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sixty minutes or less from the time you pick up the phoneor my President does. And what do we call that? We call it stability. It is stability, Ryan, Narmonov said. No, sir, the technical name we use is MAD: Mutual Assured Destruction, which isnt even good grammar, but its ray ban eyeglasses accurate enough. The situation we have now is mad, all right, and the fact that supposedly intelligent Page 404 people have thought it up doesnt make it any more sensible.people have thought it up doesnt make it any more sensible. Sir, why is it stabilizing to have several hundre ray ban eyeglasses d million people less than an hour away from death? Why do we view weapons that might protect those people to be dangerous? Isnt that backwards? But if we never use them . . . Do you think that I could live with such a crime on my conscience? No,

message from the States? He tried to imagine who could be trying to reach him. Only a few of his colleagues knew he was in Paris. Faches broad jaw had tightened with the news. The U.S. Embassy? he demanded, sounding suspicious. How would they know to find Mr. Langdon here? Sophie shrugged. Apparently they called Mr. Langdons hotel, and the concierge told them Mr. Langdon had been collected by a DCPJ agent. Fache looked troubled. And the embassy contacted DCPJ Cryptography? No, sir, Sophie said, her voice firm. When I called the DCPJ switchboard in an attempt to contact you, they had a message waiting for Mr. Langd ray ban eyeglasses on and asked me to pass it along if I got through to you. Faches brow ray ban eyeglasses furrowed in apparent confusion. He opened his mouth to speak, but Sophie had already turned back to Langdon.

handlebars. Sophie shrieked with delight. I know you asked for a doll ray ban eyeglasses , her grandfather said, smiling in the corner. I thought you might like this even better. The next day, her grandfather taught her to ride, running beside her down the walkway. When Sophie steered out over the thick lawn and lost her balance, th ray ban eyeglasses ey both went tumbling onto the grass, rolling and laughing. Grand-père, Sophie said, hugging him. Im really sorry about the key. I know, sweetie. Youre forgiven. I cant possibly stay mad at you. Grandfathers and granddaughters always forgive each other. Sophie knew she shouldnt ask, but she couldnt help it. What does it open? I never saw a key like that. It was very pretty. Her grandfather was silent a long moment, and Sophie could see he was uncertain how to answer. Grand-père

conspiracy. And the conspiracies kept coming. Most recently, of course, had been the earthshaking discovery that Da Vincis famed Adoration of the Magi was hiding a dark secret beneath its layers ray ban eyeglasses of paint. Italian art diagnostician Maurizio Seracini had unveiled the unsettling truth, which the New York Times Magazine carried prominently in a story titled The Leonardo ray ban eyeglasses Cover-Up. Seracini had revealed beyond any doubt that while the Adorations gray-green sketched underdrawing was indeed Da Vincis work, the painting itself was not. The truth was that some anonymous painter had filled in Da Vincis sketch like a paint-by-numbers years after Da Vincis death. Far more troubling, however, was what lay beneath the impostors paint. Photographs taken with infrared reflectography and X ray suggested

the road at Oxford. Teabing fixed Langdon with a devilish smile. Of course, I also applied to Harvard as my safety school. Their host arrived at the bottom of the stairs, appearing to Sophie no more like a knight than Sir Elton John. Portly and ruby-faced, Sir Leigh Teabing had bushy red hair and jovial hazel eyes that seemed to twinkle as he spoke. He wore pleated pants and a roomy silk shirt under a paisley vest. Despite the aluminum braces on his legs, he carried himself with a resilient, vertical dignity that seemed more a by-product of noble ancestry than any kind of conscious effort. Teabing arrived and extended a han ray ban eyeglasses d to Langdon. Robert, youve lost weight. Langdon grinned. And ray ban eyeglasses youve found some. Teabing laughed heartily, patting his rotund belly. Touché. My only carnal pleasures

expect to stay in France with the entire Judicial Police after you. London will be much safer. Sophie had turned to Teabing as well. You think we ray ban eyeglasses should leave the country? My friend ray ban eyeglasses s, I am far more influential in the civilized world than here in France. Furthermore, the Grail is believed to be in Great Britain. If we unlock the keystone, I am certain we will discover a map that indicates we have moved in the proper direction. Youre running a big risk, Sophie said, by helping us. You wont make any friends with the French police. Teabing gave a wave of disgust. I am finished with France. I moved here to find the keystone. That work is now done. I shant care if I ever again see Chateau Villette. Sophie sounded uncertain. How will we get through airport security? Teabing chuckled. I fly from

Teabing chuckled. Church of England. Anglicans drink their religion straight. Nothing to distract from their misery. Sophie motioned through the vast opening that gave way to the circular section of the church. It looks like a fortress in there, she whispered. Langdon agreed ray ban eyeglasses . Even from here, the walls looked unusually robust. The Knights Templar were warriors, Teabing reminded, the sound of his aluminum crutches ray ban eyeglasses echoing in this reverberant space. A religio-military society. Their churches were their strongholds and their banks. Banks? Sophie asked, glancing at Leigh. Heavens, yes. The Templars invented the concept of modern banking. For European nobility, traveling with gold was perilous, so the Templars allowed nobles to deposit gold in their nearest Temple Church and then draw it from

influenced? The new millennium has arrived, and yet the world remains ignorant! Is that not proof enough? In the echoes of Teabings words, Sophie heard another voice speaking. Sophie, I must tell you the truth about your family. She realized she was trembling. Could this possibly be that truth her grandfather had wanted to tell her? That her family had been murdered? What did she truly know about the crash that took her family? Only sketchy details. Even the stories in the newspaper had been vague. An accident? Bedtime stories? Sophie flashed suddenly on her grandfathers o ray ban eyeglasses verprotectiveness, how he never liked to leave her alone when she was young. Even when Soph ray ban eyeglasses ie was grown and away at university, she had the sense her grandfather was watching over. She wondered if there had been Priory