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twenty over his sailminus the thickness of the ice . . . Marko? the Captain asked. They will request instructions first, Ramius judged. The more time they, have, the better chance they will shoot. Okay. All ahead full, Mancuso ordered. At thirty knots hed be in international waters in ten minutes. Grisha is passing abeam on the portside, Jones said. Mancuso went forward to the sonar room. Whats happening? the Captain asked. The high-frequency stuff works pretty good in the ice. Hes searchlighting back and forth. He knows somethings here, but not exactly where yet. Mancuso lifted a phone. Five-inch room ray ban sunglasses price list , launch two noisemakers. A pair of bubble-ma ray ban sunglasses price list king decoys was ejected from the port-side of the submarine. Good, Mancuso, Ramius observed. His sonar will fix on those. He cannot maneuver well

canonization to a mere twenty years. Sister Sandrine could not ray ban sunglasses price list help but feel that Opus Deis good standing in Rome was suspect, but one did not argue with the Holy See. Bishop Aringarosa called to ask me a favor, the abbé told her, his voice nervous. One of his numeraries is in Paris tonight.... As Sister Sandrine listened to the odd request, she felt a deepening confusion. Im sorry, you say this visiting Opus Dei numerary cannot wait until morning? Im afraid not. His plane leaves very early. He has always dreamed of ray ban sunglasses price list seeing Saint-Sulpice. But the church is far more interesting by day. The suns rays through the oculus, the graduated shadows on the gnomon, this is what makes Saint-Sulpice unique. Sister, I agree, and yet I would consider it a personal favor if you could let him in tonight.

Sophie held her breath and looked up, taking it in all at once. Sophie was not sure what she had expected to feel, but it most certainly was not this. No jolt of amazement. No instant of wonder. The famous face looked as it did in books. She stood in silence for what felt like forever, waiting for something to happen. So what do you think? her grandfather whispered, arriving behind her. Beautiful, yes? Shes too little. Saunière smiled. Youre little and youre beautiful. I am not beautiful, she thought. Sophie hated her red hair and freckles, and she was bigger than all the boys in her class. She looked back at t ray ban sunglasses price list he Mona Lisa and shook her head. Shes even worse than in the books. He ray ban sunglasses price list r face is... brumeux. Foggy, her grandfather tutored. Foggy, Sophie repeated, knowing the conversation would

Templar history, explaining how the Knights were in the Holy Land during the Second Crusade and told King Baldwin II that they were there to protect Christian pilgrims on the roadways. Although unpaid and sworn to poverty, the Knights told the king they required basic shelter and requested his permission to take up residence in the stables under the ruins of the temple. King Baldwin granted the soldiers request, and the Knights took up their meager residence inside the devastated shrine. The odd choice of lodging, Langdon explained, had been anything but random. The Knig ray ban sunglasses price list hts believed the documents the Priory sought were burie ray ban sunglasses price list d deep under the ruinsbeneath the Holy of Holies, a sacred chamber where God Himself was believed to reside. Literally, the very center of the Jewish faith. For almost

again, ray ban sunglasses price list Langdon was pleased how much more smoothly it drove. Do you know how to get to Versailles? Sophie eyed him. Sightseeing? No, I have a plan. Theres a religious historian I know who lives near Versailles. I cant remember exactly where, but we can look it up. Ive been to his estate a few times. His name is Leigh Teabing. Hes a former British Royal Historian. And he lives in Paris? Teabings life passion is the Grail. When whisperings of the Priory keystone surfaced about fifteen years ago, he moved to France to search churches in hopes of finding it. Hes written some books on the keystone and the Grail. He may be able to help us figure out how to op ray ban sunglasses price list en it and what to do with it. Sophies eyes were wary. Can you trust him? Trust him to what? Not steal the information? And not to turn us in.

inlaid symbol of the Rose. Although his familiarity with art did not include woodworking or inlaid furniture, he had just recalled the famous tiled ceiling of the Spanish monastery outside of Madrid, where, three centuries after its construction, the ceiling tiles began to fall out, revealing sacred texts scrawled by monks on the plast ray ban sunglasses price list er beneath. Langdon looked again at the Rose. Beneath the Rose. Sub Rosa. Secret. A bump in the hallway behind him made Langdon turn. He saw nothing but shadows. Teabings manservant most lik ray ban sunglasses price list ely had passed through. Langdon turned back to the box. He ran his finger over the smooth edge of the inlay, wondering if he could pry the Rose out, but the craftsmanship was perfect. He doubted even a razor blade could fit in between the inlaid Rose and the carefully

seat facing Teabing. The Brit gave them both a roguish smile and opened the cabinet on the limos bar. Could I offer you a drink? Some nibblies? Crisps? Nuts? Seltzer? Sophie and Langdon both shook their heads. Teabing grinned and closed the bar. So then, about this knights tomb... CHAPTER 82 Fleet Street? Langdon asked, eyeing Teabing in the back of the limo. Theres a cry ray ban sunglasses price list pt on Fleet Street? So far, Leigh was being playfully cagey about where he thought they would find the knights tomb, which, according to the poem, would provide the p ray ban sunglasses price list assword for opening the smaller cryptex. Teabing grinned and turned to Sophie. Miss Neveu, give the Harvard boy one more shot at the verse, will you? Sophie fished in her pocket and pulled out the black cryptex, which was wrapped in the vellum. Everyone had

holding a scroll. Behind Newtons recumbent body rose an austere pyramid. Although the pyramid itself seemed an oddity, it was the giant shape mounted halfway up the pyramid that most intrigued the Teacher. An orb. The Teacher pondered Saunières beguiling riddle. ray ban sunglasses price list You seek the orb that ought be on ray ban sunglasses price list his tomb. The massive orb protruding from the face of the pyramid was carved in basso-relievo and depicted all kinds of heavenly bodiesconstellations, signs of the zodiac, comets, stars, and planets. Above it, the image of the Goddess of Astronomy beneath a field of stars. Countless orbs. The Teacher had been convinced that once he found the tomb, discerning the missing orb would be easy. Now he was not so sure. He was gazing at a complicated map of the heavens. Was there a missing planet? Had