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your people that it is better for both sides if this never becomes public. The VC-137 landed atShannonten minutes late, due to headwinds over theNorth Sea. The crew chief and another sergeant herded the passengers out the front way, and when all had left the aircraft, came back to open the rear door. While cameras flashed in the main terminal, steps were rolled to the Boeings tail and four men left wearing the uniform parkas of U.S. Air Force sergeants. They entered a car and were driven to a far end of the termi ray ban new wayfarer nal, where they boarded another plane of the 89th Military A ray ban new wayfarer irlift Wing, a VC-20A, the military version of the Gulfstream-III executive jet. Hello, Misha. Mary Pat Foley met him at the door and took him forward. She hadnt kissed him before. She made up for it now. We have food and

hear the tape rewinding now. Finally, it stopped, and the machine engaged. Langdon listened as the message began to play. Again, the voice on the line was Sophies. Mr. Langdon, the ray ban new wayfarer message be ray ban new wayfarer gan in a fearful whisper. Do not react to this message. Just listen calmly. You are in danger right now. Follow my directions very closely. CHAPTER 10 Silas sat behind the wheel of the black Audi the Teacher had arranged for him and gazed out at the great Church of Saint-Sulpice. Lit from beneath by banks of floodlights, the churchs two bell towers rose like stalwart sentinels above the buildings long body. On either flank, a shadowy row of sleek buttresses jutted out like the ribs of a beautiful beast. The heathens used a house of God to conceal their keystone. Again the brotherhood had confirmed

had tried to forget the incident that had confirmed that horrifying fact for her. She had witnessed something unthinkable. Unforgivable. The fleur-de-lis, Langdon said, combined with the initials P.S., that is the brotherhoods official device ray ban new wayfarer . Their coat of arms. Their logo. How do you know this? Sophie was praying Langdon was not going to tell her that he himself was a member. Ive written about this group, he said, his voice tremulous with excitement. Researching the symbols of secret societies is a specialty of mine. They call themselves the Prieuré de Sionthe Priory of Sion. Theyre based here in France and attract powerful members from all over Europe. In fact, they are one of the oldest surviving secret societi ray ban new wayfarer es on earth. Sophie had never heard of them. Langdon was talking in rapid

where the Grail is. That secret is protected by an intricate system of compartmentalized knowledge, and although the Priory brotherhood is very large, only four members at any given time know where the Grail is hiddenthe Grand Master and his three sénéchaux. The probability of your grandfather being one of those four top people is very slim. My grandfather was one of them, Sophie thought, pressing down on the accelerator. She had an image stamped in her memory that confirmed her grandfathers status within the brotherhood beyond any doubt. And even if your grandfather were in the upper echelon, he would never ray ban new wayfarer be allowed to reveal anything to anyone outside the brotherhood. It is inconceivable that he would bring you in ray ban new wayfarer to the inner circle. Ive already been there, Sophie thought, picturing

heard the true Grail story. Teabing turned eagerly to Sophie. How much do you know, my dear? Sophie quickly outlined what Langdon had explained earlierthe Priory of Sion, the Knights Templar, the Sangreal documents, and the Holy Grail, which many claimed was not a cup... bu ray ban new wayfarer t rather something far more powerful. Thats all? Teabing fired ray ban new wayfarer Langdon a scandalous look. Robert, I thought you were a gentleman. Youve robbed her of the climax! I know, I thought perhaps you and I could... Langdon apparently decided the unseemly metaphor had gone far enough. Teabing already had Sophie locked in his twinkling gaze. You are a Grail virgin, my dear. And trust me, you will never forget your first time. CHAPTER 55 Seated on the divan beside Langdon, Sophie drank her tea and ate a scone, feeling the welcome

could barely breathe. His arms were wren ray ban new wayfarer ched backward and heavily lashed to his ankles with kitchen twine and duct tape. Every bump in the road sent pain shooting through his twisted should ray ban new wayfarer ers. At least his captors had removed the cilice. Unable to inhale through the strip of tape over his mouth, he could only breathe through his nostrils, which were slowly clogging up due to the dusty rear cargo area into which he had been crammed. He began coughing. I think hes choking, the French driver said, sounding concerned. The British man who had struck Silas with his crutch now turned and peered over the seat, frowning coldly at Silas. Fortunately for you, we British judge mans civility not by his compassion for his friends, but by his compassion for his enemies. The Brit reached down and grabbed

Deserted. He got out of the car, walked toward the rear, and climbed back into the limousines main cabin where the monk was. Sensing Rémys presence, the monk in the back emerged from a prayer-like trance, his red eyes looking more curious than fearful. All evening Rémy had been impressed with this trussed mans ability to stay calm. After ray ban new wayfarer some initial struggles in the Range Rover, the monk seemed to have accepted his plight and given over his fate to a higher power. Loosening his bow tie, Rémy unbuttoned his high, starched, wing-tipped collar and felt as if he could breathe for the first time in years. He went to the limousines wet bar, where he poured himself a Smirnoff ray ban new wayfarer vodka. He drank it in a single swallow and followed it with a second. Soon I will be a man of leisure. Searching the

show of faith I cannot afford. I can, however, offer you this. He propped himself fully on his crutches, gracelessly keeping the gun aimed at Sophie, and removed the keystone from his pocket. He swayed a bit as he held it out for Langdon. A token of trust, Robert. Robert felt wary and didnt move. Leigh is giving the keystone back to us? Take it, Teabing said, thrusting it awkwardly toward Langdon. Langdon could imagine only one reason Teabing would give it back. You opened it already. You r ray ban new wayfarer emoved the map. Teabing was shaking his head. Robert, if I ha ray ban new wayfarer d solved the keystone, I would have disappeared to find the Grail myself and kept you uninvolved. No, I do not know the answer. And I can admit that freely. A true knight learns humility in the face of the Grail. He learns to obey the signs