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I dont think that any man could, but someone- ray ban prescription glasses might screw up. Hed probably blow his brains out a week after the fact, but that might be a little late for the rest of us. The damned things are just too easy to use. You push a button, and they go, and theyll work, probably, because theres nothing to stop them. Unless something stands in their way, theres no reason to think that they wont work. And as long as ray ban prescription glasses somebody thinks they might work, its too easy to use them. Be realistic, Ryan. Do you think that well ever rid ourselves of atomic arms? Narmonov asked. No, well never get rid of all the weapons. I know that. Well both always have the ability to hurt each other badly, but we can make that process more complicated than it is now. We can give everybody one more reason not to push the button.

Mr. Langdon, she declared, pulling a small slip of paper from her pocket, this is the number for your embassys messaging service. They asked that you phone in as soon as possible. She handed him the paper with an intent gaze. While I explain the code to Captain Fache, you need to make this call. Langdon studied the slip. It had a Paris phone number and extension on it. Thank you, he said, feeling worried now. Where do I find a phone? Sophie began to pull a cell phone from her sweater pocket, but Fache waved her off. He now looked like Mount Vesuvius about to erupt. Without taking his eyes off Sophie, he produced his own cell phone and held it out. This line is ray ban prescription glasses secure, Mr. Langdon. You may use it. Langdon felt mystified by Faches anger with the young woman. Feeling uneasy, he accepte ray ban prescription glasses d the

never lies. It opens a box, he finally said. Where I keep many secrets. Sophie pouted. I hate secrets! I know, but these are important secrets. And someday, youll learn to appreciate them as much as I do. I saw letters on the key, and a flower. Yes, thats my favorite flower. ray ban prescription glasses Its called a fleur-de-lis. We have them in the garden. The white ones. In English we call that kind of ray ban prescription glasses flower a lily. I know those! Theyre my favorite too! Then Ill make a deal with you. Her grandfathers eyebrows raised the way they always did when he was about to give her a challenge. If you can keep my key a secret, and never talk about it ever again, to me or anybody, then someday I will give it to you. Sophie couldnt believe her ears. You will? I promise. When the time comes, the key will be yours. It has your name

that this rogue painter, while filling in Da Vincis sketched study, had made suspicious departures from the underdrawing... as if to subvert Da Vincis true intention. Whatever the true nature of the underdrawing, it had yet to be made public. Even so, embarrassed officials at Florences Uffizi Gallery immediately banished the painting to a warehouse across the street. Visitors at the gallerys Leonardo Room ray ban prescription glasses now found a misleading and unapologetic plaque where the Adoration once hung. THIS WORK IS UNDERGOING DIAGNOSTIC TESTS IN PREPARATION FOR RESTORATION. In the bizarre underworld of modern Grail seekers, Leonardo da Vinci remained the quests great enigma. His artwork seemed bursting to tell a secret, and yet whatever it was remained hidden, perhaps beneath a ray ban prescription glasses layer of paint, perhaps

these days seem to be culinary. Turning now to Sophie, he gently took her hand, bowing his head slightly, breathing lightly on her fingers, and diverting his eyes. Mlady. Sophie glanced at Langdon, uncertain whether shed stepped back in time or into a nuthouse. The butler who had answered the door now entered carrying a tea service, which he arranged on a table in front of the fireplace. This is Rémy Legaludec, Teabing said, my manservant. The slender butler gav ray ban prescription glasses e a stiff nod and disappeared yet again. Rémy is Lyonais, Teabing whispered, as if it were an unfortunate disease. But he does sauces quite nicely. Langdon looked amused. I would have thought youd import an English staff? Good ray ban prescription glasses heavens, no! I would not wish a British chef on anyone except the French tax collectors. He glanced over

Le Bourgetan executive airfield not far from here. French doctors make me nervous, so every fortnight, I fly north to take my treatments in England. I pay for certain special privileges at both ends. Once were airborne, you can make a decision as to whether or not youd like someone from the U.S. Embassy to meet us. Langdon suddenly didnt want anything to do with the embassy. All he could think of was ray ban prescription glasses the keystone, the inscription, and whether it would all lead to the Grail. He wondered if Teabing was right about Britain. Admittedly most modern legends placed the Grail somewhere in the United Kingdom. Even King Arthurs mythical, Grail-rich Isle of Avalon was now believed to be none other than Glastonbury, England. Wherever the Grail lay, Langdon never i ray ban prescription glasses magined he would actually be looking

any other Temple Church across Europe. All they needed was proper documentation. He winked. And a small commission. They were the original ATMs. Teabing pointed toward a stained-glass window where the breaking sun was refracting through a white-clad knight riding a rose-colored horse. Alanus Marcel, Teabing said, Master of the Temple in the early twelve hundreds. He and his successors actually held the Parliamentary chair of Primus Baro Angiae. Langdon was surprised. First Baron of the Realm? Teabing nodded. The Master of the Temple, some claim, held more influence than the king himself. As they arrived ou ray ban prescription glasses tside the circu ray ban prescription glasses lar chamber, Teabing shot a glance over his shoulder at the altar boy, who was vacuuming in the distance. You know, Teabing whispered to Sophie, the Holy Grail is said to

members in the shadows throughout her entire life, looking after her. You suspected he was being manipulated, Langdon said, glaring with disbelief at Teabing. So you murdered him? I did not ray ban prescription glasses pull the trigger, Teabing said. Saunière was dead years ago, when the Church stole his family from him. He was compromised. Now he is free of that pain, released from the shame caused by his inability to carry out his sacred duty. Consider the alternative. Something had to be done. Shall the world be ignorant forever? Shall the Church be allowed to cement i ray ban prescription glasses ts lies into our history books for all eternity? Shall the Church be permitted to influence indefinitely with murder and extortion? No, something needed to be done! And now we are poised to carry out Saunières legacy and right a terrible wrong. He