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now, the Major said with a degree of confidence that even he did not understand. Page 407 Ortiz watched them leave at nightfall, a single file of small, ferocious warriors, led now by a trained soldier. He hoped it would make a difference. Ortiz watched them leave at nightfall, a single file of small, fake ray ban sunglasses ferocious warriors, led now by a trained soldier. He hoped it would make a difference. After that came the routine explanations of the second career that had joined and paralleled his first. A whole generation of field officers visited him for meals and walks, and drinking sessions that worried the doctors but which no one could deny the Cardinal. His living quarters were closely guarded, and even bugged. Those who listened to him were surpris fake ray ban sunglasses ed that he occasionally spoke in his sleep. One

ghost... transparent... floating from seaport to seaport. People seemed fake ray ban sunglasses fake ray ban sunglasses to look right through him. At eighteen, in a port town, while attempting to steal a case of cured ham from a cargo ship, he was caught by a pair of crewmen. The two sailors who began to beat him smelled of beer, just as his father had. The memories of fear and hatred surfaced like a monster from the deep. The young man broke the first sailors neck with his bare hands, and only the arrival of the police saved the second sailor from a similar fate. Two months later, in shackles, he arrived at a prison in Andorra. You are as white as a ghost, the inmates ridiculed as the guards marched him in, naked and cold. Mira el espectro! Perhaps the ghost will pass right through these walls! Over the course of twelve years, his

knocked on each tile adjacent to the brass line. Finally, one of them echoed strangely. Theres a hollow area beneath the floor! Silas smiled. His victims had spoken the truth. Standing, he searched the sanctuary for something with which to break the floor tile. High above Silas, in the balcony, Sister Sandrine stifled a gasp. Her darkest fears had just been confirmed. This visitor was not who he seemed. The mysterious Opus Dei monk had come to Saint- Sulpice for another purpose. A secret purpose. You are not the only one with secrets, she thought. Sister Sandrine Bieil was more than the keeper of this church. She was a sentry. And tonight, the ancient wheels had been fake ray ban sunglasses set in motion. The arrival of this stranger at the base of the obelisk was a signal from the brotherhood. It was a silen fake ray ban sunglasses t

somehow ashamed of what w fake ray ban sunglasses as about to fake ray ban sunglasses transpire. Aringarosa entered slowly, regally even. He could see the shapes of three men at a long table on the far side of the room. The silhouette of the man in the middle was immediately recognizablethe obese Secretariat Vaticana, overlord of all legal matters within Vatican City. The other two were high-ranking Italian cardinals. Aringarosa crossed the library toward them. My humble apologies for the hour. Were on different time zones. You must be tired. Not at all, the secretariat said, his hands folded on his enormous belly. We are grateful you have come so far. The least we can do is be awake to meet you. Can we offer you some coffee or refreshments? Id prefer we dont pretend this is a social visit. I have another plane to catch. Shall we get to

and yet only a relative few were chosen for inclusionMatthew, Mark, Luke, and John among them. Who chose which gospels to include? Sophie asked. A fake ray ban sunglasses ha! Teabing burst in with enthusiasm. The fundamental irony of Christianity! The Bible, as we know it today, was collated by the pagan Roman emperor Constantine the Great. I thought Constantine was a Christian, Sophie said. Hardly, Teabing scoffed. He was fake ray ban sunglasses a lifelong pagan who was baptized on his deathbed, too weak to protest. In Constantines day, Romes official religion was sun worshipthe cult of Sol Invictus, or the Invincible Sunand Constantine was its head priest. Unfortunately for him, a growing religious turmoil was gripping Rome. Three centuries after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Christs followers had multiplied exponentially.

opportunity to see their name in print. Jonas? Langdon pressed. You sent out my manuscript, didnt you? Faukman frowned, sensing Langdon was not happy about it. The manuscript was clean, Robert, and I wanted to surprise you with some terrific blurbs. A pause. Did you send one to the curator of the Paris Louvre? What do you think? Your manuscript referenced his Louvre collection several times, his books are in your bibliography, and the guy has some serious clout for foreign sales. Saunière was a nobrainer. The silence on the other end lasted a long time. When did you send it? About a month ago. I also mentioned you would be in Paris soon and suggested you two chat. Did he ever call you to meet? Faukman paused, rubbing his eye fake ray ban sunglasses s. Hold on, arent you supposed to be in Paris this week? I am in fake ray ban sunglasses

Teabing. But you live there. The odds... Rémy smiled, seeming to have no trouble with the apparent coincidence of Langdons chosen refuge. It was all utterly predictable. Robert Langdon was in possession of the keystone, and he needed help. What more logical place to run than to the home of Leigh Teabing? That I happen to live there is why the Teacher approached me in the first place. He paused. How do you think the Teacher knows so much about the Grail? Now it dawned, and Silas was stunned. The Teacher had recruited a fake ray ban sunglasses servant who had access to all of Sir Leigh Teabings research. It was brilliant. There is much I have to tell you, Rémy said, handing Silas the loaded Heckler Koch pistol. Then he reache fake ray ban sunglasses d through the open partition and retrieved a small, palm-sized revolver from the glove

delivered it into my waiting hands only serves as proof that my cause is just. What! Langdon was appalled. Silas was supposed to break in and steal the keystone from you in Chateau Villettethus removing you from the equation without hurting you, and exonerating me from any suspicion of complicity. However, when I saw the intricacy of Saunières codes, I decided to include you both in my quest a bit longer. I could have Silas steal the keystone later, once I knew enough to carry on alone. The Temple Church, Sophie said, her tone awash with betrayal. Ligh fake ray ban sunglasses t begins to dawn, Teabing thought. The Temple Church was the perfect location to steal the keystone from Robert and Sophie, and its apparent relevance to the poem made it a p fake ray ban sunglasses lausible decoy. Rémys orders had been clearstay out of sight while