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Thats not destabilizing, sir. Thats just good sense. Thats just something more to protect your conscience. You sound like your President. This was delivered with a smile. Hes right. Ryan ray ban sunglasses sale returned it. It is bad enough that I must argue with one American. I will not do so with another. What will you do with Gerasimov? the General Secretary asked. It will be handled very quietly, for the obvious reason, Jack said, hop ray ban sunglasses sale ing that he was right. It would be very damaging to my government if his defection became public. I suggest that he died in a plane crash ... I will convey that to my government if I am permitted to do so. We can also keep Filitovs name out of the news. We have nothing to gain by publicity. That would just complicate things for your country and mine. We both want the arms treaty

captains phone. Fache immediately marched Sophie several steps away and began chastising her in hushed tones. Disliking the captain more and more, Langdon turned away from the odd confrontation and switched on the cell phone. Checking the slip of paper Sophie had given him, Langdon dialed the number. ray ban sunglasses sale The line began to ring. One ring... two rings... three rings... Finally the call connected. Langdon expected to hear an embassy operator, but he found himself instead listening to an answering machine. Oddly, the voice on the tape was familiar. It was that of Sophie Neveu. Bonjour, vous êtes bien chez Sophie Neveu, the womans voice said. Je suis absenle ray ban sunglasses sale pour le moment, mais... Confused, Langdon turned back toward Sophie. Im sorry, Ms. Neveu? I think you may have given me No, thats the right

on it. Sophie scowled. No it doesnt. It said P.S. My name isnt P.S.! Her grandfather lowered his voice and looked around as if to make sure no one was listening. Okay, Sophie, if you must know, P.S. is a code. Its your secret initials. Her eyes went wide. I have secret initials? Of course. Granddaughte ray ban sunglasses sale rs always have secret initials that only their grandfathers know. P.S.? He tickled her. Princesse Sophie. She giggled. Im not a princess! He winked. You are to me. From that day on, they never again spoke of the key. And she ray ban sunglasses sale became his Princess Sophie. Inside the Salle des Etats, Sophie stood in silence and endured the sharp pang of loss. The initials, Langdon whispered, eyeing her strangely. Have you seen them? Sophie sensed her grandfathers voice whispering in the corridors of the museum.

enciphered in plain view, or perhaps nowhere at all. Maybe Da Vincis plethora of tantalizing clues was nothing but an empty promise left behind to frustrate the curious and bring a smirk to the face of his knowing Mona Lisa. Is it possible, Sophie asked, drawing Langdon back, that the key youre holding unlocks the hiding place of the Holy Grail? Langdons laugh sounded forced, even to him. I really cant imagine. Besides, the Grail is believed to be hidden in the United Kingdom somewhere, not ray ban sunglasses sale France. He gave her the quick history. But the Grail seems the only rational ray ban sunglasses sale conclusion, she insisted. We have an extremely secure key, stamped with the Priory of Sion seal, delivered to us by a member of the Priory of Siona brotherhood which, you just told me, are guardians of the Holy Grail. Langdon

at Sophie. Pardonnez-moi, Mademoiselle Neveu. Please be assured that my distaste for the French extends only to politics and the soccer pitch. Your government steals my money, and your football squad recently humiliated us. Sophie offered an easy smile. Teabing eyed her a moment and then looked at Langdon. Something has happened. You both look shaken. Langdon nodded. Weve had an interesting night, Leigh. No doubt. You arrive on my doorstep unannounced in the middle of the night speaking of the Grail. Tell me, is this indeed about the Grail, or did you simply say that because you know it is the lone topic for whic ray ban sunglasses sale h I would rouse myself in the middle of the night? A little of both, Sophie thought, picturing the cryptex hidden beneath the couch. Leigh, Langdon said, wed like ray ban sunglasses sale to talk to you

for it. The Sangreal document ray ban sunglasses sale s. The true history of Jesus Christ. The tomb of Mary Magdalene. He suddenly felt as if he were living in some kind of limbo tonight... a bubble where the real world could not reach him. Sir? Rémy said. Are you truly thinking of returning to England for good? Rémy, you neednt worry, Teabing assured. Just because I am returning to the Queens realm does not mean I intend to subject my palate to bangers and mash for the rest of my days. I expect you will join me there permanently. Im planning to buy a splendid villa in Devonshire, and well have all your things shipped up immediately. An adventure, Rémy. I say, an adventure! Langdon had to smile. As Teabing railed on about his plans for a triumphant return to Britain, Langdon felt himself caught up in the mans ray ban sunglasses sale

once have been stored in this church overnight while the Templars moved it from one hiding place to another. Can you imagine the four chests of Sangreal documents sitting right here with Mary Magdalene ray ban sunglasses sale s sarcophagus? It gives me gooseflesh. Langdon was feeling gooseflesh too as they stepped into the circular chamber. His eye traced the curvature of the chambers pale stone perimeter, taking in the carvings of gargoyles, demons, monsters, and pained human faces, all staring inward. Beneath the carvings, a single stone pew curled around the entire circumference of the room. Theater in the round, Langdon whispered. Teabing raised a crutch, pointing towa ray ban sunglasses sale rd the far left of the room and then to the far right. Langdon had already seen them. Ten stone knights. Five on the left. Five on the right.

paused. The three of us. Together. Sophie felt only incredulity. How could you possibly believe that we would help you? Because, my dear, you are the reason the Priory failed to release the documents. Your grandfathers love for you prevented him from challenging the Church. His fear of reprisal against his only remaining family c ray ban sunglasses sale rippled him. He never had a chance to explain the truth because you rejected him, tying his hands, making him wait. No ray ban sunglasses sale w you owe the world the truth. You owe it to the memory of your grandfather. Robert Langdon had given up trying to get his bearings. Despite the torrent of questions running through his mind, he knew only one thing mattered nowgetting Sophie out of here alive. All the guilt Langdon had mistakenly felt earlier for involving Teabing had now been