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surface aft of his submarine, and realized too late that they probably had Dallason radar no ray ban 52mm w.Captain turned west to see the other contact. Mancuso knew in a distant sort of wa ray ban 52mm y that Grishas carried searchlights, but had allowed himself to disregard the fact. After all, why should searchlights concern a submarine? When shes on the surface , the Captain told himself. The ship was still too far away to see him, light or not, but that would change in a hurry. He watched it sweep the surface aft of his submarine, and realized too late that they probably had Dallason radar now. Help the ladies, the man said. He held the raft against the submarines sail with his motor. Dallaswas still moving, had to be to maintain this precarious depth, not quite surfaced, not quite dived. The first one felt and

parquet floor. Scrawled in luminescent handwriting, the curators final words glowed purple beside his corpse. As Langdon stared at the shimmering text, he felt the fog that had surrounded this entire night growing thicker. Langdon read the message again and looked up at Fache. What the hell does this mean! Faches eyes shone white. That, monsieur, is precisely the question you ray ban 52mm are here to answer. Not far away, inside Saunières office, Lieutenant Collet had returned to the Louvre and was huddled over an audio console set up on the curators enormous desk. With the exception of the eerie, robot-like doll of a medieval knight that seemed to be staring at him from the corner of Saunières desk, Collet was comfortable. He adjust ray ban 52mm ed his AKG headphones and checked the input levels on the hard-disk

creating anagrams of famous works of art. In fact, one of his anagrams had gotten him in trouble once when Sophie was a little girl. While being interviewed by an American art m ray ban 52mm agazine, Saunière had expressed his d ray ban 52mm istaste for the modernist Cubist movement by noting that Picassos masterpiece Les Demoiselles dAvignon was a perfect anagram of vile meaningless doodles. Picasso fans were not amused. My grandfather probably created this Mona Lisa anagram long ago, Sophie said, glancing up at Langdon. And tonight he was forced to use it as a makeshift code. Her grandfathers voice had called out from beyond with chilling precision. Leonardo da Vinci! The Mona Lisa! Why his final words to her referenced the famous painting, Sophie had no idea, but she could think of only one possibility. A

a G-string turned and flexed his buttocks. Beside him, a gorgeous blond woman lifted her miniskirt to reveal that she was not, in fact, ray ban 52mm a woman. Heaven help me! Langdon turned his gaze back inside the cab and took a deep breath. Tell me about the Priory of Sion, Sophie said. Langdon nodded, unable to imagine a less congruous a backdrop for the legend he was about to tell. He wo ray ban 52mm ndered where to begin. The brotherhoods history spanned more than a millennium... an astonishing chronicle of secrets, blackmail, betrayal, and even brutal torture at the hands of an angry Pope. The Priory of Sion, he began, was founded in Jerusalem in 1099 by a French king named Godefroi de Bouillon, immediately after he had conquered the city. Sophie nodded, her eyes riveted on him. King Godefroi was allegedly the

end looked ray ban 52mm worse than Langdon had imagined. The left headlight was gone, and the right one looked like an eyeball dangling from its socket. Langdon straightened it, and it dislodged again ray ban 52mm . The only good news was that the front bumper had been torn almost clean off. Langdon gave it a hard kick and sensed he might be able to break it off entirely. As he repeatedly kicked the twisted metal, Langdon recalled his earlier conversation with Sophie. My grandfather left me a phone message, Sophie had told him. He said he needed to tell me the truth about my family. At the time it had meant nothing, but now, knowing the Priory of Sion was involved, Langdon felt a startling new possibility emerge. The bumper broke off suddenly with a crash. Langdon paused to catch his breath. At least the truck would

whereabouts and then helped them escape. But who? And why? Collet wondered if maybe this were the reason Fache had told him not to take a ray ban 52mm ction yet. Maybe Fache realized there were more people involved tonight than just Langdon and Sophie. And if Langdon and Neveu arrived in the armored truck, then who drove the Audi? Hundreds of miles to the south, a chartered Beechcraft Baron 58 raced northward over the Tyrrhenian Sea. Despite calm skies, Bishop Aringarosa clutched an airsickness bag, certain he could be ill at any moment. His conversation with Paris had not at all been what he had imagined. Alone in the ray ban 52mm small cabin, Aringarosa twisted the gold ring on his finger and tried to ease his overwhelming sense of fear and desperation. Everything in Paris has gone terribly wrong. Closing his eyes,

The ch ray ban 52mm ief inspector turned and aimed at Teabings back. Stop! I will fire! Go ahead, Teabing said without breaking stride or glancing back. My lawyers will fricassee your testicles for breakfast. And if you dare board my plane without a warrant, your spleen will follow. No stranger to power plays, the chief inspector was unimpressed. Technically, Teabing was correct and the police needed a warrant to board his jet, but because the flight had originated in France, and because the powerful Bezu Fache had given his authority, the Kent chief inspector felt certain his career would be far better served by finding out what it was on this plane that Teabing seemed so intent on hiding. Stop them, the inspector ordered. Im searching the plane. His men ray ban 52mm raced over, guns leveled, and physically blocked

authorities. We need to recover the cryptex, Sop ray ban 52mm hie had insisted. It is the key to everything. She was right, of course. The key to getting Leigh back alive. The key to finding the Holy Grail. The key to learning who is behind this. Unfortunately, their only chance to recover the keystone seemed to be here and now... at the tomb of Isaac Newton. Whoever held the cryptex would have to pay a visit to the tomb to decipher the final clue, and if they had not already come and gone, Sophie and Langdon intended to intercept them. Striding toward the left wall to ray ban 52mm get out of the open, they moved into an obscure side aisle behind a row of pilasters. Langdon couldnt shake the image of Leigh Teabing being held captive, probably tied up in the back of his own limousine. Whoever had ordered the top