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opposite his place. The bodyguard took position standing b ray ban clubmaster blue lenses ehind the head of the Soviet government. Narmonov spoke in Russian. Golovko translated. John Ryan, sir, Jack said. The General Secretary pointed him to a chair opposite his own, and noted that Ryan favored his leg. Anatoliy, he said to the bodyguard, who took Ry ray ban clubmaster blue lenses ans arm and walked him to a first-floor bathroom. The man dampened a washcloth with warm water and handed it over. Back in the sitting room, he could hear people talking, but Ryans knowledge of Russian was too thin to catch any of it. It was good to wash off the leg, but it looked as though the pants were finished, and the nearest change of clotheshe checked his watchwas probably nearDenmarkby now. Anatoliy watched him the whole time. The bodyguard pulled a gauze bandage from

had uploaded photographs of the entire crime scene to the Cryptography Department in hopes someone there could tell him what the hell Saunière was trying to say. If a code breaker ray ban clubmaster blue lenses had now arrived, it most likely meant someone had decrypted Saunières message. Im busy at the moment, Fache radioed back, leaving no dou ray ban clubmaster blue lenses bt in his tone that a line had been crossed. Ask the cryptographer to wait at the command post. Ill speak to him when Im done. Her, the voice corrected. Its Agent Neveu. Fache was becoming less amused with this call every passing moment. Sophie Neveu was one of DCPJs biggest mistakes. A young Parisian déchiffreuse who had studied cryptography in England at the Royal Holloway, Sophie Neveu had been foisted on Fache two years ago as part of the ministrys attempt to incorporate

initials P.S. once before, in a kind of monogram. It was the day before her ninth birthday. She was secretl ray ban clubmaster blue lenses y combing the house, searching for hidden birthday presents. Even then, she could not bear secrets kept from her. What did Grand-père get for me this year? She dug through cupboards and drawers. Did he get me the doll I wanted? Where would he hide it? Finding nothing in the entire house, Sophie mustered the courage to sneak into her grandfathers bedroom. The room was off-limits to her, but her grandfather was ray ban clubmaster blue lenses downstairs asleep on the couch. Ill just take a fast peek! Tiptoeing across the creaky wood floor to his closet, Sophie peered on the shelves behind his clothing. Nothing. Next she looked under the bed. Still nothing. Moving to his bureau, she opened the drawers and one by one

Noah saved all of life on the planet. You are destined for great things, Silas. The Lord has freed you for a reason. You have your calling. The Lord needs your help to do His work. Over time, Silas learned to see himself in a new light. I am pure. White. Beautiful. Like an angel. At the moment, though, in his room at the residence hall, it was his fathers disappointed voice that whispered to him from the past. Tu es un dés ray ban clubmaster blue lenses astre. Un spectre. Kneeling on the wooden floor, Silas prayed for forgiveness. Then, stripping off his robe, he reached again for the Discipline. CHAPTER 40 Struggling with the gear shift, Langdon managed to maneuver the hijacked taxi to the far side of the Bois de Boulogne while stalling only twice. Unfortuna ray ban clubmaster blue lenses tely, the inherent humor in the situation was overshadowed by

declared, his accent thick French. He is dressing. He prefers not to greet visitors while wearing only a nightshirt. May I take your c ray ban clubmaster blue lenses oat? He scowled at the bunched-up tweed in Langd ray ban clubmaster blue lenses ons arms. Thank you, Im fine. Of course you are. Right this way, please. The butler guided them through a lush marble foyer into an exquisitely adorned drawing room, softly lit by tassel-draped Victorian lamps. The air inside smelled antediluvian, regal somehow, with traces of pipe tobacco, tea leaves, cooking sherry, and the earthen aroma of stone architecture. Against the far wall, flanked between two glistening suits of chain mail armor, was a rough-hewn fireplace large enough to roast an ox. Walking to the hearth, the butler knelt and touched a match to a pre-laid arrangement of oak logs and kindling. A

said. That should be far enough. Robert, if you could press that little blue button just below the vent there. See it? Langdon found the button and pressed it. A muted yellow glow fanned out across the path in front of them, revealing thick underbrush on either side of the pathway. Fog lights, Langdon realized. They ga ray ban clubmaster blue lenses ve off just enough light to keep them on the path, and yet they were deep enough into the woods now that the lights would not give them away. Well, Rémy, Teabing chimed happily. The light ray ban clubmaster blue lenses s are on. Our lives are in your hands. Where are we going? Sophie asked. This trail continues about three kilometers into the forest, Teabing said. Cutting across the estate and then arching north. Provided we dont hit any standing water or fallen trees, we shall emerge unscathed on the

open. Three people stood in the ent ray ban clubmaster blue lenses ryway. Tourists, he grumbled. We open at nine-thirty. The heavyset man, apparently the leader, stepped forward using metal crutches. I am Sir Leigh Teabing, he said, his accent a highbrow, Saxonesque British. As you are no doubt aware, I am escorting Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wren the Fourth. He stepped aside, flourishing his arm toward the attractive couple behind them. The woman was soft-featured, with lush burgundy hair. The man was tall, dark-haired, and looked vaguely familiar. The altar boy had no idea how t ray ban clubmaster blue lenses o respond. Sir Christopher Wren was the Temple Churchs most famous benefactor. He had made possible all the restorations following damage caused by the Great Fire. He had also been dead since the early eighteenth century. Um... an honor to meet

revolver aimed at them. It is simply to ensure your full attention, Teabing said. If I had wanted to harm you, you would be dead by now. When you walked into my home last night, I risked everything to spare your lives. I am a ray ban clubmaster blue lenses man of honor, and I vowed in my deepest conscience only to sacrifice those who had betrayed the Sangreal. What are you talking about? Langdon said. Betrayed the Sangreal? I discovered a terrible truth, Teabing said, sighing. I learned why the Sangreal documents were never revealed to the world ray ban clubmaster blue lenses . I learned that the Priory had decided not to release the truth after all. Thats why the millennium passed without any revelation, why nothing happened as we entered the End of Days. Langdon drew a breath, about to protest. The Priory, Teabing continued, was given a sacred