmission button. Oui? Capitaine, un agent du Département de Cryptographie est arrivé. Faches anger stalled momentarily. A cryptographer? Despite the lousy timing, this was probably good news. Fache, after finding Saunières cryptic text on the floor,

front of her. Her relief was only momentary. Robert, I told you to get out of here! If Fache Where were you? I had to get the black light, she whispered, holding it up. If my grandfather left me a message Sophie, listen. Langdon caught his breath as his blue eyes held her firmly. The letters P.S.... do they mean anything else to you? Anything at all? Afraid their voices might ray ban with blue lenses echo d ray ban with blue lenses own the hall, Sophie pulled him into the Salle des Etats and closed the enormous twin doors silently, sealing them inside. I told you, the initials mean Princess Sophie. I know, but did you ever see them anywhere else? Did your grandfather ever use P.S. in any other way? As a monogram, or maybe on stationery or a personal item? The question startled her. How would Robert know that? Sophie had indeed seen the

never again set foot outside. Everything he needed was within that sanctuary. Nobody will miss me. Unfortunately, Silas knew, a prominent man like Bishop Aringarosa could not disappear so easily. I have endangered the bishop. Silas gazed blankly at the floor and pondered taking his own life. After all, it had been Aringarosa who gave Silas life in the first place... in that small rectory in Spain, educating him, giving him purpose. My friend, Aringarosa had told him, yo ray ban with blue lenses u were born an albino. Do not let others shame you for this. Do you not understand how special this makes you? Were you not aware that Noah himself was an albino? Noah of the Ark? Silas had never heard this. Aringarosa was smiling. Indeed ray ban with blue lenses , Noah of the Ark. An albino. Like you, he had skin white like an angel. Consider this.

find somewhere inside to stash this before he joins us. Langdon paused. Actually, I should probably warn you before you meet him. Sir Leigh has a sense of humor that people often find a bit... strange. Sophie doubted anything tonight would strike her as strange anymore. The pathway to the main entrance was hand-laid cobblestone. It curved to a door of carved oak ray ban with blue lenses and cherry with a brass knocker the size of a grapefruit. Before Sophie could grasp the knocker, the door swung open from within. A prim and elegant butler stood before them, making final adjustments on the white tie and tuxedo he h ray ban with blue lenses ad apparently just donned. He looked to be about fifty, with refined features and an austere expression that left little doubt he was unamused by their presence here. Sir Leigh will be down presently, he

past Langdon out the windshield at the shadow of a long hedgerow. He tapped Rémy on the shoulder from behind. Remember, no brake lights. Use the emergency brake if you need it. I want to get into the woods a bit. No reason to risk them seeing us from the house. Rémy coasted to a crawl and guided the Range Rover through an opening in the hedge. As the vehicle lurched onto an overgrown pathway, almost immediately the trees over ray ban with blue lenses head blotted out the moonlight. I cant see a thing, Langdon thought, straining to disti ray ban with blue lenses nguish any shapes at all in front of them. It was pitch black. Branches rubbed against the left side of the vehicle, and Rémy corrected in the other direction. Keeping the wheel more or less straight now, he inched ahead about thirty yards. Youre doing beautifully, Rémy, Teabing

Robert, check the service schedule, will you? Who is presiding this week? Inside the church, an altar boy was almost finished vacuuming the communion kneelers when he heard a knocking on the sanctuary door. He ignored it. Father Harvey Knowles had his own keys and was not due for another couple of hours. The knocking was probably a curious tourist or indigent. The altar boy kept vacuuming, but the knocking continued. Cant you read? The sign on the door clearly stated that th ray ban with blue lenses e church did not open until nine-thirty on Saturday. The altar boy remained with his chores. Suddenly, the knocking turned to a forceful banging, as if someone were hitting the door w ray ban with blue lenses ith a metal rod. The young man switched off his vacuum cleaner and marched angrily toward the door. Unlatching it from within, he swung it

done everything in my power to keep you out of harm ray ban with blue lenses s way. But your persistence has now put me in a difficult position. He could see the expressions of shock and ray ban with blue lenses betrayal on Sophies and Langdons faces, and yet he was confident that soon they would both understand the chain of events that had guided the three of them to this unlikely crossroads. There is so much I have to tell you both... so much you do not yet understand. Please believe, Teabing said, I never had any intention of your being involved. You came to my home. You came searching for me. Leigh? Langdon finally managed. What the hell are you doing? We thought you were in trouble. We came here to help you! As I trusted you would, he said. We have much to discuss. Langdon and Sophie seemed unable to tear their stunned gazes from the